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Published: Friday, July 9 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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We knew he wasn't coming back for some time. I'm glad he's going to the east though, instead of another western conference contender. It's a no brainer the Jazz will match any offer for Matthews now, and that's fine by me. I love the kid. I wish they would play him 35 minutes a night.

Bay Area Dude

If the Jazz need me, I could be ready in a week or so.


This sucks! I really wanted Korver back. I wish him the best.


The Bulls are now looking like the old Jazz, but they actually have a decent center. Now all they need is Jerry Sloan to say he wants to be closer to his farm and the team he use to play for, and D-Will to say he missis Illinois.




Sorry SLC. When you don't see the value in people, you lose them. So much for winning 50 games next year. Like I said in others posts, it's time to take a long long look at Jerry Sloan. Last year he rarely used his bench and his big guys were beat up by Playoff time. Jazz were lucky to beat the Nuggets and stood no chance vs Laker w/o Okur and The Russian. Jazz will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. Let Jerry Sloan retire w/ grace.

Old Timer

I dearly hope that losing Korver isn't a precursor to signing Brewer. Brewer has "NO" shot and never will, he is a class person but we need shooters and defenders and he doesn't fill that roll either, because as a man up defender he is terrible. No Jazz, no Brewer please!

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Bulls look to be up there with Magic, Celtics and Heat. They are paying him a lot less than they were Hinrich. Guess Hinrich played some defense too though.

Best of luck to Korver and the Bulls. I hope the Jazz can get Matthews at a decent price.


That's okay we still have another 3 point specialist, Okur. Unfortunately he costs $9 million a year. Chicago got a better deal.

Lets hope Okur develops an inside game this summer and learns to play defense.

Here's to another 50ish win season and early exit in the postseason.

Lets hope in two years DWill isn't making "The Decision" for Dallas or LA. But I wouldn't blame him, see unlike The Queen, Utah is not a 61+ win team.


Utah please, please get with Minnesota and see if we can't get Kevin Love somehow, someway. He fills a big hole we presently have in the middle and is a young low paid baller! Also explore the potenial of getting Favors fron N.J. for A.K. & Fess or whatever would blow their Russian owners skirt in the air. We might as well start a smart rebuild NOW!


This puts way too much pressure on Gordon Hayward. He's not ready for the pounding of 80 games. He's no Kyle Korver. Make Hayward put on 20 lbs. then his uniform will fit and the other NBAers might respect him. He'll be tested that is if he gets off Jerry Sloan's bench.


bittersweet news, the signing of booz and kover, you kind of love 'em then hate 'em.

The Great Houdini

Not to worry...we have Miles


So we go from Korver's record setting year to Hayward's 29% from the college line, wow!


Korver picked the right team, and they paid him more than the Jazz could or would. Sad to lose him, but he's very one-dimensional (and streaky), can't create his own shot & falls off noticeably in the playoffs.

Be nice to keep him, but 3/15 is too much. No grudge, he always tried and was straight up about his free agency. Bulls are gonna be tough if they stay healthy. carpediem, you're right about the Bulls resembling the Jazz; imagine if we could've drafted Noah (he went 9th)....

CJ (& Hayward) are going to have to step up HUGE.

I hope Sloan adjusts his sytem to his players, rather than force his players into unnatural roles and get KOC to make some panicky signings (lol, yeah right).


I think I'm offically ready to ween myself from being a Jazz or NBA fan. We've lost 2 of my favorite players, and we definitely don't make the playoffs this year. Basketball was nice to watch before it became all about money with no loyalty. People like Lebron have wrecked it for everyone. Sorry, I think I'm hangin up Jazz basketball. The players aren't as loyal as the fans, and I have stayed a loyal one. It's over now. Soyonora!!!


One more great free agency, or lack of, move and get ready to enjoy the ping pong show in New York.(Draft lottery). Are we trying to compete for the championship or make the 8th seed in the playoffs. I'm sure if Kobe was Deron Williams right now he'd be thrilled with all our free agency activity! Can we at least act like we are trying to iimprove! I'm sure we can sign someone like Udonis Haslam and turn our whole summer around! Lol. The best news of the summer is a trade exception! Really!!

B Russ

I always thought Korver was over rated and lacked the mobility to play defense. Last season ( contract year ) he really improved his strength and worked very hard out there on the floor. He shot the ball very well and I thought he had a very good season. I didn't like that he tried to pad his 3 point stats by not shooting when we needed him at the end of the season though when we jockeying for playoff position. He's been a huge upgrade from Giricek when you look at it. Good in the community. Hope does well in Chicago. Hope we replace he and Boozer with some more defensive minded guys that can still score too.

Jazz Source

Notice Boozer neglected to mention that Korver can dribble...the primary reason being that HE CAN'T!!

Mr. Korver shot a very pedestrian 37% against Denver in the playoffs and that included the one game where he made like 6 of 8.

Then in the Lakers series he really lit it up making a whole FIVE 3 pointers, yes FIVE, over the entire 4 games series.

Wow, how can we ever live without that.

Korver was completely neutralized every year in the playoffs.

Did any one see Boozer/Millsap left wide open in the middle because Korver was making alot of 3's against the Lakers?

No, I didn't notice either BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED. All you have to do is run a Korver because he is NEVER a threat to put the ball on the floor and beat his man.....as in NEVER.

Good guy but basically average at best when it mattered in the playoffs.

Matthews and Butler can both put the ball on the floor to go by their defenders which makes them more difficult to defend.

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