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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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The Jazz have close to 20 million in TRE that needs to be used within a year. Ronnie Brewer 2.7 Matt Harpring 6.5 and Boozer 13 million. They can sign or sign and trade with any team or add free agents w/o paying luxary tax. GREAT MOVE KOC, now do something with it!!GO JAZZ!!


Sweet looking starting front line next year. Fes, Millsap and Miles that should put some serious fear into the opponents.


Could Marcin Gortat be on his way here?



It's a mistake imo to give AK serious minutes at PF. He's too slender and is posted up to easily. He can't go big body on them so he tries to be a shot blocker, which gets him into foul trouble.

AK is a very good play at SF because he's oversized but still quick with excellent hands.

IMO the Jazz have no serious contenders for a starting PF.

blue dot!

Combine the two TPE's and go get Lebron.

Ok, ok. I know I know.

But seriously, this trade exception is worth something. Also consider that AK is a valuable trade chip this year with a huge expiring deal of his own.

The ability to trade for a 13 million dollar per year player is quite a chip to have in your pocket. After this free agent frenzy don't be surprised if some teams unload some nice players because their newly signed FA's have pushed their payrolls so high.


The Jazz have 13+6.5+2.7 in TPEs. You can't combine them. Each has a different expiration date. They have to be used on different players.

The Jazz can resign Korver, Mathews and Fes without touching the TPEs. The Jazz have 13 Mill to get a C and 6.5 Mill to get a back up PF.

They have 2.7 for whatever. They have the rest of the MLE they do not spend on Mathews. They have the Vet minimum. They also can trade players.

The Jazz also have AK expiring and Okur the year after that.

They have tremendous flexibility to rebuild. The just need to let the FA market settle down first.

In the long run they can get better players than Boozer and Okur and fix their finances. They may be able to get some draft picks thrown in.

That is necessary to win a Champ.

Don't rip on KOC. He had NO leverage. This is all there was to get. Boozer could not get a max sign and trade which would have gotten a Bull player back.

Booz stiff the NETs. Be grateful he did not stiff the Jazz.


Why does Gortat's name keep getting thrown in the mix? The guy puts up Fesenko numbers for 6x what we're paying Fesenko. Overpaid, and underachieving... no thanks.


Tyson Chandler, Pryzbilla, Brad Miller, Troy Murphy, Hilario, Okafor, Jefferson, Beidrins, Blatche and Gortat now become possible with the TPE.

I am not saying they are available right now or even good but they become options under the right circumstances.

Ty Thomas is also feasible.


My guess is that it's not Lee we go after, but it's Jefferson from Minnesota. Big man in the middle!!!


All of you calling for Kevin O'Connor being fired really don't understand the NBA. I'm glad you're not running the Jazz. Look around at the Knicks, Clippers, Nets, Mavericks, and lots of other teams making really bonehead moves. Our front office isn't the best in the league, but they are solid, especially considering the difficult market they have to deal with in attracting free agents to Utah.

The fact that KOC pulled this off is amazing. Think about it: Millsap will probably produce comparable numbers to Boozer next year for half the money. AND they get lots of cap space to trade for other players they need (hopefully a good Big). This is great since Boozer was going to walk anyway without Utah getting anything in return. The fact that the Jazz got something in return is actually pretty sweet because it didn't really benefit Chicago at all.

Great job, Jazz!


Maybe I am wrong. I think the only problem is Fesenko. If our MLE is used for Matthews and Brewer, other team can easily beat us by providing a contract better than his early bird contract. We don't have exception to match it.

Brave Sir Robin

Okay, so the Jazz have this TPE.

Now what big white guy whose name starts with a "K" can they go after?


Lee would be okay but he is a hot commodity and not the PF/C the Jazz need to beat LA. He would play the same role Booz played in the playoffs. He would play C with Millsap at PF. He is a better C than Booz.

That is the small ball line up that went backwards when Fes went out and Booz moved to C.

