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5-year span saw boom in Latino company growth

Published: Tuesday, July 13 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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How many of these businesses are owned by illegals and/or financed by drug money. Or better yet SBA loans that citizens can't get.
What amount of taxes did these business owners pay. Where these cash businesses like taco vending,landscape,yard work,construction not meeting zoning regulations.
How long have these individuals lived in the state?
where did they come from? What amount of state assistance are they recieving ?
These are question I would like the author to reveal.


And why is everybody crying about illegal-immigration?

We have enough room for growth.

I am a 49-year-old, white male who has learned that the Latino people are a kind, hard-working people. The entire illegal-immigration issue is a red-herring folks. This allows the politicians to get the public focused on less important issues, like immigration, all the while spending billions on a war, on national health-care and on themselves.


Now there's the American way. See a need and fill it with services and products.

C. Darwin

What is the point of this article? It appears to be racially motivated to try and explain how oppressed the latino community is. I suggest a follow up article showing how many construction jobs are being taken away from Utahns by illegal latino aliens.


Darned those Latinos! I'll bet they're all illegals like the first poster says (sarcasm inserted). We're all immigrants to this country in one form or another. But I'm assuming that since your ancestors "stole" this country away from the natives and you've set your claims "illegally" to whatever you now own, that no one else should be able to come here, especially if they are of color. Or do you just not like people in general.


How many white business owners are financed by drug money, what amount of taxes did these business owners pay? Were they meeting zoning regulations? How long have these individuals lived in the state: Where did they come from? What amount of assistance are they receiving? These are questions I would like Pastor88 to answer.


I wonder how those businesses will do if Utah passes any kind of law similar to Arizona? Their clientele might scamper off in the night.


I agree with the comments made against the success of Latino businesses in Utah. Are illegals coming here to establish legitimate businesses through illegal means? The question is still ILLEGAL immigration, not how well Latinos are doing in business.


Some of the responses to this article are kind of funny. The Latino community is a very important part of our state. We can embrace and support them in all the good things that they do and become partners with them in building a better community. Or we can continue to spread lies and hate and they will continue to grow and prosper due to their hard work ethic and morals and they will be taking our place. Hopefully more will see threw the hate and make the right choice and accept each other as brothers.

A Guy With A Brain

Of course Latino-owned businesses are booming. Historically, Latinos in the U.S. tend to conduct business with other Latinos. We ALL tend to do this; associate with others who are similar to ourselves.

The recent anti-illegal immigration furor (which is only about 4 decades too late, thanks to the treasonist fools in Congress) has only increased Latinos' desire to conduct business with other Latinos.

And, at 10-20 MILLION of them in the U.S., there are more than a few potential customers to walk into these businesses.

If these businesses are owned by LEGAl immigrants and conduct business with only other LEGAL immigrants, then more power to them.

But if either the owners or their customers are illegal, shut them down. Now.

Critical Thought

Good for them. I've seen the long hours and hard work that many immigrants put in without complaint, their living more than one family to a home, their sharing a vehicle. Perhaps, they raised the funds to start a business by being thrifty. Perhaps,they were willing to do the job for less profit. Being the pro-capitalist state UT is, I'd think the masses would be cheering them on.

Ex-Pat of Zion

Xenophobia still seems to be rampant on the boards, but at least there appears to more balance with respect to this particular story. The moderator may not consider my comment germane, but here goes anyway.

I was in DC touring the Holocaust museum and given the recent public outcry in the midst of an economic crisis, I couldn't dismiss the parallels with the rise of Nazi Germany. Like we are now, the unemployment rate and economy were, respectively, high and sluggish. Insert Hispanics (naturalized or not) in place of Jews and you have the racial scapegoat for budgetary and hence economic problems. You have an ultraconservative fringe group (Tea Party) "ineffective" leadership and a culture of entitlement (yes ... even "contributing" members of society have this malady). Adjacent, resource rich nations, perfect for "colonizing" once the final solution to the Latino Question has been implemented. Could it really happen again? The Great Depression could never happen again either, but arguably we are very close. I'll be watching the next ten years closely.


I shop at latino stores, the food is better and cheaper, if you want good low priced produce go to the latino markets.
It is also may way to vote with my money.
Who am I going to support a multi-billion dollar corporation, or an independant businessman?
especially when the small businessman offers a better product at a lower price.

govt rocks

Yes guy with a brain, that's just what we need to start doing, requiring business owners to ask their customers if they are here legally and punish a business because of who might walk in their door. Apparently your screen name is just a clever title.

The overwhelming majority of people of latino descent (here legally or not) are good decent people. We should welcome any good, decent people to our society.


I'm so disappointed in some of the comments in this message board, particularly in that of the guy "with brains" who starts so well and end his comments in such a not-so-brainy way. If the Department of Justice should shut down every business that does business with "illegals" we'd be in a Soviet country where you'd had to check people's papers before selling anything. In this age of financial crisis, it's incredible how many "conservatives" who scream their love for free enterprise would be upset as the increase in business/job creation in your state. Isn't the small business the largest creator of jobs and therefore the greatest generator of tax revenue? Congratulations to those who have the vision to start a small business and live the American Dream while many Americans dream of being Donald Trump. It is business what keeps the economy moving, not the idea of doing business. It's ambition paired with work and not only the desire. Let's learn from these entepreneurs and strengthen our country!

Led Zeppelin II

@pastor88. Who are you to judge? And how can you call yourself a pastor? Do you actually follow Christ?


I know racism isn't part of this. "How many of these businesses are owned by illegals and/or financed by drug money." Do you really believe this question is asked about white business owners in Utah?

"I was in DC touring the Holocaust museum and given the recent public outcry in the midst of an economic crisis, I couldn't dismiss the parallels with the rise of Nazi Germany."

"In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me –
and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Yesterday, I read an essay on a conservative website saying Catholics were treatening American with their liberalism.

Whose next?


If things keep trending the way they have been this summer, it won't be long before the authors of the illegal list start smashing the windows of these businesses, and painting "Verboten" graffiti on the storefronts.

Fitness Freak

I live near two latin markets. I've always wondered why the illegals don't just buy their groceries at the big stores like I do!

Then I noticed:

The amount of beer getting delivered every morning!

Then when you see the people leaving with the beer (if those kids are 21, I'm 150!)

Then I wondered: how can they POSSIBLY come up with i.d. showing their age to be 21?

Then I remembered: they don't/can't get drivers licenses, so they must just be showing their mexican i.d. (I've seen that stuff, its a real bad joke, ANYONE could print it)

Ever heard of raids/i.d. checks at ANY of the latin markets?
Didn't think so!
Apparentally "sanctuary" refers also to basic ordinance enforcement also!

One set of rules for latinos: a whole other set for ALL THE REST of us!

American First

Are these Americans or Latinos. There IS a difference.

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