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Published: Friday, July 2 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Guys who might be involved in a sign and trade with Chicago involving Boozer: Maybe Deng and/or Gibson?


Why not work with Cleveland on a sign and trade for Lebron? The Jazz get Lebron, Cleveland takes AK. Lebron could play with the best point guard in the league, and two other All-Stars -- Boozer (I think he'd stay) and Memo, with Matthews at 2, Milsap, Hayward and Fez as a back-ups, then next year they'd get the kid from Europe.

The Jazz won 50 games without Lebron, went to the Western Conference Finals without Lebron, they'd win 70 games and the next 10 titles with Lebron.

The Miller's could get him into the car business so he'd make his billion.

Send a plane for Lebron.


@ Civil
It's nice to dream. And that is a great one!! However, Salt Lake is not a big enough stage for Lebran. Sorry!
Maybe you can dream up a great way to attract him to the Jazz....... It can't be money, He can get that everywhere he goes.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

I'm having a hard time seeing why Chicago or Miami who have so much cap space would want to do a sign and trade. Can anyone think of a reason for them to do a sign and trade?

Orlando would have to in order to get Boozer but these teams that are way under the cap have no motivation to do a sign and trade. Seem like just a pipe dream from the Jazz that Boozer won't just walk out.

Boozer Bandwagon

In Utah we usually don't get the superstars...we develop them. Its looking like Amare will go to New York but I'll bet they'll still have room for LaBron. I think LaBron James will go to Chicago with Boozer, while DeWayne Wade and Chris Bosh will be in Miami. I don't know much about Deng other than he can play the 3 and 4 positions. I don't think the Jazz are going to be able to offer Boozer more than 13 or 14 million but Chicago has more cap space.


Is Boozer really the star that sells JAZZ tickets, and will he be such in New York, Chicago, etc. There is no FA that benefits more from a system of play than Boozer. At the same position over the last ten years, the system created Malone 26 & 10- Allstar (what a great player does in this system), AK 17 & 8- Allstar, Okur 18 & 9- Allstar (alternate), and Boozer 19 & 10- Allstar. Avoid the hype and find players that are hungry, talented and willing to play team basketball. It may not win a championship, but the season's games would be much better to watch.


They'll do a sign and trade because the Jazz can sign Boozer for more money and years then anyone else. Say Boozer is content with new Jersey and Chicago and they are both offering him max money. So if Chicago really wants him they can offer to give the jazz something in return for signing him to six years. If Boozer is all about the money the Jazz can play NJ and Chi off each other and actually get something in return for Boozer.


The only reason why either Miami or Chicago would be willing to do a sign-n-trade is to unload a toxic contract on the books. Any contract they are that willing to unload, Utah likely would be better off without.


The Jazz once again are sitting on the bench while the big boys play ball. Without a lost post presence, and a 2 that can create and shoot the three its lottery time. Get aggressive Jazz. Sign and trade Andre for a longer term contract of someone who needs cap space next year, and get a real player in exchange. Keep Korver, sign and trade Boozer for someone. If we play are cards right we could become a real contender. Unfortunatley unless he is a free agent foreigner or one of our own resigns, we will pulloff something meaningfull by trade ever decade or so! Heres what could be done with a little creativity. A starting lignup of D.Williams, Andre Iguadala, Memo, David Lee, and a nice mid level free agent. Philly creates cap space and gets off a big contract, Andre for Andre.(plus whatever) Boozer to New York for Lee and some bench help,and resign Korver. We get better, longer, and more athletic.



My points are these:

1- Larry H. Miller would not have conceded Lebron to the rest of the league.

2- It isn't just about the billion with Lebron, nor just about winning. His chances of winning with Utah are actually BETTER than anyplace else he is looking into, and you can become a billionaire in Utah, too.

3- The NBA is fundamentally flawed when three teams, the Celtics, Lakers and Bulls combine for 39 of 64 championships and 48 finals appearances and now one of them is one of the primary prospects to buy a championship roster.

4- People are talking about Lebron, Wade and Bosh on the same team. It wouldn't be that complicated to bring him to Utah to with D-Will and Boozer.

5- You want visibility? Every Jazz game would be on network TV, because he'd be playing against a great team almost every night. Who wants to watch him play against the dogs in the Eastern Conference? The only problem is all Jazz games would have to start at 6:30 to draw an East Coast audience.


Folks, live in reality. Who is going to take AK's contract now? Once all the main free agents are signed teams will look to the future. New York will never sign and trade Lee for Boozer, they are clones and Lee is cheaper. Plus they look like they got Amare. Why don't the jazz keep AK and get the cap relief themselves? I say structure an offer to Boozer low in year one, saves lux tax, and bump it up when AK expires. resign AK for what he's worth, bring in Tomic, see what else we can pick up.


