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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Boozer Bandwagon

I wonder if we could trade him for Greg Monroe, still haven't gotten over last week. But seriously its great to know we have some talent to help DWill in a year from now.


If you go to YouTube and do a search on his name, you can see highlights of a game versus Barcelona from this season--he looks light years ahead of our current crop of centers--and he actually does look a lot like Gasol. Looking forward to seeing him in Utah.


If he really wanted to play for the Jazz in this lifetime (or in the NBA period), why did he just sign a 3 year deal this past January to play for Real Madrid?

That doesn't sound to me like a guy who has any intention of playing here in the U.S. anytime soon.

Just our luck...we latch onto a good big guy, and he's stuck over in Europe. Why in the world did the Jazz allow this guy to sign a new three year deal this past year? Wouldn't the time to have intervened been then, rather then trying to work some buyout after next season?

Salt Lake Sam

Tomic for Monroe? Ha!

Chuck Nunn

Spain's ACB is the second best league in the world. Another full season with Real Madrid will only make Tomic even better when he does make the leap to the NBA. I can't say enough about what a special player this young man is, and for the Jazz to have his rights is just awesome.


Tomic needs another year or 2 of development. He has a buyout clause after this year. He has potential. He is not Gasol. Or if he is it will take years for him to be able to play as well in the NBA.

Fes and Koufos dominate D-league (similar to Europe). They look good there.

Fes will come along. He fouls hard. I do not know of another C who is as feared in the paint and he is just beginning. He can dunk. He is getting better on defense with playing time. If he applies himself he will be able to rebound and get 10 points (mostly point blank garbage) in 20 minutes.

Koufos can play both C and PF and is actually better at PF. He should play much better this year. If he gets some playing time so he is comfortable playing with the starters he will know when to expect the ball and be ready for it.

He can shoot (did in college) and can put the ball on the floor occasionally. He is still adjusting to the speed of the game. He also needs to alter his shot. He rebounds very well.


Fes has a low WP48 mostly because of he weaknesses on offense. He also tends to be erratic in rebounding. Over the 3 years his rebounding has declined each year. His foul shooting is atrocious. He could improve his TOs.

During the season his Offensive Rating was 100 and his Defensive Rating was 105. In the playoffs it was 78 and 117. Against great competition he really stepped up his defense. His weakness on offense was magnified. Fes can and will fix his problems well enough.

During the regular season Mathews had the highest Defensive Rating of 108. In the playoffs all of the Jazz jumped their Defensive Ratings. OJ had the highest score with 124.

Koufos had a bad year during the regular season. However, in the playoffs his Offensive rating was 81 and his Defensive Rating was 117.

Mostly Koufos needs regular minutes. He needs to get used to playing with the starters under game conditions. He has the defensive talent. He rebounds. He needs to improve his offensive moves and gains some confidence. Mostly he needs playing experience.



Yes because you're privvy to every converstion had by the Jazz and anyone they want to talk to. For all we know the Jazz were involved and they told him to develop over there for 3 more years.

My advice to you... Relax and breath MAN! It's only basketball.


Basketball reference indicates:

Mahinmi, during the regular season had an offensive rating of 115 and a defensive rating of 100. His playoff numbers were 92 and 111.

Gray's reg season numbers were 121 and 106. He had no playoff numbers.

Amir Johnson was 124 and 110 (better than Bosh at 117 and 111).

Amundsen was 113 and 107 in the reg season and 118 and 111 in the playoffs.

The Jazz should look at Mahinmi. Gray and Johnson have offensive talent but are not great defenders.

PHO is not noted for great defense. However, Sloan should use a variation of the PHO/OKC zones against LA.

Speaking Up

go jazz i love jazz go jazz


Clarification A higher Offensive Rating is better (points produced per 100 possessions) and a lower Defensive Rating is better (points allowed per 100).

During the reg season and the playoffs:

AK 117, 103/121, 115
Millsap 113, 103/126, 112
Boozer 112/102/107,114
DWill 116,107/126, 119
Okur 109,104/162/121
Korver 116, 107/ 120,120
Mathews 113, 108/ 108,115
CJ 100, 107/112, 119
Price 98, 106/100, 116
Gaines 107, 105/ 143,119

Based on the reg season numbers AK had the best differential. There is no difference between Millsap and Boozer. Korver is much better than most realize (he is a little slow). Mathews was about as good as Brewer and should get much better next year. CJ has to improve his shot selection and shooting percentages or he hurts the team.

Gaines should be playing back up PG. Maybe he will have learned the offense by next year.

In the playoffs, Millsap was much better. Okur was a beast until injured (30 minutes). AK, DWill and Gaines were the only other positive differentials.

The Jazz could easily make a couple of changes and improve.

