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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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It takes two to Tango. Matthews wants the most he can get, so he isn't going to sign the first 2 million dollar contract the Jazz push his way. The Jazz most certainly have already talked to him about offers, but Matthews isn't going to sign until he gets the most out of it. That isn't the fault of the front office.

Last year the Jazz were in the Luxury tax. Signing Matthews last year to a bigger contract would have added to that tax, no? Or am I missing something there?

Millsap is getting paid 6.2 million this year. He is a steal.

Portland has no cap space this summer. They won't be front-loading a contract to Matthews this time. Pay no heed to Portland Trail Blazer; he is just blowing smoke.


POR has 64 mill in salary listed for this season for 14 players (Hoopsworld).

They would have to use their MLE or part of it. They really do not need Mathews. It looks like an agent ploy more than anything.

However, they could trade an existing player to a cap team and get an exemption.

True Blue

The Jazz WILL sign Matthews no matter what but no team is going to make any deal for him over 3 or 4 million. He's not worth that much right now.
The Jazz just need to learn from the past. They could get by paying a lot less for their players if they make the first move at a reasonable price. Portland is just going to keep throwing ridiculous offers to restricted free agents from the Jazz because they know the Jazz will up it and they are smart enough to create that offer with just the right amount of ridiculousness without chancing actually having to pay that amount out of their own pockets.


Matthews is a nice player, but let Portland have him if they make him an insane offer. I think Portland just enjoys jerking the Jazz' chain. Their little free agent games may come back to bite them in the behind.


I am fairly sure the Jazz could have extended his rookie contract. He would have played last year for the minimum and then played the next 2-3 years for 1.5-3 mill or whatever they negotiated.

That would not have raised the luxury tax for this year. He would have been locked up.

Every rookie contract should include at least at team option for a second year.


Bugoff you are brilliant. You are, I admit you bring me at times down to my knees. Are you Magnus?


Right on, they knew Wes was replacing Matthews should have got this done. The Jazz have got to stop overpaying, I am honestly not that worried about losing Boozer, for once the right decision was made not to resign him. Even watching Augustine and Benson in Summer League I think one of these guys especially Benson could back up Paul

If they sign Harrington, does Paul play #3 full time?

Does CJ move to #2?

Actually it is decent starting 4 if Okur comes back then you have Fes and Koustos if they develop and Kirilenko stays healthy (If) maybe there is hope for the Jazz, I would rather have Okafor though

I would like comments on Harrington, I will refrain from comments on him because I have not seen him enough to be valid with my thoughts

Nussdorfer AC

Well, maybe this helps explain the bad karma that portland has.


Matthews is so busy tilling for cash it is not funny. He has shown no loyalty to the Jazz. He visited Portland and has not even told them if he got an offer.

The good treatment Matthews got from the Jazz needs to be acknowledged in some form, but Matthews seems impervious to this obvious fact. This treatment of teams by players is what caused Clevelands owner to lash out at a departing LBJ.

It does not matter if you are the "king" or a starting SG on a smaller team there are courtesies that should be looked after and I am sad to say that Matthews is not acting with integrity that the Jazz thought he had.

His behavior is more like a buck during the rut.


What about TMAC?


The article mentions Korver being too one dimensional, that is like stating a fact. Jazz seem to have figured that out.

Glad to hear Boozer helped out the Jazz with the sign and trade as he did not need to. I was happy for him that he did not have to play for the Nets, the new owner seems to have fired everyone in the state if they were in any way connected to the franchise. New soviet ownership does not seem to be working yet.

The Jazz fans complained too much about Boozers salary. There werre teams lined up for him during the FA season. ESPN analyst showed yesterday that Boozer was worth as much as Bosh or Amare and he said the Bulls got a steal for $80 million. Amare got $100 million and that is the caliber of player the Jazz had.

Hats off to KOC as it seems the Jazz had a bargain in one of their elite players. Too bad about the negative pressure on Boozer. Yesterday he was asked again about Utah and all he had to say were good things. He seems much bigger than the little fans still critical of him.


Boozer is a better player than Amare and 20 Mill cheaper. He is better than Joe Johnson. You can make a case that he is better than Bosh.

The problem with keeping Boozer was financial. If Boozer stayed then the Jazz would have to move AK at the deadline when 1/2 of the NBA will be trying to dump to get down before the new CBA and lock out next year.

