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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Sloan was overheard singing:

Oh goodbye booze
Forever more
My boozin' days will soon be o'er
I had a good time, but we couldn't agree
So you see what booze has done for me

Well he slammed my head
He broke my heart
So goodbye booze its time we part
I had a good time
But we couldn't agree
So you see what booze has done for me

Dog Fur

re: Chilly
Where can we see the video performance of the booze song? Please get it on utube.

Dave from Taylorsville





B Russ:

You are right, I was wrong. I apologize. You have not been a homer for Jerry, it was wrong sorry.

I like Admundson, I would be stunned if Phoenix would lose him having lost Amare. They came so far last year, the SUns have got to keep him

Far as Anthony Randolph, I discussed him last season JOE5

He would have been a good pickup. O Connor is probably getting ready to go to the first tee and dinner will be waiting

Old Timer

Everything is turning out just like I have posted numerous times. A percentage of you negative dooms dayers need to shut your holes and let management manage. Your ranting and raving is falling on deaf ears and would not be considered anyway. Hows your own houses? Maybe some of you should take some time and clean up your own messes! Like I said yesterday we will be a fun and entertaining team this year and I'm pumped about the propects. "Charmin" A.K. will be the next one to exit or take a "big" pay cut, then we will really be on the right track. Chill fans and trust management! Quite frankly you don't have an option!

The Great Houdini

Todd,the Jazz are at their best when AK is at his best,that said,I don`t care how it happens as long as Millsap and AK each get 35-40 minutes,the 3 spot we can fill in between Miles,Hayward,ak and Millsap,what`s gonna hurt the most again is not having the big rebounding defensive center,he wouldn`t need to score much.Okafor,Camby,somebody like that, and take it easy on us Sloanaholics


In Orlando at the summer league just ended the jazz evened up theyr'e record at (2-2) Crushing New Joisey 91-74.

Well balanced. Koustos looked great in the post, traveled just once (5-8) 14 points, someone WHO MAYBE CAN HELP us D Leaguer Rob Benson (5-8) 12 points, Gordon Hayward (4-4) 18 minutes, 11 points. The good news is Sundiata Gaines much better than yesterday, 2 3s and a 2 scoring 8 of his 10 points in the 3rd quarter. Several players Jeffries, Rice (defense) and 2 great assists were good. Waters hit a pair of 3

The thing that made this more than just a summer league game was "DEFENSE" and it makes one wonder why the parent team cannot do this all the time. Scott Layden had the boys hustle. The Jazz had only 13 turnovers to Jersey's 19. The Jazz challenged passes, played close man to man defense. I am happy to report Gordon did well there too rotating well.

If something good comes from these games, and someone like Benson can step up and make team, it will be positive.

Final game 8 am tomorrow vs Philly


"Where can we see the video performance of the booze song? Please get it on utube."

Unfortunately, Jerry's version hasn't made it to Youtube yet. If you google "old crow medicine show goodbye booze live" you can hear their version.

Dr. Dunkenstein

I'm with Bugoff on this one (and Big_Ben; he is my wingman, after all). The the trade exceptions give the Jazz a lot of options as long as they don't do anything crazy.

Besides the possibilities already mentioned, maybe the Jazz trade Koufos & the Harpring TPE for Anderson Varejao or Charlie Villanueva . . . or maybe they trade the Brewer TPE & a future 1st round draft pick for Chris Wilcox . . . or maybe they trade the Brewer TPE, Koufos & a 2nd round draft pick for Zaza Pachulia . . .

