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This time Trail Blazers are trying to take a guard away from Jazz

Published: Saturday, July 10 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Dismantling or rebuilding?

one day...

Wooooooooowwwwwwwww !!! we are so out of the game for this year!!!

Sorry but the Jazz management team suck big time, they has the option to sign Wesley last year for a lot less!!!

Bye Boozer, Korver and Mathews!!! 3 more years bye D-Will!

We suck


Those Blazers, Forcing our hand again. Best free agent available is Kevin Pritchard, let's go out and hire him!

Aces in the Hole

The blocks are tumbling down!


We darn well better sign Mathews! This off season has been horrible! were losing a lot more than we r signing! Mathews played his heart out and I think he can develope into an awesome asset to the jazz, SIGN HIM NOW KOC!!!! Do something for a right for a change or we will lose D will in two years also!


I still think the Jazz will match. Millsap will only make 6 million this season, because his offer from Portland was also front loaded. Matthews will only be overpaid the first season (mostly because of the signing bonus), but like Paul, will seem very reasonably paid after next year.


This comes out to almost seven million a year.Hey,I like mathews as much as anyone,but this offer,like the ones preceding it with other NBA players seems way too pricey. I think the Jazz should pass on this offer and let Portland pay the big bucks this time.Portland is deliberately trying to bankrupt the Jazz.Can Wesley be as good in Portland as he was for the Jazz? I don't think so. With the new CBA coming and teams in the future most likely dumping salary,the Jazz could very well be better off by just being patient and not panicky.


This is tough for me...I love Wesley but is he really worth nearly 7 million a year?! He's awesome and was a great story, and I think the jazz should have extended his contract last year during play. I didn't think he'd be worth more than 4-5 million, but 7!!!!!

I'm not sure if I'd match, but then again who else is out there to replace him, other than brewer?


I think the Jazz should let him go.


Wow. I hate Portland. I still say you gotta match though.


Holy cow!

What would that be like to go from undrafted to earning $34M for 5 years worth of work?

I'm glad for Mathews but I sure am going to miss him!


That's a lot of money to be paying anyone with Wesley's limited experience. I really really like him as a basketball player, but I can only think of one thing to say to Jazz management. I want Deron Williams in that room when you decide what to do about this. If our team is gonna make a re-energized push towards a championship in the post-Boozer era, I want Deron's vote to count on whether Wesley Matthews is someone Deron needs to make it all the way. If he is not sure, let's let Wesley go. That said, hope Wesley is a Jazzman this fall.


If you ask me, the Jazz front office SUX! Call me a disloyal Jazz fan, but I've grown weary of cheering/supporting them since I was a little kid. Now I am thirty years older and Jazz are still in the same position. Heck, San Antonio even made aggressive moves to improve the team within the past decade and look what it got them??? Four NBA titles! Yeah, I cheer for the Lakers, a team I rooted for ever since I was born over thirty years ago before my parents moved to Utah. If the Jazz front office really wanted to win the big one, they'll do what they have to do to be competitive and make a run for the championship. D-Will will demand a trade in a heartbeat if jazz don't do something fast!!!


At that price let him go! You can get similar players for much less. He was a great value before but now too pricey, Portland is overpaying!


This is a Joke right? Portland just signed a backup for Brandon Roy for $7,000,000 a year. When everyone else thinks he’s worth about $4 million a year. If the Jazz match this they’re almost as stupid as Portland.

I really like Wes and I’m disappointed with this news, but the fact is, he’s not much better than CJ, and he is definitely not worth $7 million a year. He’s listed at 6'5" but he’s really 6'3" and no matter how good of defense he plays he’s never going to be able to shut down anybody.

Everyone said he did such a good job on Carmelo, yet Carmelo averaged 32 ppg against the Jazz while shooting above his season average (46%). The truth is Wes played good defense for a rookie, he had a really good season for an undrafted rookie, but let’s be realistic here, he’s not going to get much better.

I heard one analyst say that the Jazz’s run in the playoffs was a CJ Miles coming out party, well that party is hopefully about to continue for the next year.


This contract is poison for whoever gets stuck with it. If I'm a Portland fan I would be praying that the Jazz match this.


Way way way too much $ for matthews. Let him go, save the money for a more cost conscious option and get yourselves some height via trade.

DO NOT MATCH JAZZ. I love matthews but not to the tune of 7 mil a year.


Great it would be nice if some one would take KOC. How many times can a guy make the same mistake and not get fired on a job?


Way to much money for Mathews. Just clear some cap space for next year when AK comes off the books and then hopefully get some decent players

I agree with you scalman!!!


You have got to be kidding me. The decent thing here for Mathews camp would have been to call the Jazz before signing this toxic contract. There is no way Mathews wants to play behind an all star instead of being a starter!

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