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Published: Friday, July 9 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Captain L

As the week of SL games went on Evans started to look better and better. He still has a long way to go to be able to contribute on an NBA team but he showed a lot of good things. He is long, athletic, active, works hard, decent at D (just needs more bulk or strength). If he can develop an outside shot, he could be very good. I wouldn't mind seeing the Jazz work with him for a while. He is intriguing.


The Jazz are between a rock and a hard place folks. They have a couple trade exceptions but you have to find a team that is just looking to unload a guy to dump salary. That is easier said then done. Also, were going to need to use most of (if not all) our mid-level exception to resign Matthews and Fesenko. That alone will have us knocking on the door of paying the luxury tax. It's Kirilenko's deal that is absolutely killing us. The Jazz would love to unload it, but probably won't have many takers until around the trade dead line. And by that, the Jazz might be better off holding on to AK, and just letting things take it's course. That way it gives us the option of resigning AK at a much reduced rate.

The Jazz simply don't have the ability to make "significant" moves right now. I wish the fans would understand that. We have two guys on this team that are taking up a very big chunk of our payroll. And we don't have the funds to spend like the Lakers or some other teams.


Fans just need to probably expect a 40 something win season (and that's only if Okur comes back before January, and nobody else gets hurt). Were going to need another summer to reload. The western conference is tough, and we could very well end up out of the playoffs, and with a late lottery pick. If you can't deal with that reality for a season, give us die hard fans a break, and find something else to do other then constantly put down the team, and ask for Sloan's and O'Connor's head on a platter.


Haslem would be an upgrade compared to Boozer both defensively and in passion as an offensive rebounder. The Jazz need to replace some quality Boozer points, that's for sure, but keep in mind that he played matador defense most of the time and the Jazz gave up lots of points because of it. So, with someone like Haslem and a little bit of Kirilenko backing up Milsap at power forward, the Jazz score less but give up less. The main thing is, when playoff time arrives, and much of the action shrinks to half court, Haslem is still involved where Boozer might not be.

TrueFan I like your player depth chart except in one place. Fesenko is going to be the opening day Jazz center, and if he continues to improve, I believe Okur will never replace him unless Fes in injured.

Captain L

TrueFan : Good comments, this year is probably going to be a tough one and we could very easily end up in the lottery. I think that could depend on how fast Fes and or KK develop. Financially the Jazz are just too limited to make very many moves.
Next year the Jazz hopefully will be able to bring Tomic over and they will have two first round draft picks. Memphis' pick could be 15 to 18 range and ours could be late lottery.
I'm not totally counting the Jazz out of the playoffs, they are well coached and tough and they compete most every game, so you can't know for sure how many games they will win.
The Jazz have a very young team, and how fast those young players develop and improve could determine whether the Jazz make the playoffs.
DWill,26, Milsap,25, CJ 23, Mathews, 23, Fes,23, KK, 21, Hayward,20, Evans, 22, Gaines,24,Price,27, AK,29, Okur, 31, . Milsap should still improve, CJ & Mathews should improve, but the biggest thing is how much Fes and KK improve. I'm hoping Fes really comes around.

Chuck Nunn

Actually, TruFan, Fesenko qualifies for the Bird exception after three years with the team. So Utah wouldn't need to use MLE money for him. Matthews, though, would require at least some MLE money, depending on how big the offer is, so you're right on the money there. However, Utah does have a biannual exception that could be used to match if the offer is small enough.


I don't think the Jazz are in as bad of a spot as we might think. Yes they lost boozer and korver but they can get some players to replace them. I think that fez had an awakening that final part of the playoffs. From the comments he made leaving it seemed like he realized that he needs to improve and wanted to go after it. I think he takes over okur's place and okur gets traded before the trade deadline. Plus j.j. redick is a free agent right now if i remember right, he'd be an improvement on korver if you ask me, better d, can drive and has just as good of a shot. But here is an interesting idea, have the jazz go pick up ike diogu as a back up pf. Looking at his numbers when he gets time he puts up some sick stats plus he'd be a really cheap experiment taht could be used in a trade if it didn't work out. Another cheap guy out there is kwame brown(lots of upside but hasn't had a good system to work with). Just crazy ideas though lol


Who was it that said O'Conner would be a genius for bring/landing Okafor?

Uh, why do you think he is available just 2 seasons after the Hornets traded for him? What have the Hornets done since he got there? They were WORSE than they were with Tyson Chandler!!

Some of you fans must drink antifreeze instead of lemonade or something.

Okafor does not even like playing basketball. He plays it begrudgingly to make a living. Does that sound like someone that is going to bring you a championship?

No thanks. Okafor is just logging time collecting checks.

The reality is that there are no really good bigs available that would allow us to contend with the Lakers....and it has nothing to do with our GM either..those BIGs are just not available. People are overpaying in many instances to get the mediocre BIGs they have.

Dumb teams are making lots of dumb moves. Joe Johnson for $120 mil? Are you kidding me?

Stoudemire? He is thrilled to be playing for D'Antoni where he won't be expected to play defense ever again and make lots of money coasting along cashing his checks.

DUMB teams.


Yes...the Jazz are a very young team (especially with Boozer and Korver leaving town).

The potential for improvement is great in almost every player. Sloan is a good teacher of the game, if guys are willing to listen, and put forth the effort to make themselves better players. Williams, Millsap, and Matthews in particular seem to posess that drive, and our self starters. This is the biggest area where Fesenko is weak. His drive is definitely in question. Even Koufos works his back side off (and he seems much improved after watching him in the summer league).

