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Published: Saturday, July 10 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Sorry Deron. Good luck keeping the new team above .500

Ak Fan

Dear Hollis .Please do some research before open mouth. You got some idea but lacks meaning. Jazz is who they are. It's not Boston Chicago LA just small Utah.


Waaaaaaaaaaa!!! Waaaaaaaaa!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Crybaby Jazz fans cried when CJ Miles signed an offer sheet. Crybaby Jazz fans cried when Paul Millsap signed an offer sheet. Now crybaby Jazz fans are crying about all kinds of things this summer.

Quit being such crybabies. Everything will be OK.

And ..... Pac 12.


Hollis keep writing, tell the truth rip this organization apart hard..

ak fan: Your guy is part of why we are where we are

The state should be in front of Miller office


I will only feel like the sky is falling if the Jazz fail to match the offer for Matthews. But, I have faith that they will.

Also, Hayward impressed me in the summer league. His addition offsets the departure of Korver in my book.

And how many teams can replace a player of Boozer's caliber with a stud like Paul Millsap? The power forward, in my opinion, is still in very good hands.

Jeremy Evans and Kosta Koufos played quite well in the summer league, and could prove to be valuable reserves this coming season.

I believe Okur will be up to par by the time things count most. He's healing well, from all accounts.

Tomic should arrive next season, so it will be like adding two first round picks in the same season (along with this coming years draft pick which will probably be somewhere in the teens).

I have faith that Coach Sloan and D-Williams will rally the troops, and we'll have a respectable season (all things considered).

I can't wait until were no longer held hostage by AK's contract.

JAZZ BRASS: PLEASE RESIGN MATTHEWS!! He is our best midlevel option.

B Russ

@ Todd

Peace out dude.

Calm down and realize that you are probably right. Unless O'Conner can pull off miracle for which he is well due.


The Jazz are obviously going to use their mid-level exception on SOMEONE...so why not Matthews?

The pickings are REALLY slim now in free agency.

Your options:

If you want to overpay for an over the hill, washed up center, take your pick: Shaq (38), Ilgauskas (35), B.Wallace (35), B.Miller (34).

Haslem and M. Miller appear headed to the Heat.

The Rockets have said they will match ANY offer for Scola.

R. Jefferson appears headed back to the Spurs.

Perhaps you prefer a head case like Harrington, Barnes, or J. Howard?

Maybe a washed up "it' all about me" player like Iverson or McGrady?

How about bringing back and ex-Jazz player like Brewer, or Amundson? Maybe they will magically become better the second time around.

We really don't need a point guard...so no need to go there.

Who does that leave?

Roger Mason? Rasual Butler? Josh Childress?

Or perhaps...

Wesley Matthews?

I rest my case.


AK fan - Perhaps you should do a little more English homework and a little less ranting on sports posts


This article would insinuate JAzz fans are crying over Boozer, they hated the man while he was here and only now begin to realize what they had.

Nobody should cry over Korver except Chicago as they now have to pay him millions to sit on the bench.

Jazz should cry if they bring back Brewer, and I think that Wesley has priced himself out of the market.

Todd there is a saying that says " the higher you sit the further you see" There is a reason you are a cellar dweller. Your reactivity and negativity take away your objectiveness that may let you see method in the madness. Till you can put your anger issues aside you will continue to annoy and not impress anyone


Wow - this paper is really sensitive ...huh? I've had to previosu posts rejected with no profanity or anything that even seemed questionable...hmmmm. Well...maybe this is part of the problem in attracting real talent to Utah. The Malone/Stockton days are gone. You all got very lucky with that mix - dare you to do it again...hahah! Find a way to attract & keep some "hip" young athletic talent to support D Williams or prepare to lose him and be at the bottom. KOC and Sloan may be living in the past and new talent in the front office and coaching st5aff may be needed quickly unless SLC fans are happy to barely make the play-offs. Malone-Stockton is over. Get current. We've lost Boozer, Korver and Matthews and picked up a baby-faced, skinny, small-school drafteee with our lottery pick when we knew we were losing Boozer and had holes at center..intersting...no? I'm done with this program unless they overhaul. It's hopless and senseless. BTW...I played the game in college and am an avid fan of the game. I just don't understand the Jazz.



see espn poll


To Menace to Society:

I do not hear anyone crying except you. You seem so immature. The Jazz will be just fine.


@TrueFan: Great post! Some other key points:
*Matthews is not just "another player." In the last five years, how many FAs have become consistent Jazz starters? Zero. How many trade acquisitions have done so? Zero. And now we're supposed to replace THREE key players? Ridiculous!
*Matthews is so much more than his stats. His defense and effort changed the whole team chemistry. Remember how terrible we were at the start of last year before he got into the rotation (CJ and Brewer starting)? And how terrible we were when Matthews was benched in favor of CJ? Now that's supposed to SAVE us?
*Matthews scored 9+ with no plays run for him. He led the team in FT and was 3rd in 3%. And the best defender on the team.
*Matthews' career is on the upswing; most of the others' mentioned are on the downswing.
*Without Matthews, we have zero depth. We need CJ off the bench, not starting.
*Portland isn't stupid. We're competing with them for #8. They steal Matthews, and they leapfrog us.
*There is no "next year." We win just 35 this year, and DWill is gone. So are Jazz.

bobby d

the sad thing about the Jazz right now is that the starters can produce some good points, but we will be so limited with our bench. Look how many games the bench won for the Jazz last year. That is where we are going to suck. I really do feel bad for DWill.

Draft dumbie



the jazz made terrible rebuilding mistakes 6 years ago and are now paying for it,

in 2004 sloan stupidly tried to_win as_many games as they_could in_a rebuilding year,

ruining jazz's chances to draft dwight howard, and then drafting 2 players who're basically busts

then they stocked up the team with players you find on other championship teams benches like okur, and an undersized fragile pf who doesn't play defense,

terrible job rebuilding,

many complain the jazz can't get the best free agents to come here,

that makes the draft extremely important,

the jazz must get good draft picks,

and the jazz have managed only one legitmate star player, dwill in a decade of drafting,

and trying to win every game they can every season , rather than developing young players makes it all that much harder.

it seems developing young players and getting much better draft postions would rebuild this team faster,

than doing allyou can_to get winning seasons,
that get the team nowhere.

the jazz thought they could skip the rebuilding process,

and are now paying for it.

arrogance lead them to believe they could reload and continue to contend,
they were wrong


When the Blazers have to do KOC's job... and then in turn it costs the Jazz Million's... someone needs to be let go.

Kevin O'Conner has been milking borrowed time. If this were any other organization... KOC would have been FIRED long ago.

If the Jazz organization can't fire him... then that says a lot about the future we have with the Jazz and LHM.


Your hatred for the Lakers was so bad you forgot about taking care of your own team. You were more concerned about somone beating the Lakers than taking care of your own buisiness..Jazz fans get what they deserve.

The Great Houdini

Tough season ahead,we`ve really lost 2 thats right 2 finishers,Korver would almost always be in when game was on the line,if we lose Matthews,that`s 3,gonna be a long season,what say you shayblow?

The Great Houdini

Todd,I wouldn`t worry too much about 'doug10" he`s clueless

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