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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Good luck Harvey!

Chris B

Let's see...

Can't block, too slow, can't obey rules(obviously)

Thanks for playing harvey - your career is done


Good luck Harv! Thanks for the years. Very entertaining RB to watch.

Idaho Coug

Harvey could be a solid contributor on the right team. I think Miami could be a nice fit as he plays like Ricky Williams imo.

And Chris B - not one single NFL team will hold Harvey's withdrawl from school against him. They know why he had to withdraw and that reason wouldn't even raise an eyebrow among NFL GMs - guaranteed.


I think you will see him as a fullback in the NFL. 4.63 (and the 4.7 he also ran) are not great for a regular running back. We will see. But Harvey has always been a guy I respected. Cant wait to continue to follow him.


Unga is an extremely talented football player and I am sure he will get picked up by an NFL team. I wish him the best of luck in his career, and more importantly, I wish him joy and happiness with his new family. Thanks for the memories Harvey! You are awesome!!


Unga is a power athlete and he can do well in the NFL. Most importantly he has a son now to teach and build up and a future wife to take care of. I wish him the VERY BEST of luck in life and I hope to see him playing in the pro's. I hope he finsihes his degree at BYU in the future too.

Don't be judging the man too harshly...everyone makes mistakes.

As a Ute fan I am glad he is out of BYU but I truly Wish Him the Best of Luck. I think Kariya will fill the void nicely (go Darts)


Unga is the best RB to come out of a Utah college in a long time. He'll be a beast for whichever team gets him. I'd love to see him join Tahi in Minnesota.


@ Chris B

You forgot...

He specialized in mowing down utes. Regardless if its college or pro, Havrey will continue his dominance over any ute.

373 yards and counting.

Gifford VanBuren

Son born last week subtract 9 months means this was happening mid-season. Someone on that BYU sidline knew what was going on.

Barack Mysocksoff

I sure hope he's been living right.


Gifford VanBure,

I think Unga has a little Emmit Smith/Walter payton in him.

I would not be suprised if Unga gains over 8,000 yards next year in the NFL.

Andy Tomasso

Chris B. because your good at madden your an expert at football? your in the pac 10 now, you should be stoked. quit feeling like you have to hate on everything BYU. things are changing for Utah. you don't have to feel bad about being in BYU's shadow anymore. you just have to look forward to losing to them in the Vegas bowl each year.

Tom in CA

@ Gifford 3:43

You are an investigative genius.
You learn those math skills at the U??

Johnny Triumph

Why'd this happen on the BYU campus if he's no longer a student there?

Good luck Harvey, I hope it works out for you.

Johnny Triumph


It's minus 10 months...


Gifford. Of course several people on the sideline knew. He was their friend and was helping them win. Would you rat out your friend for something like that when there are so many players on the team secretly doing the same thing? I for one hope he does well in the NFL. The WHY? was the wrong place for him. He would have done better at a school with more of a run first tradition.

Hillbilly Slim

@Gifford VanBuren

Do you really care if someone knew? Really?
Do you make it known when you have "relations"?


@Gifford VanBuren

First of all - This is a private issue and I would hope posters, both BYU and Ute fans alike, will show some class and not turn it into an opportunity to bash each other and their school.

Second - You are really reaching to suggest that because "it" took place during the season that coaches or teammates knew about it. Its really sad that so many Ute fans are trying to use this whole issue to sling mud at BYU. People make mistakes, and both Harvey and BYU handled the unfortunate issue admirably. Get a life.

Ute Bird Mascot

@ Gifford...

This happened on the sideline? During a game?


Hey, Carnack. What was I doing at home 10 months ago?

Unga is going to be a power in the NFL.

The fun thing about NFL players from BYU. You get to watch them play in the SuperBowl...

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