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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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So Cal Ute

"A just-completed study seems to refute that and show how wrong perceptions by whites can be."

I love how people get away with reverse discrimination all the time. If there's a problem, blame it on "whites". It's not like there are not other ethnic groups who came here "legally" and want to enforce the laws of the land. This is a typical liberal move... blame everything on "white" people and then you will get what you want.


Any percentage of crimes, sex offenses, overcrowding of public schools, and general lawlessness by any person(s) in a country illegally is too much.


Hmmm, are we likely to receive more factual information from government studies and those studies done by various focus groups, or are we likely to receive more factual information from real people who really live in the areas which have really been impacted by the illegals?


I find it quite disturbing that among the DMC companies, there is unquestioned support for illegal immigration. Among reporters there is NO dissenting opinion.


There are only three issues on which no dissention is allowed within DMC: gambling, polygamy, and illegal immigration.

You can present all the data you want, but the rest of us are aware of the fact that unbridled illegal immigration will not benefit this country, but bring it to its knees.

These people did not respect our laws when they entered and you don't want certain laws upheld. That attitude leads to anarchy and chaos.

In your short-sighted, self-serving view you can pontificate that this is compassion. But how is it compassion towards those who have worked to gain entrance legally--usually at great expense, especially those who respect law according to their religious views? How is it compassion when our living expenses and taxes are substantially increased to cover illegals? How is it compassion when our freedom and liberty are tossed out (through lawlessness, increased tax burdens, etc.)?

Compassion? The correct word is Disdain.


Gee, whaddaya know? The Deseret Spews shilling for the open borders industry. What a shock.

Honestly, do you guys really think your readers really buy the propaganda, paid for, I'm sure, by the real estate/construction ads in the paper and by Mormon bigwigs with a financial stake in cheap labor, like the Marriotts, Holdings, and Ivorys?

Remember when this paper argued that this country needed illegal immigrants because they were driving the HOUSING BOOM that was driving the economy?

I sure do.

How about facts such as these: California, about 27% of it population immigrant, is now dead last in the nation in terms of education, with 1 in 6 members of its adult population lacking even a high school diploma.

Our nation has done marvelously well under the era of Clinton/Bush/Obama mass uncontrolled immigration: financial collapse, soaring income disparity, soaring state and federal budget deficits, and declining educational attainment.


I'm not sure what makes this paper angrier: the people who are opposed to illegal immigration, or the fact that it's been so completely ineffectual in getting its readers to go along.

This paper runs editorials, columns, letters and barely-concealed press releases masquerding as journalism every week, at least. And yet two years ago Utah voters turned out cheap labor advocate Chris Cannon, and denied his fellow-traveller David Ure a promotion to the state senate. This year we threw out cheap labor advocates Ben Ferry, Steven Mascaro, and Bob Bennett, the latter of which it referred to as an 'act of anger.' Several other cheap labor incumbents, including Lori Fowlke, didn't even bother running for re-election, as they knew they would lose.

The Deseret News seriously refuses to address the valid objections of Utahns to illegal immigration, and repeatedly fails, in its advocacy for "comprehensive immigration reform," to discuss methods of enforcement that it finds acceptable for dealing with illegal immigration.

Perhaps if it wants its readers to listen it should treat them with respect, which it increasingly fails to do.


Even if Illegal immigrants commit crime at about the same rate as citizens as the article suggests what does that mean? Should we ignore the border and not worry too much about who comes across? Maybe there are myths about illegal immigration, but at some point "we the people" need to solve the problem. I would suggest securing our borders more. Let the military handle it if need be. Is it a crazy idea to think about securing the border? How much money do we want to throw at the problem. You can decide, but I would suggest that on grounds of national security we ought to be doing a much better job. Once the border is more secure then we can debate about all the side issues. It is too easy to slip in the country and our enemies can or may have already taken advantage of this.


Congradulations DN, by commiting journalizm that happens to dispel myths about one subject you are now part of the left wing media, drive by media and the lamestream media.

The only problem you are going to have with that is having attacked the right wing belief system with facts.


The main thing this article shows is that both the press and the American government are strangely uncurious about the illegal immigration problem and its costs and effects.

The extrapolations, juxtapositions, and just plain SWAGs engaged in by DN writers, in their attempt to convince us the problem is not bad enough to worry about plainly show that, while the problem is readily visible and easily studied, no investigative agency really wants to knows its actual extent.