Keeping Boozer at 15-16 mill puts the Jazz in a situation where they could not get the players they need to make the team better for years. His injury history and his age made him a good investment for CHI in the short run but bad in the long run.

The Jazz have to move away from the super star model. They can't play that game.

They can carefully find players with a high WP48 who are ideal for the Sloan system at every position and max the team WP48.

WP48 dictates team wins and playoff wins.

Most teams do not pay much attention to WP48. They overpay to get "stars" who are not that efficient.

Efficiency and defense win playoff games.


Todd Thanks for the encouragement.

You come up with very interesting information and perspectives which I appreciate.

There are others on here who know a lot more about basketball than I ever will. I consider myself to be a student. I often make comments from only one perspective without considering the other camera angles.

Overall, with the spectrum of opinions on this forum you can get a pretty good understanding of how well the Jazz are managing the team for the ultimate payers of the players (the fans).

Portland Trail Blazers

POR's owner, Paul Allen and has deep pockets. They do not care if they are over the lux tax, trust me.

Out of all the small markets, Portland is the richest and is the one who least worries about money.


WES will be signed by MILLER at any cost.A player like WES comes along every 5 years.This 21 year old undrafter player was taking charges vrs. MELO & KOBE in the playoffs & even some calls went against him because he's a rookie.The Sky's the limit for this young man.Wes has a huge body for his height, wide shoulders & big chest to play tuff D...Utah will NEVER let this haed working kid leave SLC no matter what.....WES will get a 5 year deal soon to stay in UTAH.................


portland trail blazers, i agree with you. paul allen does have deep pockets and if he chooses too will offer matthews some pretty good money. i don't think the jazz should match. on the contrary, they should find another 1st year player and mold him like they did matthews. sloan's squad is good at making shooting guards "look" better than what they actually are.

at $13 mil, we should have more than enough to bring a good shooting guard and a decent pf.

come on o'conner, earn your paycheck for once! let's see a few more s&t's!

i was reading in a different forum that new orleans is trying to clear up some cap space...meaning, they would possibly be willing to trade okafor. at 6'10" and 255, he's a good sized dude that moves pretty good and is only 27.

Dr. Dunkenstein

I have to respectfully disagree with Rick -- the Jazz won't resign Wes Matthews AT ANY COST.

I think they would "like" to sign Matthews for around $2.7M/yr for 3-4 years (with the last year being a Team Option), and would probably be willing to go as high as $3.8-3.9M, but if the Blazers (or anyone else) offer him a front-end loaded contract that averages to, say, $6.5M/yr for 5 years, the Jazz would pass on that without thinking twice (and rightly so).


I've wondered why the Jazz did not extend Matthews contract before he became a starter as well and I may have come up with a posible reason. Sometimes in business using your inside knowledge to save alittle on a deal is not best in the long run. If the Jazz had used the knowledge that they were trading Brewer it may have built distrust when dealing with this agent in the future. Save a million on Matthews but not even have a chance at another player in the future. Just a posible reason.


If i were Matthews I'll take the less money out of utah than the overpaid money of Portland (maybe 6mill), I mean in the Blazer he will be coming off the bench and get less minutes, he wont replace Roy, But in utah he'll get the chance to be in the starting 5 with more minutes and devolepe into a great player in sloan system and get the money in the future.
But I hate the fact that the Jazz always wait for other team show their player the money instead of them extendig the contract first, yeas I'm talking about the Millsap case!


Jazz could not extend WM as he was undrafted FA. Terrible mistake not taking him in the 2nd round instead of that stiff who got cut in camp else he'd be locked up cheap, but how were they to know WM could play. I guess. They did consider taking him. Oops.

I believe that as long as the Jazz haven't touched ANY of their MLE the most any team can offer WM is that amount. Elsewise they can go above that and the Jazz cannot. Rules are different for every way a player was acquired.

Blolazers don't need him and are capped out, total agent ploy, WM will be back albeit not for pennies.

WM shot .483/.382/.829/2025MP last season. Compare to CJ's .429/.341/.695/1497MP.


re: bugoff

"They could have easily signed him for cheap.

Instead they started and developed him to the point where they begged other teams to mess with them. They pulled the same stunt with Fes. Their policy of using the open market to determine the price of their players is DUMB.

They have a hard time getting and keeping quality players. Why triple the price of a player you know you are going to sign by waiting to see what the market is going to pay?"

You are just wrong on all this.

Did we pay triple what millsap was worht?

You have zero credibility with that assertion.

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