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Published: Saturday, July 17 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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As to the article begging the question of a long wait for legal immigration, I have often wondered why myself. What procedures can take a year or more to satisfy? Who, and why, are permissions to come to this country granted ?
It has to be some arcane bureaucratic mishmash that prevents a smooth handling of applications.

Third try screen name

I scoured the article and found it lacking in hard, background data.
In 2009 we issued 1,130,818 green cards, despite our lousy economy.
Over the last decade we have issued 10,299,430, so a MILLION visas a year is typical.
Just how many do you do-gooders think is the right number?
A Gallup poll taken around the world puts the number of people who WANT to come here at 160 million. Shall we take them all?


The article mentions that illegals say it doesn't work for poor people to immigrate here. Well, no other country in the world wants the poor. What do they have to add to the nation? They generally have no education and are often a burden on the social system. What other nation in the world wants the uneducated poor? We often have to take them due to backdoor deals made by the President/UN. I can't think of any nation that will give them added immigration points for being poor. The entire world thinks America is the only decent nation for immigration. True. We are the only country that gives something for nothing. Really, it is up to those poor people in other nations to make a stand in their own countries and actually pull it out of the "mire". They refuse to do it, though. Easier to come here illegally. The problem in these nations is that once an idealist, and would be builder, gets to the top they love the corruption and power. It becomes the same old regime in charge again. What does it become? Look at East LA.


Last night I did not notice the graphic's they tell part of the story. There are four countries oversubscribed on green cards. That means owe are unable to issue enough green cards each year to relatives of citizens and legal immigrants, to fill demand. My first thought, if there are only four countries that we cannot fill demand, we are doing pretty good. (I checked, it's just four countries, Mexico, India, China and Philippines).

China and India are easy to understand their sheer population would create a big demand. Their wait of several years is tolerable.

The Philippines use to be a US territory, and people came and went as they wished, so the large number that came here and stayed create a backlog of many years. (the number still seems unreasonable high, when compared to number of total green cards given to Mexico).

The large Hispanic population of the US contributes to their wait. It would seem they create their own wait, as their demand is higher.


Im sorry that for some the process is so long but currently that is the way its but what gets my blood pressure up is the fact that many of those that are here legally now even after 10 + plus years stil refuse to speak a lick of english and they have the attidue that I should learn their language. Part of the immigration process should have a requirement that they learn english before being approved. My parents and my grandparents are immigrants and they ALL learned english!

jim l

The media again just trying to paint a picture. Or find and excuse for the illegal immigrants disregard of the law.


In other words, everyone else in the World believes they are entitled to come to the US, to live and work. Seems like we should be the ones doing the picking and choosing.

And, I think this is the first report I've seen where someone on the list indicated they were actually illegal. Imagine that!

Say What?

re Chris B

"Illegal immigrants are criminals and should be viewed as such"

Chris, are you aware that the law against coming into the US illegally is a civil violation, not a criminal one?

This being the case, these people are not criminals unless they also happen to commit a criminal act.

Viva la Migra

Our country has every right to establish controls and prioritize what type of immigrant is given the privilege to come here. This is just another attempt by the local media to create sympathy for the "poor illegals". The reporters certainly cherry picked the examples which would produce sympathy. The could have just as easily profiled illegals which came here knowing they could never had legally come due to a communicable disease or criminal record.

With a Depression-like downturn and soaring deficits, do we really need millions of new unemployable people who will require welfare?

Ricardo Carvalho

It is important to be both civil and accurate when debating such issues. To this end, I would encourage 12:32 poster, legalman, to provide a source for his assertion. A quick search of wikipedia suggests that the assertion is not accurate.


I can summon up some sympathy. But just how many more people can the citizens of the U.S. be expected to permit in here?

Why do WE have to be expected to save the world - and all their children and aunts and uncles and cousins?

Try driving around the poorer areas of your own town. Shouldn't we be helping our own FIRST???


O.K., I understand. I'm going to have a wait before I earn enough money to pay my bills, so I'll just forego my tax responsibility, my wait in the movie line..............butting in to the head of the line or sneaking in the back door. Poor boys...........

Gregory Johnson

Itakes too long to do things the legal way so we will break the law and do it illegally. I guess that is the Wall Street attitude as well. It takes to long to make money the legal way so we will do it illegally and destroy the world economy in the process.

DN Subscriber

There are long waits at the DMV office for a driver license or license plates. Does that mean it is okay for me to just not bother getting those because it is inconvenient?

What part of "obey the law" is so hard to understand?

Illegal is illegal and must not be tolerated. And especially not rewarded by any sort of "amnesty" under any name.


Of course, the US could let 10 million or more immigrate each year. But, who says that we should? There is already significant unemployment in our country with the 12 million or more illegals already here. Who says we could absorb more legal immigrants, unless we make room by getting rid of the illegals that are already here?

I definitely think the US should be the one deciding who and how many enter our country, rather than leaving it to the rest of the World to make that decision. I'm pretty sure we can't absorb the 2 or 3 billion that would love to be here.


There is an easy cure.


We have enough monetary problems plus others.

The whole world would like to come here.

Consider...they might not vote for you in the future.

That is, unless you learn to speak Spanish.


We have the right (and the need) to decide how many new Americans we can reasonably accept each year. The current rate (which the article, of course, doesn't bother to mention) is about 1.2 million people, including 1.16 million people in 2008.

In historic terms this is high. It's about twice what our legal rates were in the 80s and about 3-4 times what they were in the 70s. The United States is now home to nearly 40 millions immigrants.

So long as America is a desireable country to live in (and shouldn't we always want it to be so?), and so long as much of the rest of the world is undesireable, there will be a line longer than our willingness or ability to accept new residents. There is no excuse for cutting that line.


I can personally attest to the problems mentioned here.

I have a friend from Japan who tried for almost 20 years and spent I don't know how many thousands of dollars to deal with the INS in his attempt to simply get a legal right to work in the U.S. as a dental ceramist; an occupation that was listed among those eligible for such work visas. I spent countless hours and trying to help him in his interactions with the INS and found them to be uniformly unresponsive and/or completely inept.

It was this experience that convinced me that our government has become nothing more than a self-perpetuating job source for vast numbers of people who prize process over principle and job security over effectiveness. A quagmire of paper-shuffling apparatchiks who could not care less about actually performing the function for which their agency is, ostensibly, formed.

It is not only the INS (or its current equivalent) that needs comprehensive reform, IT'S THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT!!!


*** "Why is this almost never mentioned in the civil debate? --- the red-tape, the nonsensical displays of power/authority by many Immigration offices give another motivation (excuse) for some of the illegals." ***

Actually the bureaucrats, rather than abuse their authority, are far more likely to allow in people who shouldn't be here. Issuing a visa to someone who shouldn't be allowed takes a few seconds. Rejecting a visa can result in hours of paperwork, appeals, calls from congressmen, and heaven-only-knows what else. All the incentives are to not to do their jobs guarding the doors to this country.


QUESTION; If illegal immigration is so good for the economy then why is California and it's municipalities suffering so much more economic turmoil than most other states? Shouldn't they be doing well with the largest illegal immigrant and immigrant population of any state? Illegal immigrants are everywhere? ANSWER; Illegal immigration is costing the state tens of billions or more every year. When things finally get bad enough in California and they will soon, they’ll hang the illegal immigrants out to dry. Idealism is all fun and games until the game is finally up. Then everyone starts acting like adults again. Which way will Utah act?

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