Can you imagine either the government or the news media being similarly uncurious about the cause and effects of the Gulf oil spill? The Red Butte Creek spill? The Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme? Sarah Palin's speaker fees?

Both your editorial bias and your institutional laziness are clearly apparent in this article.


Dear Cats: why do you feel that The Sensible Middle's comment is irrelevant? Do you see American Indians and their plights as irrelevant? Do you understand European-Americans' laws as the only ones worth keeping? Or did the comment's implication that almost all of us are, in fact, illegal aliens make you feel uncomfortable?

As far as I can tell, The Sensible Middle has it spot on: the main reason for our aggressive reaction to Latino immigrants is selfishness, not some sort of moral outrage about "illegality."


I have to give them credit for one heck of a spin job. Based on this article we should start paying Mexico $50K for each illegal they give us...since they're so beneficial to America.

life goes on

Thank you for showing the facts on the issue. I think a lot of people feel threatened by this article because it exposes their bias and racism. Thank you for taking a stand to protect the under represented.


*** "I have to give them credit for one heck of a spin job. Based on this article we should start paying Mexico $50K for each illegal they give us...since they're so beneficial to America." ***

Indeed. Bottom line is, you don't make a 21st Century, high-tech economy richer by importing millions of largely uneducated and illiterate (often in their own language as well as ours) people from a Third World nation. Those who feel this is the proper way to go about it should relocate themselves to Mexico or El Salvador rather than trying to relocate all of Mexico and El Salvador here.

We have spent the last 5 decades or more - since Sputnik, at least - obsessing about how far behind we are falling in terms of educating our students; that we don't have enough SKILLED workers. Now we hear that the US doesn't have enough UNSKILLED workers.

Well, which is it? Too many unskilled, or not enough? How can it be both? Because let's face it - the US is far, far behind most developed countries in terms of the educational attainment of its labor force.


At least the article and the posts make obvious the real nature of the complaint. The statistics tie immigration status to hispanic ethnicity. And, the majority of the "anti-immigrant" posts directly attack Mexicans or poor verbal English skills. Though, they don't seem to be equally concerned about poor written English skills.

I think this makes it clear that the Arizona arguement that they're not really going after Hispanics, just "illegals", is disingenuous double-speak.


It is clear that not enough systems and procedures exist for the collection of accurate data on illegal residents. Political cowardice on this topic is pervasive among the governmental bureaucracy, beginning with our elected officials. They won't stand up to La Raza, etc., and require such actions because they have grown fearful of negative PR (from pro-illegal groups) and attacks the of the complicit media. Even honest efforts to collect and report data accurately are not accurate because the percentage of illegals successfully using fraudulent identification is not known.


Another fact that anti-immigration conservatives won't admit is that the vast US/Mexico border is far more secure and better managed today than it ever has been (even in Arizona).

Is it 100% secure? No, and logistically and realistically it never will be. But for the chorus of conservatives/tea partiers/states rights activists and comment posters who refuse to even consider comprehensive immigration reform until "the wall is built and illegal crossings are zero", you have just moved the immigration goal posts out of the stadium. And what have you gained?

Nice job D-News. Your article shows the need for pragmatism based in reality, vs. rhetoric based on fear and xenophobia.


Interesting article. And it hit just when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's claim that most illegal aliens are drug mules was being contested by Sen. John McCain, D-Ariz. Me thinks there's a lot of misinformation out there. This is a first shot at trying to clean up the disinformation. Just because you don't like the conclusions, if you're anti-illegal immigrant with a passion, doesn't change the facts. If these facts are carefully documented, and they appear to be, it should cause thinking people to step back a bit and consider what's going on here.


LOL. How dare that liberal Deseret News publish facts that dispute my bigoted assumptions!


I wonder how many of these posters that claim this article is propagandistic are regular listeners of conservative talk radio. Guys like Limbaugh, O’reily, Beck and Savage are professional propagandists and they will never report news unfiltered. News from media members that claim an allegiance to a party or a cause will always have a spin on it.

The Myth on illegals and education dollars was actually confirmed.

Next these posters are going to try and say that the articles on the oil spill are just left wing environmentalist’s propaganda attacks.

News that challenges your beliefs is not called propaganda, it’s called responsible journalism.

LDS Liberal

Great Article Deseret News.

The sad thing is,
even with the "FACTS" in full light, there will be those who will continue to believe and accept myths over reality.

These people are more accurately called, "Racist Bigots".

Again, Great Article!!!

Keep up the good work.

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