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Former starter 'thrilled to be back' with Utah franchise

Published: Wednesday, July 14 2010 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Wow...Raja Bell...never thought he'd be back...he brings toughness to the 2 spot...and he can shoot the three as well...would want barnes though...but still Raja Bell is good...i just hope he has recovered from his injuries...he hasn't played great last season...


Good luck bell.

Jack Ryan

Wow -- did not see this one coming. Although a little older than some of the other guys the Jazz were looking at, Raja is a proven defender & solid addition. Nice pick-up, KOC.

Bet Kobe's not too happy.


this is a surprise... i hope raja still plays the way he did when he was with utah before--a wes matthews type player with better field goal percentage. bye bye matthews. i'm happy for wes. he earned a big pay through grit and hardwork. but he should give really big, gracious thanks to utah for allowing to showcase his talents while other teams didn't even give him a glance. he's joining the likes of eisley, anderson, marshall and other players who went into oblivion after leaving utah. i hope wes doesn't end up like them

Captain L

That's awesome, I hope he is healthy and not going down hill too much. I wonder whether he will start or backup CJ. I would prefer AK at 3 and CJ at 2, but we'll have to see how well Raja is playing. Either way this is a good pickup. He's tough defensively and can shoot the 3 pretty good.
I wonder how many years this is for?


Great move! Veteran defensive stopper who can shoot and even better we beat the Lakers at getting him. Sorry Kobe...


I like this acquisition very much. A shooter, and a defender. We needed both, and we got one, and he knows our system. Very good signing. Sorry Kobe, this may help us level the playing field a little. Are we done dealing?

young man

Seriously?! why would we sign a 35 yr old for 3 years. Is this whats left that will come to Utah? a washed up 35 yr old. Yeah he has shot 44% from 3 but at age 35 guarding the younger athletic 2 guards wont be easy for him. But I guess getting maybe 20 min a game splitting time with a rookie a wont be to bad for an old man.


So excited to have Raja back. Jerry Sloan and the fans love this guy. Plays great defense and can shoot the ball. Now excited again!


So what's up with the picture of Stephen Jackson?

I really think that the Jefferson deal was a mistake now because it cost us Matthews. If we need Jefferson, why did we decide to match Millsap? I will really hate to see Matthews go.


Cool...I always liked Raja Bell's toughness and leadership. He's relatively old by NBA standards at this point so hopefully he has some more gas in the tank.

I probably would have rather had Wes Matthews back because he has more upside but Raja will be a nice replacement. Also very cool that Raja pretty much just stuck it to Kobe and the Lakers.


Although Raja Bell is a good player, i dont think it was the best decision. Bell is what, 35 years old? Matthews is early 20's?...plus Matthews has already proven how good he can be. Yeah its a lot of money to keep him but its worth it. The Jazz get a great defensive player who can also shoot the 3-ball.....he is also very good at getting to the rim. The jazz will probably trade A.K 47 soon anyway so they would have the money to keep Matthews.


Welcome Raja! Portland paying WAY too much for Mathews.


If you all remember, he left like a thief in the night to sign with the Suns the last time he was here. I don't think he even waited for the clock to strike midnight.

He was injured all last season, and is well into his thirties.

All that said, I'm glad he's back. I love the guy.
Kobe loves him too.


Welcome back Raja. He will be a nice addition. Bye Mathews.


Great move, Raja is almost identical player to Mathews at a ton less money, sure he's older but still plays hard defense and will keep people honest with the three ball and all we need is a year or two for Hayward to develope. Priority now is to sign KFez and then fill out the roster. Look for some unexpected help from Tadeja Dragicevic who I think will make the team and provide them with a nice inside/outside game.


Raja rings the bell! This could be a good move if he stays healthy. He has been a great defender and shooter through his career, and he already knows the Jazz system. Bye, bye Wesley! Keep that bench warm in Portland!


How did the Jazz pull this one off? No where have I read anything about the Jazz being in the running for Bell. Personally, I think this is an excellent move as long as he has recovered well from surgery. He isn't as young as we was when he first was with the Jazz, but to me he is just as good, if not better, than Matthews for a better price.


See ya Wes.Have fun rinding the pine and counting your big bucks.. Great to have Bell Back. I hope he cojntinues to ring the bell..


Okay now I am cheered up and give some praise to the FO. Bell can shoot and defend. He is a hard nosed Kobe irritant.

Greg is to be commended for going deeper into the lux tax. This team is now getting better. Bell has a WP48 twice as large as Mathews. I have not checked his GO rating. The team is moving forward in spite of salary problems.

This is a smart move. It is an unexpected move (at least by me).

AK may get moved at the trade deadline but the FO just may be able to build a team around DWill, AJ, Millsap and Bell. I think Hayward will eventually be as good also.

This is a smart move. It is an unexpected move (at least by me).

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