The Great Houdini

Too bad we didn`t negotiate some kinda buy-out so we could get him now,but we`ve waited this long what`s 2 more years,gives Fes and Koufos ample time to step up,I`m starting to wonder about both of them


You have to wait the entire 3 years - Just like San Antonio did with Splitter (by the way that is who I wanted the Jazz to draft when we took Almond). It is going to be the same thing with Rubio.

It has nothing to do with the buy out, but they have to wait that long to get out of the rookie salary. If the Jazz, Minnesota or San Antonio brings over the free agent before the 3 years they are on the Rookie Salary meaning they would have to get paid like any Rookie: 3 million a year unless you are the top 3 picks in the draft. Since Tomic is second round it closer to 1 million - much less than he is making in Europe

After the 3 years, they can be signed by your team as if they are a free agent. So San Antonio is going to use their full mid level exception on Splitter - 5.6 Million. The Jazz will have buy him out of his contract and use the full mid level exception on Tomic next off season


Adjusted for 36 minutes of play both OJ and Gaines score well (18.5, 17.6) both rebound well (9.5, 4.8).

On an adjusted basis Koufos (at 9.4)is the 3rd best rebounder after Boozer at 11.8 and OJ.

Jazz Source

Don't you people get it? The Jazz were fine with Tomic signing a deal to stay over there for a while to let him develop, perhaps gain some weight with age, and generally improve his game BECAUSE he was not NBA ready when they drafted him.

His time will come. He is not Pau Gasol right now but he has been and is getting better but he was not ready to come when they drafted him. Why pay him to come and sit here when he was not ready for the NBA?

The hypocisy on these threads is amazing. Just last week so many of you were bashing O'Connor and demanding he be fired and what an idiot for drafting Hayward blah blah blah.

Now this week he is looking like a genius for DRAFTING a guy IN THE 2ND ROUND, back in 2008, who is widely known as one of the BEST PLAYERS IN EUROPE!

You people ought to realize O'Conner has a fairly good idea of what he is doing.

In case you did not notice we are not unique in our difficulty in being able to handle the Laker front line.

Captain L

I have high hopes for both Fes and KK and I feel that both of them just need playing time with the regulars to get comfortable and become more productive. Both of them have alot of talent and will make the Jazz better if they are given a chance. So far neither one of them have been given the amount of time needed. The coaches need to help them gain confidence. Playing with confidence makes a big difference in productivity.
I am hoping Tomic wants to prove himself against the best in the world (nba), getting Fes and KK productive this year and then adding Tomic would make the Jazz formidable up front for years to come. All three are 23 or younger.
Except for Okur and AK the whole Jazz team is young, DWill and Milsap are still young but are the oldest of the bunch. CJ, Mathews, Fes, KK, Hayward, Gaines, OJ, all 23 or younger, Price is probably 25 or 26. I hope DWill sees how young this team is and sees that they can be real good, they are already a very good team they just need their bigs to develop.

Captain L

Tomic's three years will be up after this year, he has already played two years in Europe since we drafted him and this year will be his third. I'm hoping Tomic will have a great year this year and be anxious to come over here and prove himself with the Jazz. Hopefully he can gain some weight and strength.

Bill L

Makes Hayward even a better pick. Williams/Tomic/Hayward.....maybe not Stockton/Malone/Hornacek.....then again, MAYBE. It does show that mgmt have very good heads. Now, do they have plans for the 2 and 4 for the future. Hate to wait a year, but a year is a heck of a lot better than "whenever".

Jazz Source

re: Captain L

Koufus and Fesenko did not even stand out much in the D-League and Fesenko even struggled and put up mediocre numbers.

I disagree. Giving them more playing time carte' blanche is not a solution to giving them confidence.

Playing them in spot minutes when they can have success is what will help them get confidence.

Fesenko played significant minutes in the playoffs last year because we had not choice. Sometimes he played as much as 12-20 minutes and he was the biggest person on the floor and yet he was only getting 1-2 rebounds and zero blocks?

That clearly does not build his confidence because if he has a brain he is wondering the same thing I am. How come I can't get a rebound out here? How come I can't block anyones shot? How come I can't make a freethrow? It should have been painfully obvious to anyone watching that Fesenko was struggling to handle the mental pressure of having to be put in those situations when he clearly was not ready to succeed and produce--unless you call getting5 fouls in 15 mintues producing?


If Tomic plays another couple years in Europe to "develop" he will be 25 or 26 years old before he ever gets to the Jazz. In this day and age of the NBA that's a pretty darn old rookie. A little late to be starting a pro career. By the time he gets his feet wet and can be a consistent contributor he'll be about 28 years old. Not to mention the fact, Deron might to decide to bolt long before that. You guys are just counting eggs that haven't hatched, and may not for sometime. I say trade his rights for someone who can play now while D-Will is still here. I've seen many highlights of the kid, and while I like his game, I don't see him being as good as Pau Gasol.

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