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Published: Friday, July 16 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Did Tom answer any questions? I'm not sure. He did say just what I expected him to say and that is good enough for me. Keep up the good work Tom.


Rude. How insolent to ask if BYU would schedule 2 for 1 with Utah. That's incredulous.


What is a 2 for 1?

Informed Voter

The BYU/Utah rivalry has lost its luster...let Utah go. I am not bitter about Utah joining the Pac-12 just not interested in watching BYU play Utah. Won't miss the crude Ute fans one bit.


2 for 1 might be the best deal you will get with UTAH Should have taken it while you had the chance.

Go Utes!


When Utah face plants in the PAC 10 and becomes a cellar dweller, the Utes will be begging BYU to schedule 2 LES for 1 RES.

Snack Pack

Holmoe is a brilliant and well spoken A.D.. I suspect he will continue developing relationships with Oklahoma and Texas. Those two hold the keys to BYU's future.

MUSSing with U

Why would BYU want to trek up to RES once of three years?

What the sportswriter should have have asked is whether BYU would ever consider doing a 3-1 with Utah.

It would still be worth playing the Utes if BYU fans only had to put up with the boorish behavior at RES once every four years.


Utah good luck, but we're parting ways. This really is going to open the door big time for the Cougs, to only need to worry about themselves. For years BYU has included Utah in it's plans and turned down invites because it didn't benefit both programs.

There is no longer a need to look after little bro. I'm personally excited for the Cougs future especially with their ability to broadcast and "Sell" their own games.

It's time that BYU looks out for themselves. The WAC and MWC were only possible because of the Cougs. The Y is going to get huge before too long. It has a huge national following and once it can broadcast it's own games again...the sky is the limit.


I wouldn't mind seeing the rivalry go. The behavior by BYU fans has gotten truly disturbing.


The Texas arrangement is the future for the strong teams with national followings. They have the Big 12, its contract and revenues plus they can do their own network.

BYU should work to get a similar arrangement. If BYU joined the Big 12 they would have the same arrangement. If they could rework their arrangement with the MTN so they could use their own network and the MTN that might also be acceptable.


First of all I don't think Utah asked for a 2-1 I think that a reporter asked if BYU would consider it, so it didn't come from Utah. Second, Utah is not going to tank in the Pac-12/10, they will do just fine Thanks. Third, BYU has never turned down offers because they were looking out for Utah (what are you talking about???). Fourth, BYU will do just fine. Fifth, why do you have to put down Utah to make yourself feel better? Sixth, why do you have to put down BYU to make yourself feel better?


You BYU fans are kidding...right? Huge following...if every member ofnthe Church cared about BYU (which we don't) it still wouldn't add up to a HUGE following. People watch good football, not whining Quarterbacks and Spoiled wide receivers.

BYU going independent is insane. I hope my tithing dollars don't go to this losing endeavor, cloaked as "athletics furthering the mission of the school."


The best thing BYU can do right now is continue to schedule games against Big-12 teams. The Oklahoma game last year did more for BYU football than a decade of playing against teams from the Pac-10. The Texas game next year is another great move that will benefit BYU in the long run even if it is not a home and home deal. As far as going independent - it was HUGE to read an official statement from a BYU AD publicly confirming that the option has been and continues to be studied. In many ways it does make sense for BYU to go independent if they can broadcast BYU athletics on KBYU television which can reach the homes of church members all over the country. Having lived on the east coast I know from experience how much members of the church outside of the western states crave that connection to the church. It was a common thing to see members gather at the stake center on Saturdays to watch BYU football games broadcast by satellite.


It's great to know the AD knows the Mtn. was a bad deal.

BYU games through BYUTV would be awesome as long as other networks could carry the important games when they wanted.

@3grandslams- I'm not sure what world you are living in. BYU needs to win a couple BCS bowls.



Good post.


Can someone please explain why Mr. Holmoe would refer to the rivalry in the past tense? Is he quoted correctly on this?

Utah has maintained its rivalry with Utah State through the years, regardless of whether the schools have been in the same conference. There is no reason why this can't be done with BYU. Both teams will have a consistent number of non-conference games to schedule each year.

Why not keep playing each other? Would either school rather play Northern Iowa?

I sincerely don't get it.

No one would miss the boorish behavior of a tiny percentage of fans on both sides -- but those folks will be around regardless.

Someone please explain why BYU's AD would not simply go about the business of keeping the rivalry alive? It would be best for both schools.



IF (big IF) BYU were lucky enough to be invited to join the Big 12 they would not be making any demands to have their own network like Texas. Texas gets what Texas wants because without Texas there is no Big 12. BYU probably could (and should, IMO) demand the MWC allowed them to broadcast their own games on KBYU, but the Big 12 is a whole different story where BYU would have ZERO clout and would be just lucky to be there.

Naval Vet


A "2 for 1" is contracted agreement to play 2 games at one school's stadium, but will only play 1 game at the other school.

It's sort of like what ybU does with Utah State. In the last 30 yrs, the "why?" was only willing to play 9 games in Logan compared to the 15 gtimes the games were played in Provostan.


To the faithful, may I mention someone once said, As ye judge, ye shall be judged.
I have and have had season tickets at the U for years and quite frankly some of the bYu fans can be pretty crude and horribly obnoxious. Most however have been very pleasant and courteous.
Don't throw too many rocks inside your glass houses Y fans.
You don't do your church any favors with your attitudes and comments.

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