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Published: Friday, July 9 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Tuffy Parker

When Boozer was injured season before last, Milsap stepped in and the Jazz didn't miss a beat. In fact, many observers at the time ppined that Boozer's return that season may have been a step backward.

Boozer did have a good season last year, but keep in mind that it was a contract year. Milsap was as solid as ever in the minutes he had. I think we'll all be pleased with Milsap's contribution given a larger role and more minutes.


Millsap will do fine, 15 and 10 i'm guessing. Question is who will be his back up? If it's AK then who'll be the 3? Miles and Matthews (if he re-signs) should play the 2 and Hayward will hopefully be able to be the backup 3. So who do we get to start at the 3?

AK will hopefully do a little of both but we clearly need another wing and another big. Throw in another PG because we could use an upgrade at the backup spot as well, plus Deron should get a little more SG time to make up for points lost from Booz.

Lots of questions. I hope KOC has a lot of right answers.


Millsap is a 13 and 8 man who often disappears in agame for up to five minutes at a time. He has shown little ability to ignite the team in the first quarter, gets 3 rebounds per game on shots he missed but should have made. He has limited range and at crunch time is a clunk from the field and at the line.

Let's hope he can step up. And help make others better.

The Great Houdini

Doesn`t look good for this season,we`ll be very lucky to win 40.Millsap,18/12,may be an all-star


Milsap is going to struggle as the defenses pack it in with the NBA's worst 3 point shooting team (especially until Ocur gets back). He will get his 10 rebounds but probably more like 10-12 points. He also needs to improve his free throw shooting because he'll be on the line more. Maybe he could take Gains with him to free throw camp.


Milsap is going to struggle as the defenses pack it in with the NBA's worst 3 point shooting team (especially until Ocur gets back). He will get his 10 rebounds but probably more like 10-12 points. He also needs to improve his free throw shooting because he'll be on the line more. Maybe he could take Gains with him to free throw camp.


When Millsap played the season Boozer was injured he did very well but when Boozer got back 2/3 of the way through the season there was nothing left of Paul.

He was beat up and his numbers had fallen off dramatically. The teams who played him the first time did much better when they came back against him.

His inability to go either hand at the hoop makes him much easier to defend and his shorter stature is also going against him.

Jazz fans may hope that Millsap can step in but when ESPN listed pf's in the league Boozer was number 3 and Millsap did not crack the top 20.

I hope Paul does great but in reality the Jazz will need more help.


Millsap was good for about 20 games, then his body broke down. He was exhausted and couldn't handle it (He even admitted it!)

You guys have selective memories.

At least we have a fantastic coach. Unfortunately there are some amazing teams out there...even our division is better than it ever has been.


Utah needs players ..period. Use that cash that Boozer freed up and go sign some players. I would like to see the Jazz get some foreign players in the mix as well as some proven vets. The Jazz need size inside for sure.

bald eagle

Agree Doug10. The year Millsap filled in for Boozer, he was worn out and disappeared at the end of that season. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Millsap plays with a lot of heart. But it ain't gonna work having him be the focal point of the offense (defenses will really key on him). He's a great backup PF but I just don't see him leading the Jazz deep into the playoffs. Udonnis Haslem isn't much of an answer either. Jazz are in trouble for 2010-2011 season. They'll be lucky to make the playoffs, especially with Memo unavailable until Christmas or the All-Star break.


It would be nice if that happened but we are going to go downhill big time. You can put lipstick on the pig but it won't change it. Where are we going to find the points we get from Boozer and Korver? Willams is going to look go elsewhere too after this upcoming season, you can count on it. Andre will be out most of the season like he is every year and we will be in even more trouble.


Sloan is a genius! Why, if we just pick up our games, we'll be okay. Brilliant. Oh, wait, what's that you say? Other players on other teams are also picking up their games too? Gee, I never thought of that. Oh, crap, we're dead.


Outside shooting and rebounding are the biggest problems.

The Jazz have let most of the FAs that could have been helpful get away. It is like they are not willing to make reasonable offers on some of them. 5 Mill a year for Korver is not unreasonable. Morrow's offer is a reasonable deal.

DEN will get Amundson for Cheap. Mahimni is going nowhere and could be had for 1-2 mill but the Jazz do nothing. Haslem has many options and will get a long term contract.

If the Jazz have a plan it is not obvious other than to try to develop what they have and then maybe do something at the trade deadline when prices will be cheaper.