I'm not saying this team isn't capable of having a good year, and making the playoffs, but I just feel the fans need to have realistic expectations and goals for this group, until we can get more help. I'm hoping Deron really takes on the role of team leader more then ever, and motivates these guys in a positive manner to become better players. He needs to offer encouragement, and not be so moody all the time. He needs to balance his will to win, with being a guy his teammates like, and not just respect.


Miami paper is reporting that Udonis will indeed be back with the heat. Not sure why desnews got us all worked up over nothing.


I guarantee with D-Will running this team, I dont care who we pick up, we make the playoffs. No, we wont win the championship, unless we make some sick trades during the year, BUT, who here honestly thought we would still beat Denver without AK and after Memo went down. Everyone else stepped it up, and we gave LA a pretty good run too. We only lost the first 3 games by somethinglike 11 points.
Quit dogging Sloan and KOC, for players not wanting to be in Utah and owners not wanting to go over the cap, the Jazz are hands down the best team out there year in and year out. Because of Sloan and KOC!
I love Korver to death but his defense was subpar. I doubt we land Reddick but KOC will get someone to replace Korver and Booze. Quit hatin and be patient. The rest of the NBA hasnt done much either. Now that the big dogs are gone we'll see these other guys start getting signed.
Matthews will be a Jazz man next year.


Yeah thats what the jazz need.

some more mediocte castofsf from other teams.

The jazz have not tried go after one legitmate star big man.

not in free agency,
not even in a trade,

instead the jazz gets,

cast-offs (including thier own),
2nd rounders,
TPEs, which are apparently are only good for getting more mediocre players

but no matter how many korvers, millsaps, cj miles, brewers, haslems, and okurs you get,

you will not be winning a championship with them,

not unless you already have a starting lineup of very good to star 1st round talent.


Sloan and KC for Pres and Vice Prs

This is the dumbest and most complacent fan base in the country


[my last post probably made no sense because the DN did post the first post, so here it is]

Yeah thats what the jazz need.

some more mediocre castoffs from other teams.

The jazz have not tried go after one legitimate star big man.

not in free agency,
not even in a trade,

instead the jazz gets,

cast-offs (including thier own),
2nd rounders,
TPEs, which are apparently are only good for getting more mediocre players

but no matter how many korvers, millsaps, cj miles, brewers, haslems, and okurs you get,

you will not be winning a championship with them,

not unless you already have a starting lineup of very good to star 1st round talent.


Haslem to replace Boozer, sure trip to the lottery.


Am I the only one who thinks Fez will be a good player? After being stepped on for 2 years by Sloan he stepped up against Denver, altering shots and clogging the middle, we would not have beat them without him. Sure he looked bad against Gasol and company but name me the centers who haven't. Give him 30 minutes a game until Memo comes back and he will far better than any of the trade suggestions being thrown around.


I am not sure why most people are upset with the lack of activity. Do we really want to be stuck with a number of mediocre players for 3 years? Who is really available? I also like Matthews and hope the Jazz are able to resign him, but please don't over pay.

The Jazz should be very selective this off season. AK's contract expiration approaching, the Tomic possibility, higher draft picks? The best/only way for the Jazz to get significantly better is through the draft. Unfortunately the Jazz have not had consistent success bringing FA's here.

Hopefully the Jazz are approaching this off season similar to the way OKC manages their organization. Staying under the cap has allowed them to take advantage of teams needing to shed payroll/players. They have slowly acquired (young) players via the draft/trade. The Jazz have a few parts in place. (I am of the opinion Hayward will be solid). Lets rebuild this thing smartly, not by signing Journeymen vets and locking up cap space. Shoot for championships not mediocrity.


Haslem is the best of the MIA bigs. That is not saying much. His numbers may improve if he played for Utah. The MIA offense is designed for Wade not Haslem. His WP48 is .196 and his current salary is 7 Mill.

I do not have time to look up his other stats.


Haslem is not the answer, I do like him but he would be a threat to "the sloanaholics" because he has a ring, and "most" "most" i said Sloanites do not want the Jazz to get better, they want to remain in control of being average. The smart fans and my administration know the truth,

What would be the answer is a power forward 6'9 or 6-10 or a Center like Okafor. Okur can back up Milsap at #4 and make do until comes back. Another day goes by and O Connor does zero with a trade exception.

ANyone see Rod Benson in Summer League? With 15 players (stupid again by Sloan) he did not even suit yesterday. The announcers said he is NBA borderline "already" and that is without a Jazz Training Camp

Why is he here if he will not get a chance? Why are any of them?

Why did not Jeffries, Gordon and Evans not get 30 minutes a game?

Haslem will tie up payroll, Harrington is taller or Jefferson. If you are going to do anything start there


Todd ... Your arrogance is stunning. I'm sure, as smart as you think you are, you think you're a blossoming young entrepenuer with his own E-business and within a few years, you're the next Mark Cuban. Right? At the very least, ESPN must be knocking at your door constantly to become the next NBA version of Mel Kiper. Your over-the-top know-it-all attitude is laughable. Keep it up.

On a serious note ...

I'm just fine with a starting lineup of:

PG - Deron Williams
SG - Wes Mathews
PF - Paul Milsap
C - Mehmet Okur

Off the bench:
SG - CJ Miles
SF - Gordon Hayward
PF - AK or Udonis Haslam

What I don't know is who backs up Deron and Memo? Between Paul, AK, and Udonis, the 4 is covered
Between AK, Gordon, and CJ the 3 is covered
Between Wes and CJ, the 2 is covered.

It'll be interesting to see if Kosta or Fez can be an adequate backup for Memo. I'd let those two battle it out for backup center

Can Jeffers back up Deron?

I'm actually excited to see how things turn out. It's an adventure

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