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Published: Wednesday, June 30 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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This is the most discriminatory and hateful tax they ever came up with. It's a tax to punish and discriminate for no crimes ever being committed. Hate and misinformation and deception and greed is the only purpose of this tax. It is an unfair hateful tax burden on too few people out of lies and hate. We have already seen these righteous individuals scream bloody murder at the suggestion of a soda pop tax, the real danger to their health.

What they hope to get, the $43 million will blowup in their faces then what are the legislators going to do with another tax loss? The budget has been planned around it but don't count on it. If they struggled with a few million dollars shortfall what are they going to do with a $30 million shortfall?

David B.

You dumb polilticians don't you get it.Everytime you get a bug up somewhere and raise the cig tax or any other tax you put somebody out of a job or close a business! Instead why don't you cut your moronic spending habits because of your power trip.
WE the people are so over taxed now the whole country is at risk of going under.

E. Klinche

Way too many smokers. What a waste of breath and time and money. Taxing it is good.
Another residual effect might be an increase of pot smoker, or cannabis consumption.

How many Utahns smoke marijuana?

Incidentally, the use of marijuana increases the likelihood of psychosis by 6 times, scientists say. So, is marijuana non-damaging and permissable in a free society? As free as insanity.

The Word of Wisdom is so right, I wish Utah and other states would adhere to it more.

Tobacco, like Joseph Smith revealed, is for curative purposes. Not regular consumption.

Someday it will be gone from everyday use. Good riddance. Get rid of addictive chemicals.


The excuse for raising taxes on cigarettes is for our health benefit. Don't they realize that by doing so, and if people quit, they won be getting the tax money or smokers will find other places to get their cigarettes cheper. True its no good to start but I wonder if kids will then go into smoking other "stuff", especially since they are making "medical marijuana" legal. I'm sure there are other "unnecessary" evils that they can find to tax.


Not as many as you think will go out of state to buy cigarettes. It will happen some when people travel, but otherwise, they are too lazy, plus the trip adds to the cost of the product. Smoking is a health menace, and there is no sympathy from me on higher taxes to discourage consumption. We tax to encourage and discourage behavior all the time, so the concept of a higher tax to discourage smoking is perfectly appropriate.


The sponsor of the bill has chosen to risk the State of Utah being addicted to the money over his own wants of a prohibition of tobacco.
So if people quit where will the education money come from? If they buy out of state where will the money come from? Taxing tobacco is one thing, tying it to education was just vote extortion.
Drugs are expensive and that war isn't being won with young or old. The more the tax goes up the more we force this business underground.

Bruce Fox

I have rarely, in over 40 years of smoking, bought product at the corner store. How many corner stores still exist? I budget tobacco like food, buy it all at once each month. I go where the price is best.

Granted I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have no idea what conditions are in your local.

I started making my own smokes after the S-CHIP tax increase and returned to local, within state, retailers.

Tobacco grows like a weed in this state and in many others.

I do not understand legislators who can not connect the dots between tobacco sales and high health care costs. How many former smokers are now taking prescribed drugs to cope with daily life. Tobacco costs the customer directly, prescribed drugs are paid for by the insured group. Smokers make their own decisions. Prescribed drug users need sanctions from medical doctors and pharmacies.

Who, actually, has a vested interest in tobacco taxes and smoking bans. Not just the anti-smokers. Every tobacco tax increase is accompanied by an escalation of mental health care drugs and "professional" fees.

John Charity Spring

We have reached a point at which scientific advances have proven the dangers of tobacco use. No reasonable person can deny that tobacco use is not only deadly, it creates huge health care costs that are imposed on the rest of society.

As the map accompanying this story shows, Utah is not even close to having high taxes on cigarettes. Indeed, Utah is behind the curve when it comes to protecting the health of its citizens by discouraging tobacco use.

The primary purpose of government is to protect the public welfare. If our legislatures had real courage, they would not stop at raising the tobacco tax, they would outlaw this dangerous product entirely.