They have both a depth and quality problem to start the season.

Maybe they know how much Fes/Koufos will improve with playing time? Now that they have to play them.

Maybe they have specific players in mind and are waiting for the right trade to open up.

I do not have great faith in the Jazz front office. However, if they can replace Boozer and Korver with players who play D and O they will be fine.


I will look at the glass half full instead of half empty. Sap has one more year experience and will do fine. CJ started to come around at the end of the playoffs and I expect him to have a breakout year. Wouldn't it be nice to have Kosta keep the fire in him he had in the Summer games. Maybe Fess can get out of the eighth grade.. Hayward will be in the thick of it for ROY. Lets hope they keep Matthews and he improves even better.D-Will is in high gear and should have a banner year. It would be nice if AK would be injury free.Hopfully KOC can work out some trades. With Booze exemtion he has enough to go after Oakafor (SP?) with colliston thrown in for Price. They do want to lesson their payroll and are willing to give up collison with another player. Cheers to a great year...


I feel like the Ship is sinking, and if the Jazz can not put a winning team together for Sloan D-Will and the fans, chances are high you could lose out on all mentioned. The Jazz are not even close to being a top 10 NBA team with this roster. Better pay Al Jefferson and MLE for Shannon Brown, give us a chance to compete!


Millsap is better now than the year he filled in for Boozer. His outside jumper is much better and his inside game has improved. Look at what he did in the playoffs against LA. He will keep getting better.

The problems are at C and wing.

Fes/Koufos are going to get a lot of playing time. They are going to be bad.

However, they should improve (maybe quickly) with that much playing time. As a rookie Koufos played as well as Okur. His WP48 was actually better. With Boozer gone they both may rebound much better. The Jazz were weak in rebounding. They are weaker now. That has to be addressed as the shooting is also weaker.

The paint will be packed every game until the Jazz get some outside shooting to replace Korver. Mathews should be a little better than last year but he is not Korver. Hayward is a rookie and not a great outside shooter yet.

CJ could improve. How hard is it to raise his shooting percentage 5%?

Gaines may be ready for back up minutes and he can shoot.


The Jazz had three power forwards last year: Boozer, Millsap and Okur. It took a toll on all of them when they had to play considerable minutes at center. The relief for the Jazz might come as Fesenko and/or Koufos develop.

I will be happy to see AK play some PF waiting for Memo's return. This is his contract year. What will he be worth to the Jazz to rehire, or not?


Gaines has an eFG of .467 for jump shots (74% of his shots). He has a passing rating of 13.7 and a hands rating of 27.8. His PER (48 minutes) is 19.5 while he held opponents to 15.2 for a net PER of 4.3.

Price has an eFG of .369 for jump shots (65% of his shots). He has a passing rating of 8.3 and a hands rating of 18.7. His PER (48 minutes) is 11.9 (PG) and 11 (SG) while he allows opponents a PER of 16.9 at PG and 19.5 at SG for nets of -5 and -8.5.

He may be a local, a Sloan Pet and make some spectacular gambling plays. However, Gaines is a far better player who should know the system by now.

Price refuses to make the changes that would the team and make the second team run the way it should. It is all about him and his show boating gambling plays.

Sloan playing Price is evidence that he does not always do what is best for the team to win. Gaines or another true PG would help a lot.


i am sorry but this is not high school, or college. U need talent to win in the nba. I know that coach will get everything he can out of the players we have but talent wins and we lack talent. go jazz.


Bugoff hit it with Milsap better now because his offensive game is more versatile and his outside shot better.
You guys not hanging with Fes yet, remember another big center named Shaq in the mid 1990s...people said he was too soft, needed to be more aggressive at the rim, and he responded big time. Most of the time in the last 10 years, though, he has just banged people in the chest and dunked. Well, Fes is a better dribbler than Shaq already, almost as good a passer as Shaq already, and just needs to finish around the rim better. Show us Fesenko!!
You guys railing about lack of 3-point shooters on Jazz, well there are 3 healthy ones...William, CJ, and now Hayward. CJ has to learn to set his body right (no lean left or right) before launching his 3s...watching Kobe on film would help him with that.
One more thing about Hayward...he, like Kirilenko, can rebound and dribble up half the floor, but Hayward has better foot speed. Look for Hayward, Williams, CJ, Matthews fast breaks...zoooooommmmm.

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