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Published: Saturday, July 17 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Ok, but

Oh I know, I have the same problem at red stop lights, slow traffic speeds, and of course long lines at the store. So i just run the light, speed and take my groceries out the door. No excuse.

Chris B

There are rules and regulations for a reason. All countries have immigration rules that should be upheld. Our society simply can't support the entrace of whomever whenever they feel like coming - no country can.

Our laws need to be upheld. We should have no mercy for criminals of any kind. If a man robs a bank to better provide for his children should we congratulate him? Neither should we embrace criminal illegal aliens. They do provide cheap labor, but they also are a financial burden that is impossible to deny. Our health insurance costs skyrocket partly due to billions of unpaid hospital bills by illegals who show up requesting services and are nowhere to be found when its time to pay the bills.

Many are paid in cash and pay no income tax, which is the main source of revenue for our states and country to operate.

A slow immigration process(that is needed) is a poor attempt at trying to condone criminal behavior.

Illegal immigrants are criminals and should be viewed as such

ex missionary

well done, thanks dnews


The United States allows more legal immigrants every year than the rest of the world combined. Just an observation.


Our laws are well written and compassionate. We also are also in the top 5 of all countries in the world in taking in legal immigrants. For the past 10 years we have averaged over 1 million green cards per year, with 36% going to Hispanics. Of that number, almost 400,000 go to relatives of immigrants that are already here.

Our laws are solid, but we have a long wait because demand is up. There always be a line waiting to come here, and our policy of giving relatives priority makes the wait even longer for many groups. In a study done last year people around the world were asked which country they would like to move to. Hundreds of Millions choose the United States. Just because we are popular, and have a line, does not justify illegal immigration.

Our lack of enforcement adds to our problems as green card quotas are set using a formula that includes unemployment and availability of workers. People here illegally deflates those numbers and cause less green cards to be issued.

Andrew J. Marksen

All of this may be true but that still does not excuse criminal behavior. Stop me if you have heard this one before. Illegal means criminal. This position is not lacking compassion nor is it racist. This position is the truth.


A timely and we'll-done article, DN. Well done. As someone said in the article, we have immigration laws being broken because we have broken immigration laws.

Hopefully this article will inject some rationality and compassion into the debate. I'm not sure though--betwen the constant, childish, uninformed Obama-bashing and the mob mentality xenophobia of the immigration issue, Utahns seem to be drunk on hatred these days.


the true issue is not immigration per-say its the illegal Immigration that is the issue.

No right minded American can blame someone for trying to take care of his family.

however, one issue is that of a flooding of the labor market with cheep labor. grate for businesses that target illegals bad news for those that try to do things legally. the over abundance of unskilled labor has driven wages down.

a second issue is that of reparations one of the top three revenues for Mexico. the practice cost us because the money is taken out of the US economy, and it circumvents collection of US taxes

the biggest issue is that of the apparent lack of desire to assimilate, especially among the lessor skilled. I've read studies that said that the biggest indicator of success of immigrants in the US is the willingness to learn English and live with and in the US culture. in short becoming an American.

the there is the issue of Mexican government claiming that they have a right to reclaim there land in America.


There are no more frontiers in America that need to be settled. The supply of available spots is going to be less than the number that want to come here.

And that is the best argument for legal immigration and tough enforcement. It's the only way o make it as fair as possible.

I can understand that state Sen. Luz Robles is upset because a mans wife cannot live with him. It's to bad that before she came here illegally, she was not told that if deported, she might be restricted for 10 years from applying for citizenship.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and although each country is limited to 7% of our total green cards, last year Mexico received 160,000 of the 1.3 million or over 12%. It's not broken, it's just not enforced and givers preferential treatment.

The green card lottery was started because of the issues brought up in this story about people unable to afford the cost. It gives out 50,000 green cards each year, they are good for a spouse, and children. They are around 10% of our green card total.


