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New Jazz big man eager to finally play 'with a great team'

Published: Wednesday, July 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Dude, what owner says that we're probably not going to win a championship. Come on Miller! Even Dan Gilbert (who is off his rocker mind you) is guaranteeing a championship for his fans...I'm stoked about Jefferson. And the Bellman back. This is the most excited I've been about being a jazzfan in a few years...awesome


here he isgetting off of the plane, and just thinking, I can't wait to get to the hotel, and jump into bed. Then He sees the crowd and realizes that 'hey they take their basketball serious around here!'

Miller doesn't think they are a championship team, but I definitely think they can be a top four seed, and when april comes around, and the team gets 82 games to get to know each other, I think they could have as good a chance an anyone to beat the Lakers and get to the finals.


that sounds nice...hope he goes back to his beastly form....ang just dominate with his post moves....


Lets hope he means dedicating every thing he has to improving his defense!

Overall I am very happy with the last two days. Getting Raja back to play some tough D and help the younger players know what tenacity really is is going to be priceless. A few more clothlines on Kobe wouldn't be all that bad also.


Oh, it is sweet to be in Utah this year.

Heaps and Apo, watching the Utes finish out their stint in the MWC as they prepare for the bigger stage, Jimmer and the BYU basketball squad looking to make some noise, and now the Jazz looking as if they will be serious.

The thing about sports is the unknown, and the unexpected.

It's a great year for Sports in Utah.


Did I read that right? Greg Miller said "We're probably not going to win a championship."
As a lifelong Jazz fan, I don't want just a "competitive team," I want them to bring home the hardware!
I hope that was a misquote. Because after getting Jefferson and Raja, I am even more optimistic than the team owner, or so it sounds.

Snack Pack

Miller, if were not a championship team, MAKE US ONE!


I did not care for Miller remark either, however, I like Jefferson

Once we see what he does in time, Miller will get more optimistic and change his tune

The Jazz potentially can finish 2-4 in the conference. No one knows if Ok city will be better I doubt it and I know Denver and Portland are not better. Maybe we even win this division

This guy is way bigger than Snoozer, look at him...

Younger also.

The concern only one i Have is when he gets he ball down low, the others keep moving and wait for cuts to the hole and I would like to see CJ score a lot of baskets that way, like a mini-Brewer slashing.

I am salvanating wondering how many open 3s CJ can make but he has to have a versed game

Yeah, it feels good tonight..


Note to Mr Miller. You are a team and franchise leader. As such, you should not set such low expectations. Even if you think it is true, you don't say it. Now the entire team understands that failure is OK.

As with any mistake, don't repeat.


It's not a misquote, but a calculated statement. As you can see, they want to work quietly. If he guarantees a championship like Gilbert, he puts a target on the Jazz. And then if they don't win after guaranteeing victory, he looks like a total dork. By making the team competitive, there's a chance at hardware. Words don't win or lose championships - actions do. Miller has to allow KOC to proactively build the team and the players have to perform on the court. Don't take his quote literally, because I'm confident by their actions they fully expect the team to win, reach the finals and win it all.


i'd want Hayward to start...just really hope he'd start...so that he'll get confident early...and at the end of the season...becomes a big time player...i think he could be a hedo turkoglo or mike miller type of player...with better D...

Draft dumbie

I think it is actually encouraging that Greg Miller is realistic about the team and thinks that this team, as currently constituted, still needs some more work to be in the running for winning a championship--that shows me that he still wants to improve the team, rather than "stand pat" with what we already have. I would have been discouraged, if he would have said "now we have the team to win a championship," while everyone else can tell we're still not quite there yet.


Big AL is probably the best low post player in the W. He is not fast. He is better than Ming and I think he is better than Gasol.

I am no longer worried about his efficiency. A high percentage of his jump shots are over 2 or 3 defenders.

If he starts passing to the Jazz 3 point shooters (something he did not have in MN) his efficiency will go up.

DWill will cause his efficiency to go up as Big AL will get the ball at the right time and place.

It is not clear yet how he adjusts to the motion offense. But by Christmas that should be working for him.

The big concern is getting him to play defense and set picks. He could be good at D at C. He is not mobile enough to defend some PFs.

Utah now has a shot at LA. They can bang LA out of position. Millsap, AJ and Fes can keep Gasol out of his favorite spots. They can move Bynum. Odom is still a problem. Millsap and AJ will go right at the LA bigs. Fes can slam. The inside is brutal.

Bell can harass Kobe.


No one ever talks about the emotional side of players in things like this. It's all about winning and the business side. I loved reading his comments about liking to play for a playoff team and a winning team. He was HAPPY. I think these players do feel the emotions of the game. People think they have the money so why should they ever feel down. Having your job be where you play for a losing team can't be fun. I enjoyed reading his comments related to how he feels. Refreshing for a change.

I just got re-excited about the Jazz again!


If and it's a big IF, the Jazz are consistent in developing Jefferson in his defense and outside shooting along with his inside passing, we could be very competitive in the West. If Raja is at or near his best, we could get to the finals. Fes needs to focus and if he does get some playing time and learns to defend without using his hands, we could bring home the "Gold". Go Jazz!!!


@The Big One: A life like yours perhaps?? No Thanks.. I think what Greg said was just part of the conversation. Gilbert was way on the other side of the neddle. Standing next to Al it looks like Greg is well over six feet himself. His dad was a shorty. I wonder if Greg will ever dawn the number 9 this season. I think Bell will be great. Conditioning will be the nuber one key for everyone. Hire Malone as the conditioning coach..


I also think Greg is being realistic. He can't spend the money that LA is spending. That means he has to use every $ wisely.

The Jazz are starting to go in a direction that could allow them to beat LA. They are little taller with AJ but they are much bigger. Boozer was a finesse player He had great moves but he was not a banger.

AJ, Millsap and Fes will go right at LA. That is hard for LA to defend. Further, AL, Millsap and Fes are big enough and strong enough to muscle Gasol and even Bynum out of position if they will do it.

The Jazz still lack someone to stop Odom at PF. AJ is to slow and Millsap is to short. Tomic might do it next year. AK might do it.

The Jazz 3 point shooting is getting decent with the addition of Bell. I am hopeful Hayward will also get good open looks in the flex.

That opens up the middle for AJ.

If the new Jazz can get AJ to play within the flex (Sloan will manage) and get him to play D, they are going to be formidable.


Miller said the right thing because it is true. The Jazz "probably" will not win a championship. the same can be said for 28 other teams....or maybe all 30. The probabilities are pretty staggering.


So far this off season is looking very good. If all our players can stay healthy, we have a REAL chance at taking home the hardware. I love what KOC has been doing, keep up the good work and you will be the GM of the year, not Pat Riley. We will know where we stand come trade deadline, if we need to add or subtract to our current roster. My only concern about Big Al, is the fact that he has never played a single play off game. He better get used to winning because he is a UTAH JAZZ NOW!!STARTING TO GET JAZZ FEVER!!!GO JAZZ!!

Francisco d'Anconia

Give Greg Miller a break. There are 29 teams in the NBA that probably won't win a championship next year. The Lakers are the only ones who could legitimately say they "expect" to win a championship. Miller is just being realistic and honest. I prefer him over Dan "I'm a Crazy Owner" Gilbert any day. The worst thing he could do to his franchise was guarantee a championship.

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