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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Houdini is right as usual......The 3 guys Williams, Milsap and Matthews do all go out 150 percent of the time, although at times I say Paul get a little discouraged last year in some games.

If you had 9 more with heart to match talent we would be unstoppable in this league...The Jazz will not find a taker or trade Kirilenko and that is destroying this franchise.

Between "Joisey", "Nellie the Buffoon"

you could trade him...

but you need an actual General Manager to do that



AK contract is not destroying this franchise. The Jazz made it to the second round of the playoffs. They are one of the top 10 franchises in the League.
Is AK Over Paid - Yes

Let say we take AK contract off the books right now.
Would the Jazz be any more inclined to pay Boozer 6 years at max. No. I am not predicting if the Jazz resign or don't resign Boozer. I am just saying that the Jazz will give him an offer based on what they think he is worth.

Does AK salary stop us from getting another Free Agent?

The Jazz are sitting at 38 million without AK contract (assuming Matthews and Fes return). That
give them enough for one max player.
If the Jazz resign Boozer they would use up all the cap space.

Would it be nice to offer Bosh max money, but I suspect that Bosh will be going to a team that gets James. Since Boozer is considered the 5 or 6 best free agent and since the top 3 (Bosh, Wade, James) want to pay together

Any free agent (Stoudemire, Lee, Johnson,) would cost us Boozer and AK


The Jazz really should not pay Mathews more than 4 mill and probably less. They can get very good if not better SGs for that kind of money.

There seems to be a debate on how much Boozer is worth. There are a lot of teams with cap space. Those same teams seem worried about his injury history.

If he can only get 12-13 mill by moving the Jazz will probably keep him and juggle something else. I feel it is time to move beyond Boozer for a lot of reasons but if he gets cheap enough (10-12 mill)he gets more tempting.

Lee is a logical replacement for Stoudamire at PHO. Bosh is going to follow James. I think CLE and CHI are the most likely. I suspect Stoudamire goes to MIA.

The idea that Fes can only get an offer from the Jazz is not very accurate. He is young and raw but he is better than about 10 other Cs who played last year who are old and worn out. It sounds like his agent will be reasonable and that he wants to stay.

I think you will see steady progress from Fes.


Matthews is still in his second year. If we burn the majority of our mid-level exception on him we're dumb. If we had drafted him with our first round pick instead of Maynor he'd be paid $1.4M this upcoming season. If we gave Matthews our full mid-level exception he'd be paid more than any other second year player.

In a few years if Matthews has progressed and is still productive he'd be worth the full MLE. Right now he is a great young prospect, but not worth much more than an above average second year player.


Blauch, you make good points. Being we have so little money to work with for one I do not want to pay Matthews 3 or 4 million yet... He has one decent year in this league. Reading inside rumors and searching sites and all NBA news I can find, The Jazz are not likely (as expected) to sign anybody, making (as usual) my prediction true.

The 2010-2011 Jazz will be close to the same exact roster as 2009-2010, 2008-2009, 2007-2008 etc, etc.

2 suitors seem to be in the front running for Korver:

Minnesota and the Spurs in particular if they can get rid of Jefferson.

Being Bosh seems to be "unassuming" low key quiet guy who is professional and does not make a lot of racket-I do not assume he would not come here to play with DWIL. Likely Sloan and his "sloanaholics" would accept him and he would be low maintenance to coach.

He could replace Boozer and give us 2 more inches which would be great.

The other option is Joe Johnson who gives you a proven scorer at#2 strengthening us at that position with Millie replacing Boozer, Plus gain overall

Uncle Rico

"After the way he ( Fasenko) played in the playoffs"?!!

Fes got lit up by the lakers, they made him look like a complete fool.



Jazz need to let Boozer walk because they have to keep Okur due to the injury. Had Okur not been injured they could have traded him and kept Boozer. The Jazz will sign Mathews and Fes (hopefully Sloan will give him more pt). They need to sign a veteran big.. One idea that might work but will never happen - Utah sign and trade Boozer for Curry. Curry is giant and has talent and can be motivated by Sloan. If not he is off the books next year anyway. But what will Jazz do? go the safe route.. 55 wins exit 2nd round playoffs - terrible draft pick btw.. bye bye Korver..


Most NBA coaches do not consider Mathews to be "starter quality". Utah does not use the SG much. Brewer started for years and he is a back up on a non playoff team. How much is Brewer going to get in FA?

We cut Mathews slack since he is a rookie. He plays hard. He did really well for a rookie. However, most teams would not start him at SG. Utah is one of the few teams who would start him and that is mainly because Sloan does not use the SG like a normal team would.

It will be interesting to see if Hayward can beat out CJ as a rookie.

Even if the Jazz offer Boozer a 6 year contract starting at 12 mill a year, it will be a disaster with 11% raises each year. That is 20 mill a year for Boozer when he is 34.

The Jazz are idiots if they fall for that. Let some cap team have him and get something back in a sign and trade.


Fesenko was lost on the floor several times during crunch time against both Denver and LA. I watched and heard from the sideline as he threw his arms in the air mid-play and queried D-Will with "What do I do?"
Let's be really honest. We all know Fesenko has the body to play center in the NBA. He's huge! But come on, this guy has completed three years in the league and still doesn't know the offense. Give me a break. Until Fesenko learns to take his preparation seriously he'll never be anything but unfulfilled potential.
Koufos plays too soft. He's afraid to mix it up. He's like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. If Koufos finds some courage he'll be a good player.


I am less worried about paying Mathews than I am signing and keeping Boozer.

If the Jazz give Boozer a 6 year contract starting at 12 mill (sounds reasonable) with 11% raises each year then Boozer is costing 20 mill in his last year when he is 34+. That sound really dumb to me.

Captain L

Re Bugoff: I agree that the Jazz need to quit worrying about signing Boozer(it would be stupid, IMO)and worry about who they could find to fill his spot for alot cheaper. Financially it would cripple the Jazz for years.
If they will worry about developing Fes and KK they will have the two bigs they need.


I am not ready to give up on Fez or KK

Chuck Nunn

Uncle Rico, you're living too much in '82. Winglish, Fesenko was on the bench when the Lakers took control of every game early. And I don't know how all of you cats know what happens in Jazz practice when they're closed to EVERYONE. Must be clairvoyant, I reckon. Fesenko will be back, and he's just going to continue to improve.

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