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Published: Thursday, July 1 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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With all due respect, I am so sick and tired of this case, and these names, I am beginning to think I will not live long enough to have six months go by without hearing them. Of all the problems in this world today, these two should be relegated to supermarket tabloids and totally ignored by legitimate news sources...talk about abusing 15 minutes of fame.

Liberal Ted

The problem with the insanity defense, is that every defense lawyer wants to use it as an excuse for their client. With that said, then in a way you can argue that we are all insane. Since we're all insane then that is normal. Which means this guy is as mentally there as anyone else. Give him the death penalty for what he did.


Sane enough to plan it, carry it out, stay concealed for 9 months, drag the hearings out for all these years, sing in court to interrupt the proceedings (but at no other time). Sane enough to get a guilty verdict without insanity. Some people choose their delusions over reality deliberately - particularly when they see themselves as the center of the universe.

Uncle Rico

Insanity defense in Mitchell Case= Mitchell (circus master) has no other shot at getting away with this.


Now is that for Mitchell or his attorneys?


It's much nicer to spend your life in a hospital than prison. Also, they kill child rapists in prison. Mitchell's going to have a really tough time when he gets there.

Liberal Ted

He was insane for raping a child a normal person wouldn't do that. He's also a predator, liar, pretender. He's soo much more than "insane", he's cunning, deceptive, aggresive, dangerous the list goes on.

I believe Elizabeths word over this monster any day. I believe she is correct in that he can turn the "insanity" on and off whenever it serves him best.

I hope the courts will protect society from this monster ever coming out into the community again. He was creepy when he begged (yes he was a beggar downtown by the ZCMI mall and main st.


He was found competent, not insane. They've already crossed that bridge. If this judge has any brains at all, he will find the defense attorney in contempt, disallow the insanity plea, and get on with the trial. How many years has it been already?

David B.

How can you claim insanity when you were found competent earlier.Like I said in the Gardner case you do the crime you do the time! No excuses(especially lame ones)stand up and be a man.Frankly they should take him out into the desert with that other animal and drop them in a hole and be done with it.


Of course he's nuts. All the more reason to lock him up forever.


An insanity defense isn't just claiming he's crazy (as was pointed out, EVERYONE has a loose screw or two) - it's claiming he's so crazy he couldn't tell right from wrong when the crime was committed. It's actually a pretty high standard to prove insanity, and I hope the defense makes their best case and LOSES. Then we can finally get this evil person locked up and throw away the key.


Attorney Robert Steele should become a Constitutional Lawer and go after these Judges Violating our Rights.
Try Civil Rights Violations by Cops in and under the Judges nose in The Court Room.
Judge and Prosecutors, DA all Blinded by the case in motion.
Utah has no freedom of speech rights.
Judges are HOSTILE.

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