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Published: Saturday, July 17 2010 8:00 p.m. MDT

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"IT's a listening Exercise"""" (last statement quote in the article.) Well, how can it be an EFFECTIVE listening exercise when the deck is stacked sooooo high for Chief Burbank-type opinionators? Let's have another "listening exercise" and put it on a referendum ballot this November? That I believe would be eye opening.


I have an idea, listen to the polls !! The people of the state and nation have spoken loud and clear on this issue and without equivocation and that means members of the church as well, we are on the same page, non of you are. Here is the message: enforce the law, send illegals home, no amnesty, no guest worker programs, no in state tuition, no welfare, illegals go home and come here the right way or not at all.
Putting together a stacked deck of amnesty hacks like sell out Chief Chris Burbank and others like him isn't necessary. You are all forming a panel because you CAN'T ACCEPT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, plain and simple. We aren't all as stupid as you think we are.


As a fifth-generation caucasion American I have struggled with my feelings regarding immigration reform. The rule of law must be respected in order to prevent chaos, but that same law promises citizenship to anyone born within our borders. There are very real economic and human concerns on both sides of the border. What should we do? Grant amnesty? Build a Berlin-like wall?

Well, I recently read "Uncle Tom's Cabin," and one of the many lessons I re-learned from this story is that the sanctity of the nuclear family MUST be preserved. Whatever the social and/or economic costs, this truth cannot be denied: we have no right to separate spouses from each other or children from their parents. Surely that amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. (If you haven't read Harriet Beecher Stowe's classic, please put it at the top of your reading list. Her characters express the pain of separation so clearly--no wonder Lincoln credits her with starting the Civil War.) As solutions to the immigration problem are considered, I implore politicians and civil authorities everywhere to resolve to LEAVE FAMILIES INTACT. Truly, any other position is fundamentally immoral and indefensible.


This statement is quite a stark contrast from the Church's statement on gay marriage.

The church claimed to know the will and mind of God with no equivocation regarding gays, and 'encouraged' its members to donate as much of their time and means as they could to stop gay marriage.

So why not the same with illegal immigration? Don't we have an Article of Faith that says we believe in 'obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law'? Why not the same statement of obeying the principle?

Could it be because the Church doesn't want to offend its Latin American population, which these days makes up much of the growth in the Church.


We should stop listening and start 'looking'. I see many out of state vehicles driven by Hispanics. Makes me wonder what or why they are here? If anyone hasn't noticed most of West Valley and North Salt Lake are ghetto's. Cars parked on lawns, homes trashed.

What this country doesn't need is an abundance of low wage,uneducated,unskilled laborers who cannot speak English and have become social well-fare recipients off the backs of taxpaying citizens filling our prisons commiting crimes from selling drugs and gang banging.

Arizona has got it right. Deport all of those that have entered illegally and give them only work visa's if they want to come here for work. Period.


to Flogger:

You are right on, where is the reaffirmation of our belief in the 12th article of faith? We wouldn't dream of condoning any other kind of lawbreaking but there is a big exception on immigration,very disturbing to me and a lot of others especially when you look at how illegal immigration is devastating this country. I couldn't refuse to pay income taxes and get an exception, why can illegals ignore immigration law and get a pass?

Informed Voter

"Elected individuals have the primary responsibility to find solutions in the best interests of all whose lives will be impacted by their actions," Purdy continued.

NO, BROTHER PURDY, elected officials have the primary responsibility to OBEY & ENFORCE the law. They should believe in "honoring, obeying, and sustaining the law" ...as per their oaths of office.

Sure be civil, but do your sworn duty!

my slc

I applaud the LDS Church for its statement of the call for "careful reflection and civil discourse" regarding immigration issues."

Unfortunately i am afraid it will fall on deaf ears. Read the comments regarding "the list", Sheriff Burbank and the need for Utah to adopt the Arizona type laws.

KSl made a good call to drop Hannity from it's afternoon lineup. Unfortunately we read in the paper today that Glen Beck had a book signing at LDS Church owned Desert Book.

Americans are frightened, unsure and shocked at the economic downturn we are facing. They are looking for someone to blame, Illegal immigrants one of the last few minorities to hate it is ok to rant about.

