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Published: Friday, July 2 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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It seems that is already has made an impact, given the number of kids that have committed to Utah over the past 3 weeks. Not all of them are elite type players, but you can tell by the sheer number of commitments that kids are getting excited about suiting up for the red & white.


I think the Utes will probably go after fewer Utah high school players, as they will get more top rated west coast players. It may actually benefit USU and BYU, with the Utah kids the Utes now won't want.


Nice to see Dick Harmon has recovered from his rant on ESPN.

Big Rock

I lost (and wasted) a few minutes of my life reading this article. There is absolutely no facts, new information, or anything beyond speculation here. Maybe Mr. Harmon should stick to writing about BYU. Articles with such little merit would be fine for BYU fans.


"SoCalUte92782 | 1:28 a.m. July 3, 2010
Nice to see Dick Harmon has recovered from his rant on ESPN."

That, or he is a reporter and calls things like he sees them... You know, the guys from ESPN ask a question, he gives them an answer... that type of thing.

It's funny, but in the MWC, BYU has been ranked top 25 in the past 4 years, TCU and U, and now BSU have done the BCS thingie, w/o being from an AQ conference, but have gone out and beat the BCS schools.

Sure, it will help. Utah needed to have help to bring in the caliber player that BYU gets. BYU has brought in studs for years. Hopefully Utah will get their fair share of them now, so that Utah can become a consistant team.

They'll lose in the PAC because of coaching (Kyle is good, not great), but the players on the field will be the level of BYU, just not the heart that the BYU player shows (they come through at moneytime).

Utah in the PAC will be what they were in the MWC. A mid-level team, just better players.


The fact that Whitt already has 17 solid verbals as of July 4th speaks volumes. I expect the Utes to be very very picky with remaining 9 or so offers.


It's only a rant if his statements were untrue!...The truth usually does offend!


@SoCalUte92782 | 1:28 a.m. July 3, 2010

The downside is Dick's ESPN rant reached a national audience and this column is only in the Deseret News. Sadly, I regard this column as a weak attempt by the DN to redeem itself from the recent rants from Harmon and Robinson.

chad sexington

Yes, but Dick, how does this affect byu? What does this mean for byu? What is byu going to get from all of this and does it bode well for byu? I simply cannot accept that you wrote an entire column without mentioning byu. I won't accept that.


Utah becoming part of the Pac-10 is huge! Now they just have to get some of those 4 and 5 star recruits, try and go 11-1 or 12-0 this year and Utah will continue to become a BCS powerhouse. Only time will tell.

Disco Vega

The impac will be huge...lets all live in reality...money talks and the sheer financial numbers will have a tremendous impac on the Ute program...can't wait to see and be apart of the whole thing...so proud to be a Ute!

Portland Trail Blazers

Nobody cares about the Utes!


Magna Ute Fan

@ Porter; Perhaps they will go after fewer Utah kids. But I think the real question here is will they gain a significant advantage in getting the best Utah kids? We'll see.

Go Utes!


Being in the Pac-10 will initially help Utah with recruiting, but eventually they will fall back into mediocrity. The State of Utah is known for being tight with money. If you look at national statistics, Utah ranks last or close to last in all categories that require public funding. Utah football is currently experiencing a golden era that will not last. In a few years their coaching staff will be lured away to greener pastures and their facilities will become dated and unimpressive. At that point in time the Utah team will be a lower echelon team in the Pac-10.


agreed. looks like dick harmon finally changed his diaper after the espn thing. we did they have him on anyways??


Yes it's going to affect recruting, how could it not.


Dick Harmon should stick to writing articles about his "mid-major" TDS. Also, is this article's title rhetorical? Obviously Utah's joining the PAC will have a positive effect on Utah's programs . . . Duh?

Like the TDS fight song, "rise and shout the TDS is OUT" not only applies to becoming a BCS school, but also holds true to their recruiting efforts, too! They're out . . .

Y Grad / Y Dad

There ARE so many factors that it is tough to tell why, but yes, I do think Utah's recruiting will improve, but no, I don't necessarily think it will be (very much) at BYU's expense.

With a limited number of scholarships to fill, and a bigger landscape to choose from, it seems to me that Utah WILL go after fewer local players.

BYU has always been a unique (or weird, if you prefer) place to recruit to. For us, it has always been a bigger story when a big time and/or non-LDS kid chooses BYU. I don't think that has changed.

The non-theories will be fun, too. For example, when a Ute fan claims a local / LDS kid only chose BYU over Utah because he wouldn't get to play as fast at Utah because of their already established superiority.

Honestly, Utah, you got everything we wish we got: more money, better recruiting, more opportunity, better exposure. Congratulations!

But I still think 3 out of 4 is about right and will continue. And I think periodic BCS appearances for Utah will continue, with mediocrity or slightly better in between.



I watched the interview on ESPN, that was a rant. They asked nothing about BYU and Dick went off like a jealous child not getting a bowl of ice cream. That was not "journalistic".

Saying BYU players have heart is like saying Boozer is staying with the Jazz. You'd like it to be true, but it's just not.

As far as a "mid-level" team in the MWC, ask Alabama what they thought about it.


@ Y Grad / Y Dad

Your recent post is very well thought out and insightful. Well done. However your "opinion" is stuck in the '80's. College recruits are all about getting exposure, being see on the big screen. The TDS can't promise that like Utah can.

The choice for local recruits to stay in the state, close to mama, enjoy a great LDS environment (state's largest LDS institute), still serve a mission, play in the PAC AND for a chance to play in the Rose Bowl AND for a true National Championship is far too compelling.

You need to take off those old, blue shaded glasses and see the future for what it truly will be . . . Rose color!

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