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Published: Wednesday, July 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Good news they want to try and keep Fes, pray they will. I see a tremendous future for the kid if he would focus and work on his game.

O Connor will take credit but Sloan calls the shots

Maybe Sloan would make a good GM
What I know is

we are better tonight than how we ended


Please Jazz ... when you re-sign Fesenko add an extra year to the contract at the team's option.

If he develops at all (over the course of the contract) you'll be glad you did.

If he turns into a TURKEY, you can let him go or maybe eat him.

Draft dumbie

I have always liked Fesenko from day one, because of his keen sense of humor, size, athleticism and potential. Most centers take time to develop, and sometimes teams give up on them too soon. If I remember right, even the Houston Rockets almost gave up on Hakeem Olajawan about three or four years before they won two NBA titles--and he was a once-in-a-generation-type center.

If the Jazz can sign him cheap ($2-3 mil), they should sign him for as long as he will sign for--hopefully 5 years. I heard someone compare him to a young Arvidis Sabonis, and I think that is about right, except that Fesenko's shooting is not anywhere near the shooting ability of Sabonis. Fesenko needs to work very hard on his shooting, although he does seem to have a pretty good natural touch, which gives the Jazz something to work with. If he can develop a 10-15 foot jump shot, the Jazz will basically have a player similar in size, ability and athleticism to LA's Andrew Bynum. I am surprised more teams have not shown interest in Fesenko, but I am glad.

Draft dumbie

I see the Jazz re-signing Fesenko, keeping Gaines and Evans (both at the league minimum, and perhaps not guaranteed), but not keeping Jeffers. That would leave the Jazz with 12 players--with one more roster spot to fill. In addition, the Jazz are not likely to sign another veteran free agent at this time, but will probably fill their last roster spot with someone that comes to fall Jazz camp as a potential rookie or young player trying to get back into the league or make the league for the first time (such as Wesley Matthews)--to whom they can pay the league minimum. Therefore, the Jazz should be able to get some young players with good potential into Jazz camp, because they know there is at least one roster spot available--that should make it much more interesting.

Draft dumbie

As I understand it, the Jazz still have two trade exceptions--a $6.5 mil trade exception from the Matt Harpring trade last year, and a $2.7 mil trade exception from the Ronnie Brewer trade last year. I would expect that the Jazz will add a league-minimum player (perhaps not guaranteed) in the fall to fill the 13th roster spot, but they may still use one of their trade exceptions to add another player before the trade deadline (if other teams are trying to dump salary, and are willing to give up talented players), perhaps in conjunction with dumping Kirilenko's salary, if he gets injured or is not playing well. I am looking forward to another exciting season, with the acquisition of Jefferson and Bell.


They need to ink Fes before POR decides they want to over pay for a bench C. I also agree with rvalens2 they need to stop playing head games with Fes and give him an inexpensive multi year contract with team options.

If he can learn 1/2 of Jefferson's post moves he will be very good.

If they can't get Fes back then Tolliver or Amundson would be okay.

However, Fes has a defensive presence the Jazz need and they can bring Tomic in to play PF next year. Amundson is more of a PF.

Jefferson is not fast. The Sloan flex will be modified to run more thru the C than in the past. As Fes develops moves he would be ideal to back up Jefferson. 2 beasts in the low post with Okur and Tomic as an alternate Euro game approach at C.

That gives the Jazz versatility in their approach to various teams at both C and PF.

The big problem is getting Jefferson and Okur to play D.

With enough outside shooting the Beast at C approach is going to be better than Boozer.

Millers are to be commended for lux tax.

Draft dumbie

Despite the recent great moves by the Jazz front office in adding Jefferson and Bell to the Jazz roster, I still think most fans are still scratching their heads, wondering why the Jazz did not get Wesley Matthews locked up into a favorable rookie contract in the $1-2 mil. range for 2-3 years, before trading Ronnie Brewer and giving Matthews a starting spot, so he could showcase his skills to the rest of the league as a potential free agent.

Before the Jazz traded Brewer, and with CJ and Korver coming back from injuries, Matthew's future was still very tentative, and he certainly would have happily signed a small guaranteed contract extension for 2-3 years, especially with the bias teams have against giving undrafted free agents any kind of chance (compared to the chance that a team gives its drafted players).

