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Published: Thursday, July 8 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Brave Sir Robin

So to summarize....

The Bulls get: Carlos Boozer and a 2nd-rounder

The Jazz get: Half a pepperoni pizza

I hate to say it, but the Jazz came out ahead in this trade.


So what can utah do with this TPE then? I don't understand the value of it completly?


Serious? That's the best we could get out of Chicago? Why did we even bother?

Red Barchetta

That's good news for the Jazz. Let's get this train rolling now and make some deals. You have alot of work to do KOC, so let's get busy! GO JAZZ! BYE BOOZER!

Todd from Santa Ana

It doesn't matter. Like the Jazz will make any moves. Jer and the sloanaholics are too afraid to make any moves. If the Jazz make any major moves before the trade deadline, I Todd From Santa Ana will take grammar classes and become a sloanaholic.


Sounds like management is at least doing some kind of dealing. I was worried that the are just letting Boozer go without getting anything.


I guess it's better than nothing?

B Russ

I'm glad we got a little something out of him. Now the bulls will have teams continually driving on them in the paint exposing Boozers lack of defense.

I hope we can snag Amundsen now to help Milsap with the power forward duties. Amundsen is another guy like Milsap who brings his lunch bucket to work and plays defense.


Whew Baby!! Keep my feet from dancing!! What a coup we pulled off on that one.


This is good news if they are able to use this wisely! which doesn't mean signing the entire trio of Korver, Matthews and re-sign brewer. And PLEASE don't go after david lee, he and milsap are arguably the same player. Go get a BIG!


Nope, Nope, Nope, I think now I am convinced that Kevin O'Conner needs to be fired.


Re: Todd

Obviously, the Jazz intend to get a player or they wouldn't have bothered to send the 2nd round pick to get the TPE. The TPE gives them much greater flexibility to acquire a player w/o having to send a player in return and opens the door for any other NBA team to do business with them.


The TLE will allow the Jazz to potentially do a S&T with other teams with FAs we might be interested in. Possibly Al Harrington or David Lee. We can even use it on any other player up to $13 million. Its very valuable, because it's now we have cap space.


Todd - How about buying us all dinner instead?


Great News.. A trade exeption can be used to sign another player without involving one of the Jazz players. They have one year to use this exeption. The one from Harp must be used by the one year mark of when he was traded,Brewers also. I think the Jazz will come out smelling like a rose on this one. Good Luck to Boozer but I dont think he can remain healthy for his entir contract with the Bulls. Win-Win situation. Lets go after David Lee..


Sweet. Obv the Bulls know they aren't getting LBJ so they're not going send us Deng, and with Loozer's injury history they certainly can't risk sending us Taj Gibson.

Other than Rose & Noah, they have crap. Miller is a FA who'd want way too much money and isn't really that good, albeit certainly better than what we have.


Todd from Santa Ana, you are one sorry weened-on-a-pickle ... person. I was going to call you a fan, but your rhetoric doesn't warrant such a lofty title.

Your constant dogging of Jerry Sloan runs contrary to most respected people in the NBA. I wonder where you get such arrogance. Perhaps you're actually a college coach somewhere? Or, perhaps you're the alter-ego of a current NBA GM somewhere? Or perhaps you're just a sour grapes average joe like the rest of us with an out-of-whack ego.

I'm not sure what you are except to say your arrogance and snobbery toward the Jazz and Jerry says more about you than it does about them.




What intellect


This has been one of the most anticipated offseasons in Jazz history, and Kevin O has completely blown it.


This has been one of the most anticipated offseasons in Jazz history, and Kevin O has completely blown it.

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