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Published: Friday, July 9 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Well, I can't say that it would be a bad move. We'll have to make good use of those trade exceptions this year though.

Captain L

Haslem would be a good stop gap measure for a few years until Tomic comes over and Fes and KK develop. Haslem is solid, professional, tough, and would fit in Sloans system pretty good. He is short and that is a problem but if Fes and or KK can improve enough to play rotation type minutes we would be OK.
It is good to hear KOC is looking, I've said all along KOC is on the phone all the time exploring possible trades etc, we usually don't hear about it though.


Hmmm so it looks like we are going to trade Boozer for Haslem (a downgrade), and Korver (who just signed with CHI) for possibly Brewer?.


Nice KOC sign another undersized power forward. The Jazz just sit back and do nothing, like always, as other teams try and get better. Boozer is gone. Korver is gone. The Jazz are worse, KOC just sits back and waits for Portland to make another "toxic" offer on our restricted free agents. Just get Matthews signed and make a move. We are not trying to get better.


I've been hoping for Haslem all along. He's one of my favorite players. Too bad were losing Korver to Chicago though.


Yeah, it's kinda ho-hum, but certainly better than some other names I've seen thrown around like Gortat.

Wouldn't mind them going after Al Jefferson even with the size of his contract.

Chuck Nunn

Hey, Jody, don't the Heat have Haslem's Early Bird rights? Depending on what they want to pay, couldn't they offer him more than just vets' minimum? He'd probably require all of Utah's MLE to get him here, which could be problematic in matching an offer to Wes Matthews. He's a proven player though, and I would love to have him here.


I say good luck to Korver. Cant defend and turns the ball over way too much.

The Great Houdini

Haslem....very average to below average,we have 2 PF`s,NEED A CENTER


I'll take Haslem, as long as his attitude is fine and they don't overpay.

I don't know what the Jazz are waiting for with Matthews, gotta get that done before they can do anything else or it could screw up the MLE, per Dave Locke.

Jefferson is overpaid, banged up & bitter. Feel bad for what happened to him but donotwantnow.


Haslem is the best this team can get?? COME ON!!!!!!
many teams get better and better the Jazz get worst and worst, not fair!

The Final Word

So many people are just clueless on the Matthews issue. What makes you think if the Jazz offered Matthews a very reasonable offer of 4-5 million he would take it? He is not required to sign it.

He would likely just keep fishing for higher offers.

As it stands now the Jazz will not pay any more than they have decided he is worth. Period. No downside.

Millsap was worth what they paid for him.

The potential upside is if the other teams never actually materialize into actual offers...then the Jazz have the upper hand in negotiations.

If the Blazers then make some ridiculous offer then all that would accomplish is they would be overpaying alot for a bench/role player. How much would he play behind Roy? Is that wise to dump gobs of money on a guy who will play 10-12 minutes a night?

Go for it Portland.

Besides most teams know that unless they overpay now, the Jazz are likely to match given that Booz and Korver just left.

Haslem would be a decent pick up.

Hard worker--better defender than Booz or Korver.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

I agree with Houdini. AK and Millsap will do great at PF. Get a center and another wing!!!

We don't need a PF. We've already got 26 million spent on that position!


Haslem is a fine player, but he plays the same position as Milsap and AK, so I don’t see how he can really help this team. I heard a rumor on the radio about NO trying to get rid of Okafor to save cap space, if the Jazz could pull that off KOC would look like a genius, and the Jazz might be better this year than last.


AK is not a true power forward. How is he gonna play with his back to the basket? Not gonna happen. I love him but that's not an answer to the problem. And I love Millsap too but you saw what happened in the L.A. series: he's too short to be effective against Gasol and Bynum. We need a bigger power forward that can score. I'm not saying Haslem is necessarily the answer to our problem, but we need a good strong big guy to do that.


"Possible" Jazz roster next season:

Point Guard: Deron Williams, Ronnie Price, Sundiata Gaines

Shooting Guard: Wesley Matthews, Gordon Hayward

Small Forward: C.J. Miles, Andrei Kirilenko

Power Forward: Paul Millsap, Udonis Haslem

Center: Mehmet Okur, Krylo Fesenko, Kosta Koufos

13th man: Either Evans or Jeffers.

I'm good with that team (for one year). Then cap rooms opens up next summer, so we could be major players in the free agency market, or will have more flexability to make trades. Maybe Tomic comes over as well, and we add another first round draft pick. Not next season, but the following year, we could be back to being a 50+ win team. Probably about a 45 win team with the above roster. If that's a "down" year, I'll take it.

King Black

@ Everybody

I keep hearing everybody sit and sober and complain about other teams getting better and better and Utah getting worser and worser...

well who in the West coast has made any big signs besides the Laker's signing Blake; Warriors trading for Lee but lost a couple good players; and I think Minnesota has done something.....

If you ask me There has only been a couple of teams in the NBA who have really done anything at all....

Look Utah can offer people stuff all they want but if a player does not want to play for a team then there ain't nothing money or a Manager is going to be able to do...

You guys know that Utah is one of the most hated or
unwanted places that any High End player wants to go to year in and year out. But yet Utah still manages with what they can get.....

Have any doubt in what Sloan can do with a team full with a bunch of no namers just look at that same year after Stockton and Malone left They weren't suppose to win 9 games but ended up winning 42.


And I might add,

the jazz do NOT have that kind of starting lineup,

they only have 2 players may even qualify,

dwill and ak,

and ak does not fit sloans outdated system.

some real change is needed.

and chasing the mediocre has-been haslem is not the answer.


Until the Jazz send me a check, I'm not going to worry about who they play, cut, lose, sign or whatever.
It's just a game and I still have a house payment.
I don't care.....

King Black


The good thing about this year is that we actually have way more better players now than we did then the year after Stockton and Malone left I mean the only one that I can remember from that team was somewhat proven going into that year was AK47, Tom Gugliotta, and I guess you can say Ostertag..... everybody else was either a rookie or was way overlooked and nobody in the NBA considered them a difference maker at the time.

Just look up the story on the 2003-2004 Utah Jazz Surprise Team.

2003 team:

Greg Ostertag
Tom Gugliotta
Andrei Kirilenko
Gordan Giricek
Carlos Arroyo
Jarron Collins
Michael Ruffin
Aleksandar Pavlovic
Raja Bell
Raul Lopez
Paul Grant
Mikki Moore
Curtis Borchardt
Ben Handlogten
Matt Harpring
Maurice Williams PG

2010 team:

Jeremy Evans
Kyrylo Fesenko
Sundiata Gaines
Gordon Hayward
Othyus Jeffers
Andrei Kirilenko
Kosta Koufos
Wesley Matthews
C.J. Miles
Paul Millsap
Mehmet Okur
Ronnie Price
Deron Williams

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