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Published: Tuesday, June 29 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Big Rock

You can spout how much more deserving the BYU program is all day long, but the fact is that it didn't happen - deal with it.

Coastal Ute

Lol so much for objective reporting. Good ol' desnews.


This revisionist history garbage is getting old. People like this article's author need to accept reality and stop trying to rewrite it to fit the persecution complex of BYU fans.

I have never seen sorer losers in my life. Pathetic doesn't begin to describe these type of outbursts. Fools, the lot of you.


How many BCS bowl games has BYU been in? How many bowl games has BYU won in the past decade? BYU doesn't measure up in recent athletic accomplishments.


While this article maybe pro BYU to include the reporter, and also an angry BYU fan at that. This reporter leaves out who leads the rivalry since its existence, Utah (and not just within the past three decades), and probably the most important thing of all, Utah has been to and won a BCS game twice. That is one of the reasons. Unfortunately, BYU's 1980 championship is not respected regardless of its religious national following, and yes, MONEY! If I were a BYU fan, I would feel the same way, CHEATED! I also assume even if BYU had been to two BCSs and won both, that still might not be enough because of the religious affiliation. Also, BYU fans shouldn't feel like they should be placed on some peda-stool because its BYU and due to its football tradition from the past three decades of Lavell Edwards history. The more prestigious powerhouse schools deserve the recognition as their resumes (USC, Nebraska, OU, to name a few) have more championships, heisman winners, etc. Don't know what to tell you except, other than just being considered a "BCS caliber" team, you must go/win a BCS game!


I will probably get flamed for this but here it is.

I believe 14 million members is the total number for worldwide LDS membership. If I heard correctly only about 6 million are in the United States. I doubt most of the other 8 million care about American Football.

If just counting the members in the United States, how many of them are actually BYU fans?

I am sorry but I found that part of your article to be very disingenuous and misleading. The rest of it just sounded like a bunch of crying.


"Otherwise, BYU should be as attractive as Notre Dame, another religious school that is repeatedly courted by BCS conferences."

Well basically except for:

-68 million Catholics nationwide

- undergraduate program was ranked 20th among national universities by U.S. News & World Report for 2009-2010

-Notre Dame has a comprehensive graduate program with 32 master's

-25 doctoral degree programs

-library system is one of the 100 largest in the United States.

- eleven national championships

-seven Heisman Trophy winners

-sixty-two members in the College Football Hall of Fame

But aside from this...yeah, they're basically the same school.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Sure, it might not be the truth, but it's the easiest way to rile up Cougar fans right now.

All I know is Larry Scott has his differences with Max Hall when it comes to who's the more "deserving".


(to be read with as much of a sarcastic tone as possible) Congrats on writing an original article about viewpoints that haven't been written or talked about at all over the past few weeks.


Wow, you actually make Dick Harmon look good with this article.


Wow Doug, you're about to start a riot with the coug fans with this one. I didn't know you were such a homer.

BYU "SHOULD" be as attractive as Notre Dame? Seriously?
Yeah, maybe from Layton down to Spanish Fork.

Lets just face it, BYU just isn't all world class like they tell everybody. Twice.


Give me a break, you guys. This is called an "editorial" for a reason - it's not a hard news piece. It's one guy's OPINION. And obviously, he hit a little too close to the truth, seeing as how riled up and defensive he got you little yewties...

My favorite part is how you yewts can only spout off facts for the last decade. (And "leading the overall series?" You're really going to run with that one, huh? Please. BYU was practically a high school team at the time.)

Forget revisionist history, how about the Utes' lack of history? Right, it's only the last ten years that matter in college football, right!? Okay, fine. Based on your what-have-you-done-for-me-in-the-BcS-lately logic, go ahead and defend the choice of CU based on their last ten years of play. No, really, prove to me how THEY are a "BCS-caliber team" like the Utes so obviously are.

