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Published: Wednesday, June 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If the republicans (HATCH included) hadn't been so aloof from their constituents and spent so much time power grabbing and holding hands with democrats, we might still have a voice in this debate. As it stands now this liberal activist will be appointed.

Flush the Washington toilet. Change the country...no shots fired>

Cougar Blue

I watched Senator Hatch today. He spent half of it railing against Obama for chastising the court for saying that corporations are people, which it should have been. But this was about Kagan, not about the grandstanding by our illustrious, as it were, senator. It was a disgusting display of arrogance.


"...a disgusting display of arrogance" IMO was President Obama's demagoguery of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address. No respect. Less than presidential.



"...a disgusting display of arrogance" IMO was President Obama's demagoguery of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address. No respect. Less than presidential."

The President has the right and duty to call the Supreme Court and Congress out when he feels they have made the wrong decisions because should act as a check on the Supreme Court and Congress just like they are supposed to act as a check on each other and the Executive.

Executive deference to any other branch would be as inappropriate as legislative deference to the President or the Supreme Court or the Court being overly deferential to the President or Congress. Our system of government fails if the President doesn't take the opportunity to speak openly to the American people and Congress during State of the Unions.

If Supreme Court decisions which may not be at the forefront of the public's mind are important to the President he should boldly speak to the American people and denounce the Courts decision so we can decide who we believe is right and if necessary urge members of Congress to propose an amendment to correct a Supreme Court ruling.


The Supreme Court has the last word in all matters it reviews. The problems is the petty problems the Supreme Court has chosen to review. Most should have been thrown out as non constitutional matters, limits on contributions and spending by candidates is a legislative matter.

Orin Hatch is right to establish the motives and personal beliefs on a Supreme Court Judge. The real objective is to keep a separation of powers. Each element of government has individual powers and the Supreme Court covers matters in legal and justice system, Legislators control the legislative branch, Obama is the administrative branch. These separation of powers have been breached and each trying to control the other. The Supreme Court has involved itself in matters that are not of constitutional rights or laws, Obama has made attempts to control all three powers. That is not his job or responsibility to oversee or make objectionable remarks about. Obama is supposed to be a leader and a president, not a dictator to tell each division of government what to do. Criticizing other departments of government shows how shallow and egotistical Obama is. He is overstepping his authority.


The president checks the Judicial system by nominating the judges, not by disrespecting them. It isn't the place of the President to try and embarrass or guilt the Supreme Court Justices into making decisions he endorses. Trying to browbeat the other branches into conformity isn't "checks and balances", it's totalitarianism.


Hatch was very unimpressive and arrogant. But what's new?

Sarah Nichole

Obama has yet to act presidential in any of his dealings. I'd love to see it happen, but it hasn't yet.


Kagen replacing Stevens...What will be different about the makeup of the Supreme Court? Nothing. So what's the big deal if she makes it through the hearings and Senate vote? Nothing will change. Sotomeyer said that she felt gun ownership was an individual right guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Of course she voted in the minority on the recent Chicago case. Unexpected? No.

The Real Maverick

Dog and Pony show.

Hatch making a big deal out of something he cannot change or influence yet scoring big points with ignorant Utahn voters who think that he's actually making a difference there in talking to Kagan. Sigh...


The headline and premise of this article was that Hatch is thought to have asked a brilliant line of questions according to another Republican senator. Why would the DN use a quote from another Republican senator saying Hatch was brilliant? This is an example of the DN trying to lead the reader to a conclusion. In reading the article, we discover that Hatch used his turn to question Kagan to give a speech, not use a brilliant line of questioning.
The Deseret News' deception in this case is antithetical to Deseret Media's mission statement. The DN should report a summary of what Hatch said, not lead the reader to a conclusion. The former is news, the latter is propaganda.

David B.

If you think Hatch was unimpressive and arrogant what does that make Kagan? Kagan has no intention of being down the middle voice of the court and she still has absolutely no time on the bench so how does that qualify her other than a clerking position and maybe very limited roles in the last few years? She doesn't impress me at all and at the same time niether does Sotomayor.

David B.

I also wish they would quit playing this dog and pony show and ask real questions and not accept jokes and laughs around the pertinent questions given to them.


"Sen. Orrin Hatch grills Elena Kagan on First Amendment" by Joseph Dougherty
Hatch didn't grill Kagan, even the story does not substantiate the title of the article. More than anything, it seems everybody was having a good time.
It seems that the DN many times tries to make the senators and politicians as great fighters. Well, most of that happens only in the mind of the reporter. No harm done other than the disservice to the DN'readers. On the other hand, possibly the DN publishes only what their readers want to read, sacrificing the truth in the process. No big deal!


Ooops! I meant politicians from Utah!


I really admire Senator Hatch. He knows what he is doing and he's not afraid to ask the questions and get the necessary answers to make sure the right people get into certain positions. You keep doing what you're doing Sen. Hatch..because you at least know what you're doing. Can't yet say that about the person in the seat of President.


I am sure if President Bush spoke against the supreme court in a similar way the same people decrying how disrepectful President Obama has been would be congratulating Mr Bush for how incredibly right it would be for him to do such a thing.

President Obama is not the first President to speak out on a supreme court ruling. The supreme court is not perfect either and may very well make a wrong decision and I think the President should say something.

To Sarah Nicole, I find that President Obama has acted far more presidential than Mr Bush ever did.


Kagan WILL get the job.
Hatch WILL be without a job in 2012.

Where were you Hatch when Utah needed you?


PLEASE UTAH!!!!!, Get someone besides Hatch in there. Same guy, same results....aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! He's milked out tax dollars enough. All you old people need to stop voting for him!!!!

Common sense man

Hope all of you obama supporters or willing to learn to speak chinees after they own us, but don't worry about illegals from Mexico the chinees aren't as nice and giving as us Americans.they won't let you guys come and live on their tax dollars you'll have to pay taxes or go back to mexico, if you come back they will make examples of you.but we Americans who have wrked so hard to make this a great country will pay the real price.

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