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Published: Thursday, July 1 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Portland Trail Blazers

Jail Blazers?

Um... i think that saying died out about, um, 10 years ago?


The Max Wes can get is Mid Level at 5.5 mill per year thanks to collective bargaining agreement. The Jazz will match any offer, or they should match because Wes is a young D wade in the making! I hate Portland!


Ronnie Brewers contract did not get picked up by Memphis. If we lose Korver I think we can get Ronnie B back for like 2 or 3 Million per year easy. Plus we still have Memphis first round pick too. Thanks to collective bargaining agreement the max money that Wes Mathews can make is 5.5 Million or mid level, No question the Jazz will match for sure. GO JAZZ!

Utah Jazz fan Chris

It would be a surprise if Oden plays about 40 game. He's plagued with injuries, especially with the knee. Those injuries are very hard to recover from.


Portland's fans would appreciate Matthews more than Utah fans...hehehe.

Portland put Utah in a serious financial situation? Actually, that front loaded deal is really helping us out this year. We're only on the hook for about 6 mil for PM this year. Thanks, try again.

Portland Trail Blazers

So what ever happened to Maynor and Brewer, they left not cuz of money? hehe wow, POR hurt utah financially, end of story. Matthews will back up Roy and Rudy will back up Batum. So matthews will get playing time in POR.


Magic , Pls quickly sign boozer. I hope you do it. You will be my second favorite team if you sign Boozer.


Unless it's unreasonable, the Jazz will resign Matthews. Like many have said, mid-level is the max he can make, so i'm confident that he'll be back. He's an important player because his defense, toughness and attitude rubs off on the other players. I don't know that he is a mid-level player at this point in his career but it would be far from a bad contract compared to Gay for 80+ million or Johnson for 120. Bringing him back would be a good move, but we still need another wing player. My preference is someone who can play d, handle the ball well, shoot well and most importantly score some points. I don't know if such a player exists for the money the Jazz can pay. I've heard rumors of a possible sign and trade deal involving Booz and Orlando. If we could walk away from such a deal with Gortat and Reddick, I say jump on it. Gortat would add a tough interior presence while Reddick will replace Korvers shooting, while being a better overall player as well.

I doubt something like this happens though.


Matthews is not a player who is easy to replace. He plays very tough defense and even did a good job on Kobe. I doubt there are 30 players in the league who play defense as well as Matthews does on small forwards and big guards. His offense is gravy. Matthews is a quintessential Jazz/Sloan player. The Jazz will not give him up unless they can replace him with somebody who can hustle and give good D. A lot of NBA players are overrated by writers and fans because they shoot a lot and, therefore, make a lot of points. The Jazz don't need players like that.


Why would the Jazz bring Brewer back? Is it that you feel sorry for Kobe and you don't want him to have to guard anyone outside the key?

I am betting there is more significant interest in teams other than Portland in Matthews. There are teams desperate for someone to fill that spot whereas Portland is not needy in that position.

Portland Trail Blazers

Actually Portland could use him. POR is using Rudy Fernandez as trade food, so if they can land Matthews, he will become a solid backup to Brandon Roy! Go Blazers!


Re: Portland Trail Blazers
The Blazers have Roy, Aldridge and a fragile center named Oden....beyond that they don't have much to look forward to. It's going to be a long season in Portland....

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