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Published: Wednesday, June 30 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Large Tuna

Chad Ford mention's a possible sign-and-trade with Boozer for Lee. While i dont think this will happen, and i think Chad Ford is a terrible predictor (see his mock drafts, he was WAY off), it would be great to pick up Lee.

Portland Trail Blazers

Boozer will go to either Detroit or NJ, just watch...


A trade with ORL could be very good for the Jazz. They might be able to get Gortat (6 Mill) and/or Redick (2.9 Mill but an FA) and other consideration for Boozer

For the regular season Gortat had a Wp48 of .16 and Redick had .12. For the play offs Gortat had .26 and Redick had .09.

Ryan Anderson a PF with a WP 48 of .12 and a salary of 1.3 would also be nice.

However the Jazz need to dump salary and ORL does not have any expiring contracts other than Redick and Anderson (team option next year).

ORL may have to work a 3 way to get the salaries to work.

Taking back Lewis (WP48 .01, 19.6 mill)or Carter (WP48 .102, 17.5 mill) would be poison. Bass has a WP48 of about .05 which is not good for a PF.

There is a lot of over paid big name dead wood on the ORL team. It is amazing they do as well as they do given Lewis and Carter

Big Rock

Bass and Reddick would be a nice consolation.

Captain L

I would like to see Booz go to Orlando, so we could get something in return, Bass and JJ Redick would be good pieces and fit well in the Jazz system. If not Redick, maybe Barnes or Gortat.



It would be great to pick up Lee because:
he is more athletic than Boozer
he knows the JAzz style of play better than Boozer
he comes from a pick and roll background
he and Deron get along on the court like bread and butter
he would be able to operate in Jazz offense sooner than Boozer

or more likely the grass is always greener syndrome has you

trade Price for Bosh then I will agree the grass is greener til then, ...stick with the Jazz administration who said their top priority is resigning Boozer...if they need ideas or help wait for them to call


Ford and many other "experts" have been putting out predictions that haven't come to fruition. It seems like they are wrong, more then they are right. I think they just like to throw some out there because it's what they do. My gut feeling is that Bosh goes Miami. If so, Boozer would be out of the picture for the Heat. The Jazz can offer him that sixth year on his deal that no other team can. At the very least, I think the Jazz won't let Boozer leave without some compensation via sign and trade. The Orlando rumor involved Boozer in exchange for Gortat, and either Reddick or Pietrius.


No one would have to worry then about David because he brings his lunch pail every night, He and Milsap I could see would be good friends, they are alot alike


On further reflection, the Jazz would be better off getting a trade exemption for Boozer.

Trading Boozer with a WP48 of .29 for Gortat with a WP48 of .16 and 10 mill in TE would be okay.

Millsap/AK would make up the WP48 at PF to cover the loss of Boozer and Gortat would be a big upgrade at C. Which would offset the loss of Boozer. Boozer's WP48 in the playoffs was only .18.

Trading Boozer for any other ORL players they would trade would not be good for the Jazz.

A TE from NY or NJ or one any of the cap teams could be used to get a great C later in the year.

If done right trading Boozer can really help the Jazz. If done wrong it is better to save the salary and let him walk.


I am so sick of this picture of Boozer. Anyone else think the DesNews should find something new to use?


What I don't get is why Boozer would sell his home in Miami, if the Heat were really interested. I think Amare will go to the Heat, Boozer to the Nets, Joe Johnson to New York, I also think Lebron's whole "I want to retire the number 23 thing" was actually in preparation for him to make the move to Chicago with Bosh.


Johnson has a max offer from ATL. Redick may get the a full MLE offer from BOS to replace Ray Allen.

If Bosh is smart he will wait to see what James does and then follow him. I doubt that James is going to MIA.

Based on WP48s James, Boozer and Wade are the only players worth a max contract. Boozer's injury history is hurting him.

IND has Troy Murphy (11 mill) with an expiring contract that could be gotten in trade. His WP48 is as good as Boozer's. If the Jazz could get him in a 3 way for Boozer that would make some sense. He would expire before the new CBA but could be an excellent C. He would be a great replacement for Okur. Murphy shoots the 3 and has a WP48 similar to Boozer's.

The Jazz dramatically improve the team as Millsap and AK would jump in WP48. While moving Boozer would not lose WP48 while Murphy only costs 11 mill similar to Okur who would be an expiring when other teams are cutting lux tax.

That is the type of deal that needs to happen via trade or TE.


Maybe ORL can work a deal to send Murphy to Utah instead of Gortat? That leaves them Gortat to trade to DAL or who ever for other moves.

It is questionable how much leverage the Jazz are going to have. However, ORL can't get Boozer without a sign and trade unless they cut a deal with a cap team.


I have an idea. Are you listening (virtually - reading) Kevin O'Connor?

New Jersey signs Carlos to a 13M/year contract and then the Jazz TRADE Andre Kirilenko (17M) for Carlos Boozer. I know it sounds crazy but I'd much rather have Carlos in a Jazz uniform than Andre and the NJN are trying to be an 'international' team where Andre would fit right in. What say ye?


Actually trading Boozer for Lee is not as bad as signing Boozer to a max and keeping him. However, neither Lee nor Boozer are the PF that the Jazz need to beat LA.

Why would NY sign and trade Lee (who will make 4-5 mill less than Boozer) for Boozer? If they want Boozer they will just keep Lee and add Boozer. Both can play C and PF.

Lee is most likely to go to NY, NJ or PHO.


Boozer will get close to 16 mill in a max deal. If the Jazz do nothing but get a trade exemption for him and are able to pick up a player like Murphy for 11-12 mill they will have done themselves a big favor.

If they can use the TE to get a younger cheaper PF or C who is ideal for the Sloan flex they will be building a championship team.

Paying Boozer 22-23 mill in year 6 of a max deal is not very bright. I understand those who fear losing Boozer creates a hole but giving him a max is like buying Greek bonds. You know you are going to lose it is just a question of how soon.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

I would take Gortat or Lee for Boozer. First choice would be Gortat.

Millsap and AK will be fine at PF. If we had a decent center we would have a better chance against LA than if we keep Boozer.

I don't understand why the Jazz management want Boozer back so badly. It's not the end of the world if he leaves. I guess it just makes them have to be creative and do something new which is not the Jazz' forte


jazz bought a greek bond... and i still figure Kosta Koufos as a good prospect

Portland Trail Blazers

Rumors are that Portland will put an offer on Wesley Matthews soon, since Webster left POR, POR has coveted MAtthews, they might put millons on him and will see if Utah matches, again.


Here is my opinion as to what the jazz should do. Frankly, i believe this is what they are currently doing, otherwise we would have heard about a michael beasley rumor.

I think they just stand still. I think there are several reasons for this:

1. They are good at it, its what they do every year.

2. Ak's salary comes off the books this year. Additionally, we can get free of Cj's Deal as well and have some money next year.

3. There is going to be a lockout next year and the salary cap (and player salaries) are going to come down next year.

4. There are going to be a LOT of teams in serious financial trouble if that happens. The Jazz will be able to help other teams by taking on some contracts. They wont do it for free, we will be well compensated for our help.

I think that has to be the plan. With or without boozer, we aren't a real threat to win this year. I think the team should look long term this offeason.

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