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Published: Saturday, July 17 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Spot on. Just implement the hiring, selling, renting policies and make these people coming into our country the wrong way, do it the right way!




These guys are posturing. Both held high positions in their organizations and lost them.

Nothing they say will make a difference as actions speak louder than words. If the state goes after the individuals and not after the people on the list that are here illegally, then nothing is going calm the situation down.

I think people are tired of talk and no action.


hope they will make some time in jail .so the law of jail will keep them on track


I am A legal immigrant that came to the USA in 1980 in New York.Not only I wanted to become a US citizen but I made every effort to speak and read the English language. When I became a Citizen I had to read and speak English not to mention that I had to know about the History of the United Stares such as the 13 colonies the constitution etc.....Coming to this country Illegaly is a crime period.
don't make excuses for it and don't protect the people that are here illegaly.
we have a law obey by it


those who like to lean on the rule of law phrase, need to jail the state workers who broke laws by making private info public. whistle blowing is not an excuse in this one since they went public.

the real solution to the immigration problem is tossing out the old law, and making a realistic path for legal immigration to happen. and welcoming our neighbors from the south, who inhabited this part of the land before us white guys, instead of trying to fence them somewhere. c'mon pols, change the bad law.


"...it's going to give Utah a bad name, and we don't want that."

Similar warnings have been made to Arizona. And yet -- to Arizona's everlasting credit -- it has chosen to concern itself not so much with popularity, but instead with doing what is RIGHT. Does Arizona have a bad name in your view, Alex?

Sorry, Alex, but I side with Eli on this.


I am afraid it's going to get worse. We can't call the Feds, they won't listen, we can't call the state, Shurtleff said he won't prosecute the people that are on the list that are here illegally. Herbert said there are two databases where the names of people here illegally are kept. So he admitted there were names on the list that are illegal.

If the State (Shurtleff) and the Feds are being dishonest by not enforcing the law, how can they prosecute people who broke the law also for doing the opposite? Both sides are dishonest and a crime under our laws. It's hypocritical for Shurleff to enforce laws, when he has broke them himself.

Segura and Yapias can talk all they want, it does no good. 78% of America wants our laws enforced, the longer we wait, the worse the enforcement will be as the resentment and frustration builds.


Herbert must prosecute every illegal on the list or he must be recalled. Justice now.

In a land where justice is outlawed, the just must become outlaws. -Zorro


There is not debate about immigration laws, the debate is about illegal foreign occupation of foreign nationals from Mexico. For hundreds of years Mexico has constatntly invaded the US trying to take back and occupy the territory of the United States.

What the illegal foreign nationals from Mexico are bringing is armed and illegal conflict across our border. Do we just sit in front of the TV and watch our country get invaded and occupied or do we stand up and defend our borders from Mexico one more time?

None of these illegal have immigrated so its not about immigration, they chose to invade and force their way in to this country so its about occupation and economic and criminal acts to loot and pilfer America.


It's unfair and dishonest to prosecute one side and not the other. We have been told by our attorney general that those illegally on the list will not be prosecuted. Therefore both sides should not be. Both committed misdemeanors and felonies. (being in the country illegally and working is a felony).

Contact your state leaders, the governor, state representatives, senators, congressmen and tell them exactly how you feel. If they are not going to enforce the immigration laws on the books, then be fair and not enforce the laws for anyone. Even the whistle blowers that turn them in.

J. Adams

I work in construction. I have seen the devestating effect of illegal aliens taking jobs away fron citizens, sometimes by intimidation and violence. I am going to make my own list of any company that uses illegal alien labor and send it to the govenor, police,ICE and the news media. I will demand action against employers that aid and abet illegal lawbreakers. It is time for Americans to unite and bypass politicians.

curious george

I'm curious as to what our politicians and immigrant reform activists do not get about illegal. There should be no debate! Illegal is illegal. Without law we have chaos and with chaos, no one is safe. The daily news headlines are filled with the lawless chaos south of our borders. What the heck are they thinking? These people want to debate this?


Cudos to those who took the risk to expose the Illegal Aliens Undocumented Immigrants. They send the list in April to the Federal Government. Like the previous 30 years, with the Support of the US Chamber of Commerce (cheap labor), The ACLU (Treating Illegals with US Citizen Civil Rights), and Hispanic Law Firms (sue in Federal Court to force schools to teach English as a Second Language), nothing was done or being done. The Federal Government is NOT doing its job. These people are bleeding us dry (10,200 Households previously receiving Food Stamps before rule change - about 50,000 people, Illegals receiving tax payer supported social services), one out of 15 kids in our school systems receiving a tax payer supported education at the cost of $4000 to $11000 a year. Why are we tolerating 65,000 Illegal kids an education paid for with tax dollars? No other country in the world permits that. Just go there and find out, if you are in a foreign country and enroll your kid in a foreign school, it costs you $8000 a year. Want lower taxes, charge Illegals.

The Rock

I thought it was illegal to render aid to fugitives.
Why is Tony Yapias not in jail?


Aldo is right......our freedom is at stake.....Illegal activity at any level is ILLEGAL.

Its not the illeglas fault so much as it is our leges who have not sent the right message.....tighten up the laws and the illegal situation will correct itself.

Fine and imprison those who hire or use illegal labor....

Gregory Johnson

I think this list should be thrown in the trash as well, after the illegals on it are sent home.


If these wistle blowers (and aren't there laws protecting wistle blowers?)can find illegals then surely it isn't that hard to identify and send home illegals. Our government has no excuse. And as for people claims of the list being like the Nazzi lists, I haven't heard of any one on the list being treated bad. So much for that excuse. I would like to know what SSN numbers are effected. Is it mine? Why does the government know that these numbers are being used and notheing is being done about that? Seems like maybe the wrong people are being gone after and the real victims are kicked to the curb.


One scenario nobody is talking about. Let's say the Feds get their heads out and start cracking down to the level necessary. Then these pro-Latino groups will start complaining about it being unconstitutional, and they will be actively against the Feds doing anything. Their bottom line is they want amnesty, they want exceptions to the rule of law for their ethnic group. They want the American way of life without being legal. No matter HOW they get it.


Certainly, being a "patriot" and breaking the law to show an injustice should require some penalty. If there was no jeopardy involved, then there is nothing heroic about it. The 2 or more people who compiled this list should lose their jobs and maybe be required to pay a fine. Probation could even be a good answer, since I doubt they will commit this crime again in the future.

As to the people on the list, we should politely let them know that they are no longer welcome in our country, if they do not have documentation. After a week, follow up and deport those who are still here. They obviously can't take a hint.

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