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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Rarely have I heard or seen a more slanted article, especially one designed to solicit sympathy for illegal aliens.

Here are just a few "facts" that were not mentioned.

1) Rep. Margaret Dayton's legislative audit of a few years ago, stating that illegal alien school children likely are costing our state taxpayers as much as $85 per year. No matter how many illegals that amounts to, it still is a huge cost to our taxpayers.

2) Every ESL child in our schools costs the citizen children in their class, to say nothing about the cost to the taxpayers in this country. We have an obligation to our citizens who have been raised speaking English to give them the best education we possibly can. Taking time away from them to deal with an ESL child is time lost for our own.

3) No matter one's position on immigration in general, the citizens in this country have an absolute right to say who comes - and who cannot. That is a right that NO ONE has the right to compromise.

4) Then, it should go without saying that we ALL should be expected to honor our laws. Illegals DO NOT!


Very sneaky way to TRY to prove a point. Delete the negative portions of the extremely biased study and use only the stats that seem to prove your liberal side...which in this case is to use stats that are at least 4 years old and most are 6 - 10 years old.

Peel the onion and look to see the underlying danger here: Chris Burbank has a very personal and politically dangerous agenda that will reveal his complete contempt for anybody but himself and subsequently be damaging to the citizenship of SLC. Give California a call and see the amount of hospitals that are closed. See the Illegal immigrant crime in Phoenix and L.A....oh wait those stats weren't used in this article and study because they are on the wrong side of the liberal's agenda...and are too damaging.

Several years ago those cities took the same "no harm done" stance and now they are unable to recover without dramatic shifts and problems and/or they will not recover but destroy the basis of their society.

Word to the wise...don't trust that weasel Burbank. Ignore the lies of this article and study.


Very little in the way of myths are dispelled in this article. Time after time the answer given is that we really just don't know or that it really could be argued either way. I see little in the way of substantiated facts from unbiased sources. If anything the article creates more questions than it answers.
While I appreciate the effort I wonder how much effort was actually made in this article, the constant jumping from nationally based data to local doesn't leave the impression that alot was made. How about more data related to crime, healthcare and identity theft from border states?

Wow, Christine, I wonder where you stand on illegal immigration? If you were so interested in the truth why disparage the characters of others by making ridiculously false claims about their motives? You really weakened any point you were trying to make.


I personally don't give any credence that our government tells us any more. However--I do believe what I see with my own eyes and what my family, friends and previous co-workers tell me? In my state the schools are overcrowded to the max and should have a Mexican flag flying. My child's schools according to demographics is 82% Hispanic. Went to the emergency room with ex-spouse and the reception area was inundated with screaming children and people--who couldn't speak a word of English? It's a fact that Anchor Baby" children get instant citizenship and parents can get free pre-natal care and a low income housing. Then the whole family moves in--legal or illegal.


Here is my statistic. 7 out of 10 times that I am behind a person in line at the grocery store who cannot speak English, they pull out a WIC card to pay for their groceries.


This is a really great article. I love it when people get mad at reporters for publishing facts that they don’t believe.

A reporter’s and newspaper’s job is to is to investigate and report, not appease its readers.

Sorry this article goes against your prejudice beliefs WATCH DOG, but I’m sure there are plenty of ultra conservative forms of media that are more than willing to continue to serve you your cool-aid.


"We cannot lose sight of that we are talking about human beings that need to be treated with respect," Bush told the group, adding, "Massive deportation of human beings is not going to work."

As he has before, Bush tried to temper his call for tough enforcement.

"You can be a nation of law and a compassionate nation at the same time," he said.


I live in Southern California and would like to share with the people in Utah what Illegal immigration has done to this state. We are overwhelmed with Illegal Immigrants. They are everywhere and their presence has caused a situation which impacts everyone here. Our schools are severely overcrowded and the quality of education has dropped dramatically. Crime committed by Illegals including carjackings, identity theft, hit and run, drug trafficking, murder and assault has increased tremendously. Gang violence is at critical mass and law enforcement is ineffective in dealing with the problem. People who are working in the construction trades and the service sector have seen their wages plummet and businesses who employ U.S. citizens suffer while those who employ Illegals prosper. I hope that Utah doesn't become like California because we are in hopeless economic and social decline. I love Utah with its wonderful parks, schools and excellent infrastructure. Illegal Immigration will rob the tax revenues from the citizens of Utah and drain your ability to maintain the quality lifestyle you have worked so hard to have. Don't listen to open border fanatics. Most of them receive personal gain from illegal immigration. Be careful.