25,000 have died in Mexico drug wars. Can anyone afford to wait 20 years in order to flee poverty, violence, and corruption. I wouldn't. I just read something interesting in Elder McConkies Mormon Doctrine. Under freedom he stated the protection of the Constitution was intended for everybody, not just U.S. citizens. Many anti-immigration people say they don't deserve any constitutional protection, not even due process. I am saddened by how ugly and racist's this debate has come. There are now self procaimed nazi's on the Arizona trying to take the law into their own hand. We are headed the same direction as Germany did in the 1930's. Blame all of four economic problems on a particular group of people.


@ legalman: While this is a true statement, it does neglect some of the finer points of what's happening here.

First, there still may be unfilled demand for immigration. Perhaps 10 million want to come here per year (and there is space for 5 million of them), but we only allow 1 million per year. That's still more than everyone else, but we could let more come.

Second, the statement says nothing about how long it takes for immigrants to come to the United States. If it takes 20 years (or 10 in the article), it may not be a practical thing for the immigrants to wait to come here legally.

Finally, the implicit assumption in your statement (or the one you want your audience to make for you) is that, because the U.S. lets more people in than any other country every year, there is no immigration problem in the U.S. right now. I think, as this article shows, there are several problems remaining with the U.S. immigration system that need solving, including long wait times for visas.

On the other hand

@legalman, can you give us a source for that statistic?


@ OK, but - and while you're at that stop light, do you watch your children starve? While you're waiting in traffic, do you fear for your safety and the safety of those dearest to you? While you're waiting in line at the grocery store do you watch your children grow up with no hope of improving their lives?

I'm glad you can compare your petty, daily annoyances with peoples' fight to provide a better future for their families. Were we all so lucky!


Having relatives that come here legally, I know that it's a long process. In the 1890's my ancestors from Ireland waited 9 years during the potato famine. Part of my in laws came from Mexico, it took then several years in the 60's. Much of the wait comes from what is called chain migration, as relatives are given preferred treatment.

If you want to shorten the line, you could stop people from bringing relatives. You and I know that's not going to work, nor would it be right.

We have a lot of illegal immigration because of the 1986 amnesty. Ethnic groups recruited people using it as a selling point. Many lawyers switch to immigration lawyers. It became a profitable field. There are dozens of people here illegally that use to live in the city my family members came from, in Mexico. They came here with the intention of getting amnesty and living here while waiting for it come. The recession has hit many of them hard, barely holding on for Obama to fulfill his promise. We can't continue this way.

Kaye Possa

You hit it on the head.
Why is this almost never mentioned in the civil debate? --- the red-tape, the nonsensical displays of power/authority by many Immigration offices give another motivation (excuse) for some of the illegals.

VA Saint

I agree with Chris. Rules and regulations are here for a reason, and we need them even more so now. My grandparents waited a long time, in line, to come here the right way. LEGALLY. There is no excuse for someone to come here illegally. They are breaking our laws, and we are (supposedly) guided by the Rule of Law.


You are making excuses for criminals. Whats next, excusing those who rob 7-11's?

J. Adams

As a U.S. citizen I have waited 61 years to obtain some of the things I want. Guess what? I'm still waiting. Congratulations to Ruth who made hard choices and came to America legally.

Another Perspective

Virtually every Utahn who drives on the freeways speeds on the freeway because they don't like to wait to get to where they are going.

People who didn't like waiting for the government to act to do what they think was best, so they illegally made of a list of people and distributed it. Not only that, their brothers and sisters in the cause who said they would never be for amnesty are not calling for amnesty.

"Just an observation"


You make it sound like coming to the United STates is a right that everyone in the world has. If it takes too long, then too bad, don't come. But coming illegally makes it ok? They come here because we stupidly give them more free benefits as an illegal, than they can ever get from Mexico. Let's not glorify these people, they are here illegally, period. They should have no rights at all. And there reason Americans are so angry about this right now is because our taxes are providing them this great life. This whole issue is entirely upside down.

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