Hopefully the Jazz can learn from that mistake, and not make the same kind of mistake in the future, if they have the good fortune to find another "diamond in the rough" player.


If you re-sign Fesenko, please do it for the league minimum. This dude is in the NBA because he is a big body...he has very few skills and cannot draw rim on a free throw. DON'T OVERPAY! We have overpaid way too many times in our franchise history (Ostertag, Derek Fisher, and Kirilinko are the obvious ones)


did someone just compare Fesenko to the legend that was Sabonis?? Sabonis was a dominant big man when he came to the NBA, he could have been one of the best ever if he came over at a young age. Fesenko has his good bits but comparing him to Bynum, let alone Sabonis, is laughable!!


Pay Fess at or around the Qualifying offer. There is a better chance than not we have seen the best of him. I would still like to see Brewer signed for about the same as Bell. Drop Jeffers and sign Auggie.


As currently constituted, Fes is just a reincarnation of Ostertag ... talent w/o intensity. I'm not sure how you instill intensity into a gentle bucket of laughs but that's Jerrys task. My condolences coach. I know you don't relish this as your job but you've got AJ and Fes that all need defensive intensity training and AK who need mental toughness.

The Jazz really need to hire an assitance coach to focus on teaching intensity, toughness, etc. Jerry's the perfect candidate but he's head coach. Perhaps AJ and Fes can 'battle' it out for playing time and we'll see the winner'warrior get the bulk of the minutes.

Fes needs an incentive-laden contract that pays him well if he balances blocked shots w/o fouls. Most players don't accept incentive-laden contracts because they don't control playing time. I don't have that answer but that's why KOC is the GM and not me.

If Fes can learn how to laugh and giggle outside the lines and morph into an intense defender and rebounder on the court, I'll be one happy camper

Old Timer

I love the new additions to this years team, I hope that they go after 1 more outside shooter just to open up the middle and have as a reserve in case anyone of those we have gets hurt or has foul trouble on given nights, why not try for Morrison on the cheap? One or two of our young-uns from the D-League can go to Provo w/Evans this year.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2

Fes should be shooting 300 free throws a day this summer. Maybe 500. Teams have already started playing "Hack-a-Fess", knowing how inept he is from the foul line. If he can raise his free throw percentage to 65% or better, that should stop.


how much money is left? with raja i think we're over the luxury tax threshold.


zero skill and still gets beat down low...hope todd's prayer isn't answered...with fez and gaines actually in the Jazz rotation we will never compete with the Lakers and OKC...


fez is great...teams are throwing offers at him....

d leaguer for life...as is gaines


I wanted Matthews re-signed too but in reality, even if Matthews had been re-signed, CJ would have been the starting SG just like he was last year before his injury.

Under Sloan, starters don't lose their spot to injury.


Fes is still not good so Jazz should pay him the min of what he can make. Sounds like no-one else wants him so not sure why the Jazz do. Hopefully, he can at least play defense at some point in his career. Hope he proves me wrong, but that's how I see it.

Anonymous Infinity

As they say...you can't coach height, so signing Fesenko is paramount. He does obviously have deficiencies in his skills....as in no outside shot or free throw proficiency. Someone needs to work with him to overcome these obsticles to make him a more valuable asset in the Jazz arsenal. Our other Russian friend Kirilenko needs to get his act together as well. All these physical problems plaguing him in recent years are appalling. Get in shape. Why can't these two guys work together, get a conditioning coach, and get with it! What is the Jazz conditioning coach doing with guys who apparently have no motivation to work out? If Fes is resigned I want to see some improvement. His early years have largely produced little progress. Does this mean he is not an NBA player? This year will, if he stays tell us. The CBA is obviously a joke to showcase and improve players capable of contributing to NBA teams.


I'm excited about the Jazz and this upcoming season also,but lets not get carried away.I have seen someone compare Fess to Sabonis and another poster on another story claim Jefferson is better than Gasol. No way is Jefferson better than Gasol.Maybe he is close to Gasol when just strictly regarding his offensive post play,but as an all around player,I don't think he's as good as Gasol,and I'd doubt many of the experts would think so either.

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