Things will get better and the silly rhetoric will calm down, but I am afraid not before the November elections.

They we are all take a long look at where we have been and where we are going.

Americans are a good and just people. The voice of reason will be heard.

Informed Voter

FLOGGER has a good point, brethren.

JJ Morales

As a Latino, Hispanic, Mexican-American or whatever we are called, I think we need to secure our border first and then talk about immigration reform. We should never give citizenship to those here illegally unless they go back to their country of origin and come here the right way. BTW, what is the Mexican policy governing its southern border? I fully support AZ and other states that want our border protected, laws enforced and our country secured.

Say No to BO

It seems funny to me that the church was silent when illegal aliens were taking to the streets with rather hateful messages.
The best church spokesman Tuttle could offer then was a comment that it is so hard to keep all the commandments and a reminder to love thy neighbor.
Now that the anti-amnesty crowd has found a voice along comes a cry for civility.
A bit biased if you ask me.



The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

"Racism is an ism to which everyone in the world today is exposed; for or against, we must take sides. And the history of the future will differ according to the decision which we make."

(That was 'specially for you, 'disgusted'.)


The LDS Church is calling for careful reflection, civil discourse and goodwill. I do not see or hear much of that, but a lot of judging, anger and name calling.

For members of the Church who strive to follow the Prophet, we need to remember that he has inspiration, insights and perspective that we do not have. As important as civil laws are, there are also higher laws and an eternal perspective.

I hope that we can discuss these issues with civility and respect.


You can't call for civil to people who never were taught civility by their parents, churches or communities. This as been a lessen. I see how education promotes civility in society. It's those who devalue being educated who lack the most civility.

In funny or maybe an indicator of intelligence that people can't see that valuing civility isn't the same as condoning breaking the law?

It disturbing seeing how incivility is devastating America as it undermines America values.

This may be god's way of showing us how ugly this uncivil behavior is to watch.

Once I wondered how good people in Germany were sold fascism. God seems to be letting me see the answer today, in America.

God give me the strength to resist the temptation of hate, racism and feelings of being superior to others. Replace fear with courage and incivility with humanity and caring. It was good people, obeying the laws of man, who turned the family of Anne Frank over to the authorizes. Lord, are you reveling that their are your laws that are laws higher than the laws of man, like love thy neighbor as you love thy self?


If the ILLEGAL immigrants were civil, weren't here ILLEGALLY and went home then we wouldn't have this problem. !

Dog Fur

Ignoring our immigration laws - uncivil. Driving without a valid driver's license - uncivil. Working for pay "under the table"- uncivil. Stealing social security numbers - uncivil.

Wanting to enforce our rule of law - civil.

Very politely deport illegal immigrants - civil.

Changing our immigration laws to encourage more stable, orderly legal immigration - civil.

Cowboy Joe

I believe this has become a RACIST PROBLEM NOT AN ILLEGAL PROBLEM. WE NEED TO READ PRESIDENT HINKLEY's PRiesthood talk about racism 4 years ago.

John Adams

No, Cowboy Joe, YOU are attempting to make this a "RACIST PROBLEM."

CJ @ 3:07 p.m., put it as plainly as it can be put, and quite well, I might add. His comments are NOT in the least bit racist. They are factual and true.


How do you 'very politely' deport people?


I'm surprised that people are comparing this to gay marriage. One involves social acceptance, the other involves a severe risk to human life. The church has been active is passing legisltion for civil rights for glbt individuals.

Most Americans have never been in a position where they had to choose between keeping the law and keeping their families alive. It is a rare blessing that we enjoy as a testament to our wonderful country. It is a blessing that many in Latin America no longer enjoy. While not all come with benign intentions (drug running is still far too prevalent), the vast majority of illegals only commit the crime of coming to the country without papers (because papers cost too much...our immigration system is biased towards the rich and educated). They come here to work, not freeload.

As usual, the LDS leaders are displaying wisdom beyond the average church member. That's part of why they are church leaders.
I don't hear them condoning illegal immigration; I hear them saying God's children are more important than political statutes, and we need to make sure our actions don't needlessly cost human lives.

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