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Published: Thursday, July 1 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Let Boozer walk, go get Kevin Love now that they have resigned the bust Milisic to a new contract. One of these 3 can be traded, Mathews, Korver, or C.J. to get that deal done as the salaries are in the same range under the trade rules. Love is a young "BALLER" period forget that Gortat crap he has "0" offense. Jeffers, the new picks Hayward & Evans, and Gaines will do us just fine mark my words if given the confidence and playing time. Also don't write Fess & Koufus off yet I think they will both be big contributors for us this year if given the chance and their confidence isn't destroyed by our coaching staff.


I want to see this Tomic kid next year in a Jazz uniform. He needs to add muscle, but the comparasins to Gasol are some what warranted. He moves very well laterally and seems to have a few nice moves around the basket. Google him and check out his footage with his current Spanish team.

Kevin Love sounds like a good idea also.


Having watched Kevin Love a lot at UCLA, he is a good passer, son of former NBA player Stan Love. He can run the floor well and can definitely score he is not overly tall however.......If Milsap backup yeah great. However, again we need a experienced guy between 6-10 and 7 feet


sThe jazz are interested in Gortat???

then why didn't those incompetents draft him 2005,

instead of robert whaley?

HOW many mistakes are Jazz going allow O'connor to make?

does finding a millsap in the 2nd round make up for all his imcompetence,
or does losing maurice williams cancel it out.

or how about ALL the 1st round draft choices the jazz no longer have on their team, or could have drafted on thier stead?

the jazz only havew 3 1st rounder from the last decade on the team, only 1 starts regulary, and one is mostly used as a sixth man,

while the lakers and boston,

have starting lineups that are ALL 1st rounders.

it is truly any wonder why the jazz have not won a championship?

I guess the fans are happy to be stuck with 2nd round stars, and pretending they have a chance to win a chamionship.


heck his college cooach would not even play him in the olympics.

The jazz CAN do better.

They don't have live with it because no one loves them.

IF you act like you're small you get treated like you're small.


Jazzsmack telling the truth which the "sloanaholics" will never want to hear, despite Blauch and Doug10 feeling otherwise.

Working hard and bringing the lunch pail, does not bring championships or even close to championships

Gordon Hayward is not going to be Larry Bird either

he will not win the title for us

Neither will the 2nd round pick who probably will be cut


Great stuff Jazzsmack....KOC IS THE WORST GM IN THE NBA outside of that arogant stiff Michael Jordan.

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