The Jazz need length and talent at C.

The big problem is that the ideal C and PF are not obvious right now. Further, the market is crazy.

Get some outside shooting and an insurance big like Amundson or Mahimni and wait for Gortat or a good player to come before the Harp TPE expires.

The Jazz know the next 5 years are on the line. They are forced to change. They will come thru given time to get good deals.


I can't stop laughing. todd said: "I ... provide analysis worthy of something."

All I ever see if frothing at the mouth aboout KOC and Sloan, name calling those who don't agree (ie: "Sloanaholics"), and empty bravado. Check out his posts on this string (1:21pm, 1:39pm, 1:50pm, 2:01pm and 2:06pm) and see if you can find any "analysis worthy of something."

The Jazz are at $61M with 10 players on contract (including the two qualifying offers to Fesenko and Matthews. They can go to $70,307,000 before they start paying a penalty. Matthews will probably cost at least $1.5M more than the qualifying offer.

In short, even with the TEs in hand, the Jazz have to get someone to take some of their players if they want to add anyone who can make a difference. They don't want to move Williams or Millsap and the only other guys worth moving (based on creating some cap room below the penalty limit) are AK and Okur. Not likely to happen.

The Jazz are what they are which is pretty much stuck until next summer.


So, this is one of the biggest free agency times ever and Jazz are giving away their top scorer and rebounder and getting someone later in the future and will get the leftovers of all these free agents? Wow, this doesn't make any sense. The brains are smarter in Chicago than in SLC in the NBA.



Don't feel obligated to give your opinion if you're unwilling to read the article. It has nothing to do with the Jazz "giving" anything away.


Hey Bugoff and all the others that want David Lee(ME INCLUDED)It's looking like PF/C David Lee is NOT headed to the Phoenix Suns to replace Amar'e Stoudemire's.The latest has Lee going to the Golden State Warriors in a sign-and-trade deal with the New York Knicks, according to the Contra Costa Times.

The Knicks will get 6-10 center/forward Anthony Randolph, among other players if the deal goes through, the paper reports. A sure way for the deal to die is if LeBron James shocks everybody and announces Thursday night that he'll join Stoudemire with the Knicks.

But barring that announcement, Randolph may be taking his 11.6 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game to the Big Apple and Lee could be taking his 20.1 points and 11.7 rebounds per game to the Bay Area...
SOOOO WHY IS IT THAT THE JAZZ CANT GET THAT WORKED OUT...??? Unless they are planning something else (LOL) One more example of WHY the Jazz will NEVER Win a TITLE ...TIME TO FIRE JERRY AND KOC and get NEW Blood in here...


Hmmm, does give them leverage to trade for a vastly overpaid player on another team that that teams doesn't want. Sounds like a great move, KO. Keep up the great work. Nice to see your 1st rounder getting worked by guys drafted behind him as well. GM of the year!

B Russ

@ Todd?

So now I'm one of your so called Sloanaholics because I think Lou Amundsen could help our team as Milsaps backup? Have you ever seen him play? I have been saying for 3 years now that we need to get a big man in the middle or Jerry needs to cut his biases and play Fes. I don't agree with everything Jerry and Kevin do but I do reconize their positives and refrain from continually ragging on them. Whatever.

I meant it when I said I hope your mother gets well. Not sure what your problem is but it seems to be progressing. Calm down and get a hold of yourself man. Everyone doesn't have to agree with your very negative thinking.


The comments of KOC being fired is for the bone head Draft Pick at number 9. We knew Boozer was gone. We all knew this. Why not pick up a solid PF through the draft. To back up Milsap. I think Milsap will be just as effective as Boozer, but needs more meat on that frame. There were many avaliable PF at the time. We have shooters, minus Korver. We need a presence in the Paint. There are still some FA out there we could snag. Lets Go Jazz, I want to Keep Deron. He is the best over all point gaurd out there. You Know This

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