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Published: Friday, July 9 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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B Russ

Lou Amundsen is a fan favorite in Pheonix and they shout Louuuuuuuuu! when he prepares to enter the game. Fans love his non stop hustle and relentless defense while he is on the floor. He is a very good player without all the big ego. He could probably be had for a couple of mil per year over 3 years. depends on how serious Denvers interest is in him. Pheonix offered him a 1 year deal somewhere just over the minimum. He is seeking a multi year contract.



That is a lineup that can scare the Lakers

It is not arrogance but common sense

Then again you are part of ESPN poll

True Blue

I would love it if the Jazz could get Amundsen. He was a monster against the Jazz in the last game of the regular season. I hope they go after him.


RE: True Blue

Everyone has monster games and career games against the Jazz, nothing new there, do not base anything on that.

admunsen is not good enough to play PF and not tall and big enough to play center.

he is simply a role player you might have on the end of your bench.

Large Tuna

@Jazzsmack: I wouldn't consider a player who almost averaged a double-double coming off the bench a "has been" you know who else put those types of numbers up last year on the bench? Milsap. Yea, Haslem wouldn't be a starter, but he would be a solid backup to Milsap.

Let's not forget that we only have AK for one more year. If we let him walk, which seems to be the growing trend with the Jazz lately, then we'll be in the same spot next year that we are right now, and Haslem will be gone. Sure we could get lucky and find someone better, but how many times has KOC done that so far this summer?

I heard on the radio that the Heat traded Beasley to the Wolves to clear up space to sign/resign players, and that they are targeting Fisher and Haslam with the trade money they got. So this article may be obsolete over the next couple of days anyway...


Go get Al Jefferson, send some draft picks to T Wolves, SIGN Shannon Brown to help our back court and dont match Portland crap offer, let them pay Lux tax. I like Wes Mathews and sure he gas upside, but he is a guard not a big, therefor let him go.

Only reason I say dont sign Wes is look at the market:
Barnes, JJ Redick, S.Brown, all MLE and worth the money. The Jazz have to come up with 9.2 million within 7 days to match portland...I would not do that. I dont think we need Haslem, we need Al Jefferson.

Anti Bush-Obama

AK is the whole reason we are in this mess. If we lose Matthews, I better not see him out in public.


@ Jazz-Nation

I agree with you about Al Jefferson...before he was injured he was a beast...one of the top...post up players to play in the league at that time...If we do get him...millsap will be back at the bench....and the C slot still missing...i'd say...grab Samuel Dalembert...and let Millsap play for a year or till trade deadline as the starting PF...see how it plays out...then...if it fails...offer minnesota a few 2nd round draft picks...and the TPE and grab him...you get a decent defensive C...and a good PF (a damaged commodity though)...but for me...i'd wait it out a year...and see if Ante Tomic is going to be a beast...

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