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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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If the Jazz have all this money to play with I watched O Connor interview after our Summer League game and he actually sounded "giddy" about acquiring players in this trade exception.

Put your actions then where his mouth is and at least give us some hope for the future and for DWIl

Jazz Cop

sounds like a wasted second rounder to me. who are the jazz going to use this exception for, just keep the second rounder.


Are you kidding Jazz Cop? Second rounders are usually a waste anyway, they rarely turn out to be worthwhile. In exchange, we got the ability to trade for someone with actual proven talent. This was sweet!


The Jazz (and all small market teams) have to change their business model. They will not survive the "King James precedent". They have to lobby hard and enact a hard cap at around 70 mill.

If they do not they will lose their draft picks to free agency and the NBA will have 5 or 6 super teams and 25+ foils. Most of the foils will be money losers with no hope of fixing the problem.

The Jazz can't win a championship chasing "stars". That is also true for most small market teams. They have to have another approach.

The team can maximize the team WP48. WP48 is the best predictor of regular season wins (seeding) and a very good predictor of playoff success.

Most teams do not pay much attention to WP48 in selecting players. They overpay for points and ignore rebounding and defense.

If the Jazz max the team WP48 and select ideal players for the Sloan flex at each position they can challenge while being in the low lux tax.


Dear Utah Jazz,
Please use all of your trade exceptions to get some good players and improve your roster. Don't let any of them go to waste. That would be much appreciated. I will enjoy cheering for you either way, but the enjoyment will be increased greatly with a better team.
A loyal lifetime Utah Jazz fan

Portland Trail Blazers

Let's be honest, Jazz GM and ownership are just gonna blow it again, do not get your hopes up Jazz fans.

Brave Sir Robin

So Jazz fans: now that your team has all this "wiggle room", which slow, white, overpaid, Eastern European big man should KOC go for?


Portland Trail Blazers | 9:24 a.m. July 9, 2010
Let's be honest, Jazz GM and ownership are just gonna blow it again, do not get your hopes up Jazz fans.


Go back to Portland. You can come back and talk trash when you guys actually beat the Jazz.


Utah has cleaned out the fridge but now they have no food left .. to help Darrin Williams. The Jazz need a 6'10 + power forward from another team or from Europe and they probably need a proven NBA player who can come in and contribute right away - like Jeff Hornesek. The clock is ticking and big decisions are on the table.


@Samwise, well said!


i don't agree with you. sure, they've cleaned out the fridge a bit, but there are still several delicacies left.

for example:
dwill (best point in the league, hands down)
millsap (one of the top small forwards in the league)
okur (when healthy, an excellent perimeter shooter as well as rebounder and decent defender)
koufus (trust me on this one. if the jazz staff are smart, they'll work with this dude a bit more. he moves pretty well for a 265 lb, 7 footer. he's aggressive, much like dwill and millsap and he's only 21)

all we need is a decent pf and with $13 mil, we can get a GOOD pf.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

@ Samise, couldn't agree more

There are a lot of other teams out there with TPE's right now. If a team is looking to dump a salary I'm pretty sure there is going to be more than one team looking to pick up a good player. I hope the Jazz can be aggressive and use them.


the Jazz need to use the trade exeption for a big man. The wolves are shopping Al Jefferson and I hope the Jazz pick him up. He's 6'11 and a legit 20/10 big who's only 25. His style of play is a great fit for the Jazz system.


Now that we have this great wiggle room and some options to bring in some good players, get Brewer back and get rid of MILES. Then get rid of AK so we have even more wiggle room for next years free agency. I like AK but his personality is not a really good fit here in UT. He has to big of an ego plus his style of play has not been working for us. Maybe this year will be when he breaks out or reverts to his first year here.
Possible starting line up. Memo, AK, Milsap, Korver, DWill. Or 2K or Fes, Memo, Milsap, Korver, and DWill. then we can bring in Matthews, Hayward off the bench to put a spark into the offense and DEFENSE!!


The Boozer/Okur experiment is over. They both were good and both had limitations. They were not going to produce a championship.

The biggest hole on the Jazz is C/backup PF. The second biggest hole is outside shooting.

It will take 2 or more years to develop Fes/Koufos. They may develop into a major force or forever be bench material but they will improve with playing time.

It will take a year or more for Hayward to develop.

Korver will probably have to be replaced.

The Jazz need to get a cheap back up C/PF for when Millsap/AK/Fes/Koufos are injured.

Mahimni would sign a 1 year for cheap. Amundsen would take a longer contract for more but has options like staying at PHO where he gets a lot of playing time.

The Jazz do not want big long contracts like Jefferson before the new CBA. They need to take this year to fix their financial structure and patiently get the right players as they can.

By Christmas they can decide on Fes/Koufos and make a move if necessary. They need to fix the outside shooting now.


There are some people that are excited about these TPE. I doubt these will provide great improvement to the Jazz roster. It just allows Utah to participate in trade that would ordinarily put them over the cap. Allowing more salary to be sent to Utah then out of Utah.

That means Utah can either absorb a ridiculous overpaid contract that another team in the league wants to dump, that means a player is under performing. The other option is the Jazz providing key assets in a trade for another player.

I hope something good comes of these exceptions, but my guess is it is going to be much less substantial then many are hoping for.


I think the Jazz should go after Shannon Brown, shooting gaurd with serious hops played behind Koby, Tyson Chandler a good defensive Center. or Marcus Camby for defensive. Marvin Williams at Power forward or trade draft picks to a financially strapped team like the Hornets and get Omeka Okafor. I also like Al Jefferson, but his contract is like 3 years left 13,14 ,15 million. but he is a double double machine.


It would be a great pick to get Jefferson. But we need to get some better play out of Fes or 2K also. They either need them to step up or cut them.


Al Harrington hurt the jazz if I remember in a close loss at ESA 2 seasons ago. He has a great midrange jumper, I know that much. I guess he is the rumored one coming here

I would bet my steak and eggs though O Connor will let everyone else pick up theyr'e favorite players, leaving him with the crust from your wheat toast


JJ Hickson and Big Z are on the trading block. Actually Z is an unrestricted FA.

JJ has a salary of 1.5 mill. Z could fill in at C for a year if the Jazz could get him. He still had decent numbers in CLE in a limited role.

Good old "King James" the icon of the NBA left CLE high and dry with no trade exemption. He kicked them as he went to MIA. He is making Boozer look like a saint. They appear to be in fire sale mode now instead of later.

It makes no sense to trade Hickson unless they get someone back they really need.

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