These may not seem too likely (though they might start looking better to the respective teams come January or February), and there are lots of other possible scenarios (I didn't even touch the Boozer TPE); the point is that the Jazz could be in a lot better shape at the end of the season than it looks right now.


fine Houdini you I will listen to, all have a good night get Okafor and my negativity will cease heavily or someone similar

Anonymous Infinity

To: Toddfromsantaana
Who gives a hoot about the Jazz results in the Orlanda Summer League. Their roster down there is irrelevant in terms of help on the twenty ten/twenty eleven season. Okur is not even probable during the season, and we don't know about the other players such as Korver & Matthews, who by the way are not championship players. The Jazz are in the tank even if there could have retained Boozer. It will be Kobe & Company on a threepeat unless Labron James teams up with Bosch/Wade et al in MyMammy. They will deserve each other. The Jazz are finished as a playoff team unless the league goes totally CBA on some of the sixteen rosters who will become playoff teams next season. Let's start gearing up for bandwagon thought with the Utes and the PAC-10/12. The Jazz are a NICE TEAM that's all I can say. Whoever keeps living a lie and talking about a serious contender in Utah ought to check with a physician. Please get off Jerry Sloan and Jazz management. They can't be blamed for the state of the league. The NBA is all about major markets.


If it was anyone else other than me, you guys would praise a Summer League report I know that so there...


Seriously, now is the time for the Jazz to start a new chapter with a couple of opportunities I will state! 1. Nets will get nobody and won't know what to do! Their owner is russian! Andrei Kirlenko is a russian getting paid almost 17 mil next year with an expiring contract! If Kevin O'connor is good he can pull this off! Trade AK to the nets who have the space to consume his contract! If they could somehow sweeten the deal to the nets to get Derrick Favors that would be huge for the Jazz. The nets showed he isn't their biggest thrill to them, by already offering him for sign and trades for lebron or bosh or even boozer! AK is no longer a factor for the jazz!

2. The jazz need to use their accumulated trade exceptions to get Gortat from the Magic period! I'm telling you the guy is a stud and is very coordinated for a big! what he lacks in a jumper he makes up with defense and throw downs around the rim which is what the jazz desperately need to match the lakers!


I drank Booz for the last 5 years til I was so drunk I couldn't see straight. Now he leaves us for a bunch of Bulls. Maybe I can enter Rehab and see clearly again. Oh yeah, I can see better already. We really only lost 2/3 of a player, since he was injured so often. Gnats and mosquitos are more effective on defence. You know we won't see him for 3 years because he'll fake an injury on the days he is supposed to play us. Yes, Yes I think I'm healed. The soft defensive Twinkie has left us and went to Chicago. Maybe there he can become a Ding Dong.


It is not panic time. Over 6 years of games Boozer did not play in 1/3 of them. The Jazz managed to do okay.

Loosing Boozer is not the end of the Jazz.

The big problem. Actually opportunity is that Okur is out at the same time. If you replace Okur with somebody better, the Jazz will cope better than when
Booze was hurt.

The Jazz do need to resign Korver or replace his shooting. They do need to get a back up PF like Amundsen/Mahimni etc. NOTE: back up not replacement or ideal PF of the future.

Another shooter and a back up PF are doable before the season starts. The biggest problem is the C.

Replacing Booz is not pressing other than he played C with Okur out.

The Sloan flex is versatile. It does not have to run thur the PF. It can have more outside shooting. It can run thur the SF.

If the Jazz have enough rebounding, defense and shooting they will do fine until the Jazz get the right C and PF. Then they can contend.

Give KOC 2 years to get the right players. It will be worth it.


Deng, Boozer left for a Rose. I think I shall faint, only to be revived with the Heinrich maneuver. You Noah what I mean? Signed...Gibbs Son.

Veritas Aequitas

Des News doesn't have it yet. Lebron to Heat....

hello people

Jazz would suck no matter what happens with this choice. They will never win a championship.

Viva Los Jazz

I like this move since I thought the Jazz were going to end up with Deng who is another undersized player that can play the 3 or 4. Now we can get another player within the next year like AlJefferson or a decent big guy.


Well, if you thought that he was going to stay, then I have a bridge to sell you. The only reason he was saying nice things about Utah, was so he didn't have to face the music like he did last year.
So we might as well do what we can, and get someone that wants to be here. When we get a team, with players, that want to be here, we are pretty darn good. NOw all we need to do is place odds on when Boozer will get hurt this year. I say he will get hurt 20 games into it, and then get better with about 20 games to go.

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