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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Jailblazers are poison. What goes around comes around. Teams will look to stick it to them..


The Blazers are more over the salary cap than the Jazz and still need to sign several players. They would be foolish to offer him more than 3 million, especially since they already have 2 shooting guards.


Portland obviously knows that alot of pressure is on O'Conner to not let Mathews get away and sign him or someone else to at least appear that he's trying to help the Jazz improve. I hope the Jazz don't fall for matching an overloaded contract that portland puts on the table for Mathews.Right now we shoudn't panic and make mistakes like we did with Kirilenko's contract.I'd like to see Portland bite the dust for what is seeming to be their habit of being a Jazz antagonist. I know every Jazzfan including myself wants a title ,but lets not overpay with any of these rediculous contracts like these other teams have done.

Portland Trail Blazers

YES!!!! Bring him to PDX!!

Portland Trail Blazers

Dear LKA,

Jail Blazers? Really?

That was about what, 8 years ago?

Oh boy, let me tell ya, Andre Miller, Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Oden, Nicolas Batum, Rudy Fernandez, Jerryd Bayless, Marcus Camby, Joel Przybilla, Luke Babbit, Cunningham, Jeff P, are all such THUGS (sarcasm).

Wow I really cannot believe you are really using the Jail Blazers card... If you know anything or even follow the NBA you would know that the Jail Blazers name was around when Portland HAD Damion Stoudemire, Zach Randolph, Rasheed Wallace and others. All those guys do not even play for Portland anymore... Get your facts straight before you say something to boost your own self worth.


With the $13 mil worth of trade exceptions the Jazz now have, it makes it more risky for a team like Portland to try and force Utah to overpay for a player.

If Portland offers Mathews a $5.5 mil deal for the sole purpose of hurting the Jazz, it’s going to backfire. I expect that an offer of around $4 mil is most likely, and the Jazz would match that gladly.


I hate Portland!!!....

The Great Houdini

I really like Matthews but lets not overpay,anyway where would he play? 5 minutes a game backing up Roy?


Mathews is easier to replace than Millsap was and a whole lot less indispensible. He is a sentimental favorite of many fans and a great story but he is not an average starting SG yet. He should get much better if he continues to get playing time.

The Jazz have to have wings who can shoot who play most of the minutes. That is more true with Boozer gone.

If the Jazz let POR get him with a posion pill like they used on Millsap then Mathews better watch his back as he is likely to be used as trade fodder.

POR does not really need him.

It think the agents use POR to jack up the price for Utah. Utah should let POR over pay a time or 2 and it will stop.


Who cares about Portland. They will always implode.

Captain L

I hope the Jazz resign Mathews, I love his hustle, guts and competitive spirit. He should improve and that makes him someone we should keep. That said , if Portland offers him a contract we don't like or don't want to match, maybe we could trade with Portland and get Rudy Fernandez, I really like his game and I know he wants out of Portland.

Captain L

Re Portland Trail Blazers: It sounds like you don't like it when someone bad mouths your organization and players. Especially when it isn't true.
Keep that in mind as you post all your negative, critical comments about the Jazz and their players.


I hope he does sign with Portland.. It would be for the best intrest for his career.


Portland would be stupid to sign Mathews. The Jazz will match what ever offer they come with. If the Jazz do not choose to match, we would still be okay in pursing other shooting guards. The Jazz suddenly have options with the trade exceptions.20 million worth with CB,RB,MH contracts that need to be used with in the year. We have the cap room to pull off some good moves. If KOC can pull something off here I will be his biggest advocate. He has shown me that he knows what he is doing so far. I cant lie I have been doubting his skills as a GM, but it looks like he really has some tricks up his sleeve this year.Just like what Frank Ladden says"If you listen to the fans, next thing you know you will be sitting next to them".GO JAZZ!!


jazz are heading to the dumps quicker than cleveland. think deron will hold a press conference to announce his new team in 2012?


The Jazz front office is really at fault on this. They should have contracted Mathews before they traded Brewer.

They knew they were going to replace Brewer with Mathews. They could have easily signed him for cheap.

Instead they started and developed him to the point where they begged other teams to mess with them. They pulled the same stunt with Fes. Their policy of using the open market to determine the price of their players is DUMB.

They have a hard time getting and keeping quality players. Why triple the price of a player you know you are going to sign by waiting to see what the market is going to pay?

The Jazz are a slow learning organization. They insist on making the same mistakes over and over. They got bit hard on Millsap and learned nothing.

Why are the Jazz so incapable of making changes in the way the do business? Especially when their ways are detrimental.

There are much better GMs out there. Sloan is also replaceable. The Jazz had better get people who can adjust to the changes in the NBA. They are about to lose the few good players they get.


The Jazz will match any offer for Matthews. Because he's a second year player, I believe the league rules state that the most Portland can throw at Wesley is something just a bit above 5 million. The Jazz will pay that much, if necessary, no questions asked, for a player they are anticipating being a starter for them next season. Make your best offer Portland...or whoever else...the Jazz WILL match. They matched Miles, and Millsap. They will match for Matthews as well.

yankee doodle

So I guess the Jail Blazers name is out(but you really didn't have to go on a 20 page rant about it though guy) Well I got a new name then, the "Fail Blazers". yep I like it.

Portland Trail Blazers

Rudy Fernandez does not want to play for Portland because it's a small market! So why in thw world would he wan to play in Utah/SLC??? He wouldn't, he wants to play in a big market or head back to Europe where he can become a big name again.


Don't match. Let Portland pay luxtax and they will learn how to not mess with others. Matt good player no question but he is expandable.

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