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Published: Wednesday, July 7 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Brian Utley

If I were an Evanston police officer, I would arrest on the spot any Utah enforcement person taking down names and descriptions. The charge: loitering. My first priority would be to help the people who paid my salary---the business people---not help Utah enforce its local fireworks laws.

DN Subscriber

UHP would be doing far more to protect the state if they were equally aggressive in going after illegal people and those who smuggle them into Utah.

American Citizen

So how would the Evanston guys feel about Utahns coming over the border to break Wyoming law? Say, fishing or hunting without a Wyoming license?

This is hypocrisy. If your business is based on illegal activity, you need a new business. Quit whining.


Guess Evanston police just need to start enforcing the no loitering laws against these "undercover" officers. Which branch of Utah law enforcement is this- the UHP. Established to aid and protect stranded citizens in trouble on the streets, now harassing people as they cross the border without breaking any vehicle movement law. Guess everyone needs something to do on slow holidays-even the UHP.

Whoa Nellie

How is such a sting operation "protecting" Utahns? I don't need such protection. I would prefer a handgun to protect myself.


With a predominant religion influencing the laws and law enforcement in Utah. People in Utah see everything in terms of black and white. Right or wrong. True or false. Us vs them. The UHP tactics in this case are just an extension beyond state boundaries of this.

You must remember that the UHP is the same agency that had its own drunk driving skeletons a few years ago. Its largely a "do as I say," not "a do as I do" organization.

All it would take is one unreasonable search and seizure attempt by the UHP and a lawsuit and these tactics would end.


why are the fireworks legal most every where but Utah anyway. Some activist group got our politicians to pass it. We should put it up for a vote and let the people decide. I agree arrest the officers and let the governor of Utah get them out of jail. These are the same people stopping all motorcycles leaving the Raceway.


We need a beer party movement to free adult Utah beer drinkers from the tyranny of 3.2 beer. Beer spoils if its not stored cold. Utah's beer drinkers risk paying high prices in government run stores to buy bad beer.

Cougar Blue

This is so funny, and fun, to watch all of these little "situations" that we get ourselves into. Oh, what a great day!

Tom Smith

This is just more cops being bullies. In spending time in Wyoming and at the Wyoming border the UHP is ignoring real issues within in the state that are a much greater threat to Utahns. The priorities are all screwed up... but then it is much easier to target the average unarmed and "soft" citizens that to conduct an investigation against a criminal that may be a threat to the law enforcement officer as well as public safety.


re: rmk

You'll see why the fireworks are illiegal when countless wild fires are started this summer.

Also, for what it is worth, these fireworks would also be illegal in Iliinois and Iowa. I would know. I lived in these two states during 2009-1010.


to American Citizen: the Wyoming business are NOT, i repeat NOT, based upon illegal activities. Do not disparage them. The "illegal" act is Utahns going into Wyoming to buy fireworks that are banned in Utah. It is not the business owners at fault here, it is the Utah individuals. That said, this "sting" is stupid. What next, UHP staked out in Idaho writing down Utah license plates and then stopping people in Utah to see if they purchased a lottery ticket? Guess UHP would want to build a fence around Utah borders to keep us in and keep the "bad guys" out. This is a joke and the wimpy UHP spokesperson should find a better tag line than "its for the good and safety of the utah people." Puhhleassse, there are more serious things that are effecting my safety than "illegal" fireworks.


Wow, what a bunch of anti law inforcements people. Just obey the law and you won't have any problems. If you don't like the law then use legal means to get it changed. If you are so against Utah's laws then move to Evanston and live happly ever after.


If the UHP organization were really doing right, it would be honest about its operation. The article quotes a UHP official saying, "All of the enforcement took place in Utah." That's clearly not true. The UHP officers who sit in unmarked cars in Evanston and take down license plate numbers are a key part of the "enforcement" operation.


You guys would be the first ones screaming if there was a fire threatening your neighborhood due to a fireworks violation.

"Why aren't they doing more to protect us?" you'd whine.

"The police are negligent in letting people use these illegal fireworks," you'd moan.

Face it. This is less about what went on over the 4th than it is about you having one more chance to whine and express your baseless outrage against the government, the church or whatever it is you hate so much.

I'm just glad we have people running things that are willing to do their jobs instead of waiting for the inevitable property damage and death that would result from these illegal fireworks.


Solution: Plan on spending the day in Bear Lake. If you are from the SLC area or Ogden area go to Bear Lake via Evanston. Arrive at Evanston in the morning, buy your porn, booze, or fireworks then go have fun at Bear Lake. After a raspberry shake then head on back home via logan. Problem solved! I guess you could also go home via monte cristo if you cannot spend the day in bear lake. I don't think I've ever seen a highway patrolman on the road to Randolph. There are ways around than just going directly to Evanston, buying fireworks, then heading home immediately. Any Utahn that does that deserves to get them confiscated.

LDS Liberal

What make me laugh is the same Conservatives wanting "freedom" to smuggling illegal fireworks into the State, and cry foul when when it's about immigrants.

Show some integrity.


Does UHP really have the authority to do this? What if the Utah driver was driving THROUGH utah to Nevada, Arizona, or New Mexico?

Is it the use of these fireworks or the mere possession of these fireworks that is illegal in Utah?


Wyoming is one of the few states that allow pretty much all kind of fire works. Most states outlaw any of the kind that shoot up into the air and explode. It’s not just Utah. Nevada (although you can purchase off the 15 at the Indian Reservation), Arizona, Idaho (although they allow bottle rockets, just not the exploding kind). In most jurisdictions outlaw fireworks.

With that said though, I think spying in unmarked cars by the UHP and then pulling them over as soon as they cross the state line is STILL on the verge of illegal search and seizure. I would insist I was just looking and didn't actually purchase any, and then refuse to let them search my car. If they threaten with impound until they get one, just say fine, I'll call my Attorney, and let them know you've got all day. Because in reality, they don't.

Johnny Triumph

Just obey the law and quit transporting illegal stuff into the state, whether it be fireworks or alcohol. Shame on Utahns for not living the law; and if you have a problem with the law then run for office and change it. Simple fix to a non-issue!

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