**** crickets ****

SJ Bobkins

If you are led into thinking Utah is a "research school", you will be in for a shock when you check out the Association of American Universities web pages and discover they are not. The ute fans think by saying utah by 5 it becomes so, or utah dominates BYU or utah is a better academic university than BYU, all falsehoods.
No university can pay their way onto membership in the AAU, you have to earn it, and utah simply has not. End of discussion, truth wins out!


I actually thought this piece was written by Dick until I checked the byline! Sour grapes delivered as yesterday's laundry...and all this in the guise of news! Is this what print journalism as sunk to in the 21st century? Now there is no doubt that the News has become the propaganda arm of the Y. Biased toward the Y of course, we all understand that. But nothing so unabashed and whiney as appeared in a long time, unless of course Mr. Harmon has been the author.

Oklahoma Cougar

re: New Mexico Ute

Please define a "BCS caliber team".

Perhaps you are talking about Arkansas or Purdue or Vanderbilt or South Carolina or Iowa State or Washington State or Baylor or Arizona State or most of the Big East schools or Minnesota or Texas Tech or Stanford or Oklahoma State or Northwestern or , etc., etc. none of whom have ever won a BCS bowl game or even invited to one. In fact only 20 or so total (AQ + non-AQ) teams have ever been to a BCS bowl-some of them over and over again (ie. OU, Florida, Texas, Ohio State, etc.).

So, please educate us on what makes a university BCS worthy: TV market share (think Ames, Lubbock, Lincoln, Waco, Pullman, et al), library size, doctoral degree programs, ????.

The fact is that many of the BCS AQ schools are far less worthy than BYU, but only exist on the basis of traditional relationships, geography, etc.

Rock is correct-BYU based on its tradition is far more BCS worthy than many of the AQ schools-now to include Utah. Jealousy? Perhaps, but more anger at being left out of the club because of our fatal flaw (ie. religion).

Ute in Chicago

Someone get Robinson his binky; the whole time I was reading this, all I could think of was an infant bawling.

14 million byu fans? Less than 1/2 of that number are "active" Mormons, and you think the Chilean congregation cares one iota about byu football?

Utah deserved this invite, Utah got the invite. All the whaling and gnashing of teeth by Robinson, Harmon etc. isn't going to change that. What will change is my reading of the Deseret News if these pathetic, thinly veiled shots at the University of Utah are continued.


I write this meaning no disrespect to BYU (my undergraduate degree is from there).

While BYU is a respected school, it is not thought of as a research university. Yes, there are better research schools than the U, but objective parties consider the U as being more of a research institution than BYU.

Conferences have historically looked at academics along with athletic prowess when creating/changing conference affiliations. Remember, it was the chancellors and presidents of the universities that voted on the Pac 10 expansion, not the head coaches. Yes, the athletic directors played a key role, but the veto power was held by the bow tie-wearing crowd, not the guys with the whistles around their necks.

Maybe I am naive, and some of you will accuse me of worse things, but I prefer to take the Pac 10 people at their word rather than assuming that they are lying to us.

What's up?

This looks like a BYU sports release. Nothing more. For the BIG !0 & PAC 10 (or what ever they may be called) conference affilations are big money (many millions of $$$ for each research grant) for research collaboration. Schools like U of Cal, Wisconsin, Mich, UCLA don't want to work with undergraduate schools that have all kinks of academic issues with faculty and equal opportunity regulations.


Wow a lot of ute fans up in the middle of the night over this.


Waaah! Waaah! (stomping around on the floor). BYU didn't get in because life isn't fair!
Who cares, it's over now, and BYU did absolutely NOTHING to overcome any Pac 10 concerns. Nor have they done anything to court the Big 12. Holmoe - on a fishing trip when everything went down a couple weeks ago.
I am a big BYU fan and always will be, but tearing down the Utes to show why BYU should have gotten in to the pac 10 doesn't work. I don't care what the Utes were like 20 years ago - in the past 7 years, they've gone to and won two BCS games. They are in an elite field right now - not alot of BCS schools that can say they've done the same thing. Give the Utes their props and lets focus on getting BYU to actually do something.

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