Fredd what about with AK we schmooze with "Nellie the Buffoon"?


For those that ask why New York would want Boozer. see every news paper coast to coast. And both Andres are being paid stupid money, ours is just for one more year. Philly wants to get young, and fast iguadala can ball. Philly is trying to rebuild. ( see the Elton Brand picture on this years team promo mag?. No.) the bottom line is at least one will play 40 games plus. Not ours! Aggressive teams help other teams clear cap space, and done correctly, steal players. Bottom line, Ger in the Game, or see you in New York in June with ping pong balls. If your waiting for Kirilinko to do it for you. Try the Russian Summer Games! With the new collective barganing agreement ahead. Teams will do stupid things! Ask Joe Johnson, 119k!


Re: Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

"I'm having a hard time seeing why Chicago or Miami ... would want to do a sign and trade. Can anyone think of a reason for them to do a sign and trade?"

Kyle, it's not the teams ... it's Boozer.

In a sign and trade deal, Boozer gets more money and a longer contract. Wherever Carlos goes, he wants to get the most money/years. The Jazz are the only ones who can give that to him via a sign and trade deal.

I believe the Jazz should only offer that to Boozer if they can't re-sign him for a reasonable amount. Paying Carlos MAX money is just too risky, given Boozer's injury history.

The other teams would be extremely happy to watch Boozer just walk away from the Jazz. But that's a BAD deal for Carlos. He would end up losing a lot of money and an extra NBA year.

Carlos knows this is likely his last chance to cash in for some BIG BUCKS. Six years from now he'll be 35 years old and likely out of the league.

Bill L

Things have already gone south for NY. They may sign Boozer just to save some face. I suspect MIA ends up with Wade and Amare. That says Bosch will do a ST with CHI. If LBJ stays at CLE, NJ may sign Boozer as a starting Big until Favors develops, but they sure aren't going to give anything to the Jazz. I think ORL is the best chance to get a ST for Boozer, but I would take picks and ending contracts over thinking they will send anyone valuable.


The Jazz don't have any money for a big signing. The Jazz can give Boozer more than anyone else. The Jazz play in the West, where the teams are better.

The Bulls, if they don't take Bosh, will be a good fit.

Will Carlos play with Lebron? Been there, done that. If a team with D-Wade will take him, look for him to sign there. He'll be a perennial all-star in the weak-sister east.

Stoudemire to the Knicks.

David Lee to the Jazz?

Anti Bush-Obama

No sign and trades. Just trade AK for David West and problem solved.


Anti: David West is a horrible idea. He makes Boozer look like defensive player of the year. West doesn't even pretend to play defense. Same with Al Jefferson. Getting either to replace Booz is a huge step backwards.


Boozer has to be encouraged with Stoudemire's offer from NY. Boozer will get at least as good of deal as Stoudemire.

Boozer in spite of injuries is insurable. Stoudemire is not. Boozer is a better player.

HOU is starting to talk about going after Boozer. They can't without a sign and trade but their delusional fans are starting to realize they never had any chance at Bosh. 1/2 of them are demanding Morey do something.

Morey is under pressure to get a PF/C who can play with and then replace Ming when he goes down again.

It may be possible that HOU would trade Scola or Hill. Morey in a pub stunt offered Scola, and Ariza for Bosh, knowing there was no chance.

Scola is an FA.

What if James stays in CLE (even for one more year)? If James moves then Bosh can follow?

The cap teams will be desperate. Bosh may move first to CHI and force Wade to follow.

The cap teams will be desperate. But the Eastern contenders will have to also make moves.

That may give Boozer a better deal and the Jazz some compensation.


Stoudemire's deal is also driving up Lee's stock. He is actually better than Stoudemire. NY is hoping to get one more player (Johnson?) and then resign Lee. However, they just kicked the price of Lee way up.

James will go to CHI or NJ or stay in CLE for a year and then move. He could resign with CLE, give it one more year and then force a trade. That would give a lot of teams time to build a supporting cast. He has no incentive to go to a gutted team. He is not likely to team up with Wade. Bosh makes a lot more sense.

Some desperate cap team is going to over pay Boozer. However, Boozer may be able to get a deal with a playoff team for the same money and not be stuck playing on a loser.

Lee is not an option for the Jazz. Stoudemire fixed any hope of that.

The FA market will be nuts until the best 6 FAs are settled.

Rumor is Dirk is staying in DAL.

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