Pyrate Fan

The worst thing about this tax hike is not the price increase, but the fact that government is legislating morals. Have we learned nothing from History, especially as recent as Prohibition?

In regards to E. Klinche's comments, mention is made of the Word of Wisdom. Well, if we're going to parade Church doctrine, what about Free Agency? It says in the scriptures that Satan's plan was to impose his will on everyone, so that everyone would return to the presence of the Father. But that was NOT God's will. Our Father intended that we be able to make our own decisions, and that we would have to live with the consequences of those decisions. They said "too many smokers!" I say there are too many people trying to control others' lives, instead of trying to perfect themselves! Don't be a hypocrite!

Brave Sir Robin

Re: Pyrate Fan

"The worst thing about this tax hike is not the price increase, but the fact that government is legislating morals."

Huh? I hate to rain on your parade here, but the sole purpose of law (and therefore, government) is to legislate morals.

A long time ago, your government made stealing illegal. Why? Because some government body decided that stealing is wrong. Same thing with assault, murder, rape, tax evasion, fraud, drunk driving, child porn, etc.....somewhere, sometime, somebody decided that those things are wrong (or in other words, that they are immoral).

If you really favor a government that does not legislate morality, what you are really saying is you favor a government that does not govern, and therefore has no reason to exist.


Yes, increase taxes. And yes, people will still smoke, and drink. Some are too lazy, as is stated above, to go out of state to purchase. However they will pay delivery charges to those of us who do go out of state and buy these items for them. Increased prohibition and tax differential from state to state is good for business, in my case. As long as these products are legal here, taxation is just smoke and mirrors.


I have two daughters who have smoked for over 10 years that have quit with their husbands this past year. They had wanted to for a long time but the cost of the product finally became the deciding factor. I believe the tax works from what I have observed.

Not So Good

We're lightweights compared to a lot of other states. $4.35 in New York? Seriously?


Correct me if I am wrong but does Utah have state run smoke shops?

If this is not the case, I would say it is the next logical step.

For, just as with alchohol, tabacco is viewed as a 'morally' offensive thing...

while being perfectly legal.

So, as Utah has state-run liquor stores....

I would think state-run smoke shops are the next step.

Utah, being a pillar of morality and all...

I wonder when the state will receive tax money from adult, online material?

'Utah No. 1 in online porn subscriptions...' - By Elaine Jarvik - 03/03/09 - DSNews


Take that smokers.


Who cares? We have had cheaper taxes than most of the surrounding states for years. If the predominant religion was not LDS, there would be no call of discrimination. It would be a health & fiscal issue, like in every other state.


Sorry to rain on your anti-smoker parade folks but there has been a marked increase of NY 'statue of liberty' car license plates at smoke shops out here. One young black man who had his trunk and back seat filled with cartons told me, "That there is a years grad school tuition at Columbia." but before he drove away he remarked, "Gotta love that blind (word for fornication) of a governor and our shem mayor."
Raise your taxes if you must but only men like this, ACS, ALA, & AHA will profit.
Google epstien acs nci and look up cancergate.
The war on cancer was declared in 1971 & we're losing in spite the halving of the smoking rate.


“The power to tax is the power to destroy.” —McCulloch v Maryland 17 U.S. 327 (1819)

It is well settled that once the legislature has the power to tax a thing they can tax it at whatever rate they want.

Let's think about this Supreme Court holding in light of the legislature's ability to destroy your right to live by taxing your income which would force you out of existence. If your income is taxed at 1,000% how can you provide food, shelter, clothing, water, for yourself? or family?

Want to know more? - see taxrevolt dot us

LDS Liberal

E. Klinche | 5:19 a.m.

The Word of Wisdom is right.
I encourage other to follow.


The best way to keep Government out of Religion,
is to keep Religion out of Government.

I for one, don't want to live in Utah-liban.

LDS Liberal

John Charity Spring | 7:31 a.m.

I thought you advocated LOWER taxes and LESS Government.

Which is it JohnCS?

C'mon, show some integrity,
don't be a hypocrite.

What do you want?

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