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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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This has been one of the most anticipated offseasons in Jazz history, and Kevin O has completely blown it.


While this is good news, I can't say that I'm optimistic about Tweedle Dee O'Connor using it wisely. As of now, we have three players making a combined $40 million, and they need to fill out the roster with the remaining $18 mil. Fantastic. I'm sure we can put together a championship team with the rest of that. And that's not even considering Millsap and Miles. So after them, we have about $6-8 mil left. Awesome. Sometimes I have being a Jazz fan. Had Utah not been accepted by the Pac-10, I'd be in sports hell right now (otherwise known as Cleveland).


This has been one of the most anticipated offseasons in Jazz history, and Kevin O has completely blown it.


This was a terrific move. The Jazz now have the asset they needed to bring in a significant addition to the team. This is a much bigger TPE then teams usually receive. I'm not sure some fans really understand the implications of this. I'm stoked. I may be wrong, but I'm guessing they will use this trade chip sooner, rather then later.


Todd You are now treading on dangerous ground. Be careful. The Jazz will move because they have to. When forced they actually make pretty good decisions.

Losing Boozer is not the problem. How many times has Boozer been out over the last 6 years? A 1/3 of the time. The Jazz did okay without him.

The problem is losing Boozer, Okur and Korver all at once.

Making things a lot more difficult are several teams with tons of cap space creating an FA bidding war right now.

What goes straight up usually comes straight back down. By the trade deadline the new CBA may be clearer and there is likely to be a double lux tax or a hard cap. A lot of teams will be dumping good players.

The Jazz will have this TE until July 8 next year. They can trade for any player(s) they want during that time. They have AK expiring and Okur after that.

All they have to do is wait for the right players over the next 2 years and get them. It may be sparse until Christmas but the younger players will develop.

The Jazz will rebuild.


I am anxious for the season. Hayward is already looking pretty good! This ought to be a very exciting week!


B Russ

Another Sloanaholic

I will not let up until change is made and not Ron Brewer

YEah lets get lunchpail workers like Taj Gibson although a fan a whopping 6-8 with skill basically only around the basket and undersized

Get Admundson

How about acquiring a legit 6-10 guy or better?

It is always about what pleases Sloan and the Sloanaholics

It should be what pleases the serious minority fan base


TPE is for trading players not for signing free agents.


Now that I think about this, I guess it's actually a pretty good thing, used correctly. AK's contract comes off the books next year, so they can get a decent player for around $13 mil a year this year without it having to ding them next year. In a summer of Jazz disappointment so far, this is about the best news that we the fans have received.


It seems sometimes people just jump at the chance to rip on the team no matter what decisions they make.

Yesterday Boozer was walking away for nothing! But yet today the Jazz worked a out a deal. Did anyone read the article? At least now there is the possibility that they can sign and trade or trade to get a significant player without having to lose anybody else. This glass is half full !!

louisiana jazz man

lokks like they had in mind millsap replacing boz and hayward replacing kirlinko next year BUT looks like hayward caint jump. probly can shoot better wich dont take much . every time he goes to the hole he gets blocked. dufus dont look much better to me fes probly be the same. matthews caint jump or finish. cj can when he wants to. looks like a long year for williams and millie unless they get some help



So if I understand you correctly, we have TLEs from Harpring and Brewer as well? So does that mean we technically have about $25 mil in trade level exceptions? If I remember correctly, Harpring made about $8 mil and Brewer made around $4. Is that right?


We don't want another PF, we want a C!! Let AK have a chance to play some PF this year along with Milsap!! He might be able to get closer to his All Star form then!!!



Not sure why you're calling for KOC to be fired... the only other option the Jazz had was to match or exceed the offer from Chicago, and then you'd be complaining that he was overpaid.


Nothing wrong with having two of "the same player" when those two have shown they can put up double doubles consistently (especially in a Sloan system that caters to a PG/PF system). As much as I like Milsap (and I like him a lot), I just don't see him as an exceptional starting PF in this league.

I'm hoping that we acquire Lee, Kou/Fes learn to play big to sub for Okur, and we get a quality and realiable 2 guard good for 12/night.


Signing Korver,Mathews or Brewer does not use any of the Boozer TPE. Korver is a resign. Mathews is MLE and Brewer is what is left of the MLE or the TPE of 2.7 mill that his trade created last year.

Lee may be an option at 13 Mill but he will go else where, probably for more money.

The TPE (traded player exemption) results from trading a player to a team with cap space. They give back a TPE instead of a player of equal value. Look at it as NBA trade cash. TPEs can be used to trade for other players (including non FAs) at any time from any team up until they expire (1 year).

The Jazz have 3 TPEs. Harp at 6.5 Mill that expires in a few months. Brewer at 2.7 Mill and Boozer at about 13 Mill.

The Jazz have a lot of flex now in rebuilding. They just have to wait for the right players and the right deals.

They could take back combinations of bad contracts and draft picks if they choose.

They should be able to get a good C at the trade deadline.


ECR how about buying me dinner for my genius besides I am self employed in a Collections business with people who do not pay. I am looking for something better, but do not worry!!

I can still post at night and provide analysis worthy of something.

Serious notes: I want to salute "Houdini"

Harry, a known Sloanaholic. However, a fair one...His takes on this roster are right on the money. The only thing I really disagree on is Kirilenko. I just do not think he can make it through a whole season.

This is as much reason as any why I keep ranting about Kirilenko because it is a disease this roster needs to eliminate


The value of the TPE depends upon what the bulls are actually paying Boozer a year. If the contract with Boozer is front heavy, the TPE goes up in value. TPE's can be traded just like players, it opens up greater possibilities with the Jazz. The Jazz now have over $20 million in TPE value, with a trade for AK 47 in the works. Enough to attract King James???

Lets see what KOC can do!



I love how 1280 said multiple times this morning that there is now way Chicago would do a sign a trade.

This sign and trade really has more value at the trade deadline. I mean if David Lee is available for 8 to 10 million - then great. But I think that New Jersey, New York and Chicago all have too much money and are spending too much right now.

The goal has to be to look for an under preforming team that is loosing money in Feb. That means that the Jazz really has to be a minimal player in the free agency - which is what they are doing. If they spend too much money now they won't maximum value of the sign and trade.

For example.
If the 76er are really struggling this year, but Turner is playing amazing. They might want to cut salaries, get draft picks and prepare 2012. They trade Igoudala and 2nd for 1st round pick and the trade exception.


Bugoff, I hope you are right., All we can do is comment we cannot control what O Connor does. Then again, fans support and inability to criticize or tell Greg what they want is direct relation, to why O Connor and the Jazz believe in staying the course.

Change is great. It has to be the right change. How will David Lee help unless Milsap can play#3 full time. If he could sure.


Good for both teams I think. Bulls had the cap room so it wasnt like they needed to do this. The Jazz had zero leverage.

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