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Published: Monday, July 12 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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John Charity Spring

Pierce is absolutely correct to condemn this so-called entertainment program. As Pierce points out, this fiasco is degrading to women and is nothing more than a glorification of indiscriminant sexuality. Indeed, the characters on this show engage in escapades that would make a demented stoat blush.

There was a time in this Country when television producers attempted to improve society by promoting values such as moderation, prudence, and chastity. Apparently, that time has passed.


@John Charity Spring
Do you rag on everything fun?


Should one of her male coworkers try to pass for a call girl? So she was saved by men a couple of times, if she gets saved by co-workers they already established that men outnumber women 4-1 in the CIA. Statiscally it is likely to be a man

Annie Walker is the star of the show. She is a new agent who not only is doing as well, but better than her more experienced male counterparts and superiors.

If anyone is sexist it is you for discounting her achievements in what I agree is a sexist environment.

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