Arizona, I'm with you!!!

open minded

Nothing like having facts blow away every conservative complaint about illegals. But being conservatives they will still stick to their beliefs and convince themsleves they are right now matter what reality is.

my slc

Good job Des News!

I was pleased to read the article followed up with documented sources. We need more of this type of journalism these days.

Certainly this article will upset a large vocal subset of your readership, but that is also good. There is no problem so large or bad that it can't be talked and reasoned about.

In today’s troubled time, folks are uncertain, financially hurting, or unemployed. It makes sense that they look for a cause to these problems. Undocumented aliens and the government happen to the easy targets. In the past, as someone previously mentioned it was other minorities.

Utah and the US is rapidly going thru a demographics change. We are no longer the majority Caucasian country we were 50 or 60 years ago. And we won’t ever be again. Folks need to get used to it.


Thank you so much for this balanced and reasonable article, showing the sources of information used to examine this problem. Certainly the United States has an illegal immigrant problem that needs to be dealt with. But your article illustrates that certain issues have been exaggerated in effort to score political points. Let's all acknowledge that a reasonable solution needs to be established by our national government, working with state governments - especially the border states but also all other states who have illegal immigrants - and that everyone needs to work together in a bipartisan, fair minded approach void of hyperbolic claims and with honest intent of resolving this issue in the fairest, most balanced way possible.

Not So Fast

I find it amazing that reporters have given us facts and commentors (only some of course) get horribly emotional about the data and draw all kinds of conclusions about the reporters because facts are different from how they perceive the world.

This is one of the most conservative newspapers in existence and because readers disagree with the facts researched and presented, they figure something must be wrong with the messenger.


Dear Sensible Middle: Thank you for a completely irrelevant comment.

Not So Fast

Who could ever question the data gathered from internet sources such as spam e-mail and "pass-this-on-to-your-loved-ones" chain mail? Everybody know you can absolutely bank on that info. (I hope your sarcasm detectors have gone off!)

Just wait until everybody gets home from church and watch these comments REALLY kick into gear.

Deportation Glitch Lady

What sweetness of a reporting is this? With so much bunk news on legals-illegals as they are called, it has been hard even for a God fearing person to obtain one answer to a prayer.

There has just been too much bombardment with all kinds of garbage about the statistics of those who do this and that or the other in Utah.

This article sends a clear message to fools like me who have been making unsubstantiated statements about illegal legals or vice versa to shut up.

In the abscense of competing stats, this report should keep many crazy anti-latino/immigrant remarks at bay!


Hey D News, I've got a stat for you.

100% of all illegal aliens are breaking the law!

Dispute that!


"Why is anything that goes against conservative talking points labeled 'biased'."

It's the way Fox News and talk radio programs their victims. It is their tool to lie. Any real facts like the study done by the very conservative state of Texas can be ignored by blowing them off as being biased.

What's amazing. Who owns this biased source? Would most these same conservatives in Utah say at their local ward they lie to them?


This is from the baston of liberalism, Texas.

" The immigration debate has become more heated in 2006. Congressional hearings were held across the U.S. to discuss the impact of undocumented immigrants on the economy and the culture. At the same time, two distinctly different pieces of legislation were voted out of the U.S. House and Senate.

The Comptroller’s office estimates the absence of the estimated 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in Texas in fiscal 2005 would have been a loss to our Gross State Product of $17.7 billion. Also, the Comptroller’s office estimates that state revenues collected from undocumented immigrants exceed what the state spent on services, with the difference being $424.7 million"


I look at my fourth grade class (and my peer teachers') and can verify all claims made by this article to be the truth. I have some Hispanic kids and they represent these averages in who performs excellently, who gets in trouble(as much on average as the white kids) and including the reasons they get in trouble (these are people, not statistics). I have Hispanic kids who do excellently and I have those who struggle and everyone in between in a perfect "norm" curve and they are doing even better than the rest of the class if you consider that they are adapting from second language(s) and low income(teachers' lack of skill is visibly and research-wise the reason that they don't progress as fast.) HAVE YOU READ THE RESEARCH? HAVE YOU RESEARCHED THE RESEARCHER AND THEIR DISCLAIMANT'S ARGUMENTS? I know from reading research that researches research in this way and people in general (you?) don't read research and they usually only read commentary, research or reviews that favor what they think is right already. Do not trust ANY research that holds as it's premise that you cannot consider opposing arguments.

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