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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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yomero--we see the same thing, car after car, NOT registered in Az. Yet another violation of the law. Chances are they don't have insurance either.


WOW! The DeseretNews is trying to confuse people with FACTS. Whoda thunkit!


To tawillin | 8:08 a.m. June 27, 2010

***Illegal Immigration is NOT a criminal offense. Illegal immigration is a civil offense. There are some offenses that are criminal with immigration but crossing the boarder is not one of them. So, it is unfair to compare illegal immigration to a speeding because a speeding actually is a criminal offense.***

Actually, since it is illegal to be in the United States without proper documentation and approval, illegal immigration is indeed a criminal,not civil, offense.


Thanks to the DN writers who took a good look at the problem. Reliable data is difficult to come by due to the nature of the problem -- assessing the numbers and activities of those who don't want to be assessed.

As anyone can see by the comments above, illegal immigrants are becoming less and less popular. The country clearly needs immigration reform at a national level, perhaps on the European model consisting of "guestworkers" who are in the country for a time working legally. Amnesty -- tried that in 1986 -- is not a good option. Also, times have changed in the 250 years since the US Constitution was written. Children of illegal immigrants should NOT be US citizens.

Finally, the Deseret News should change the policy of suppressing the immigration status of persons accused or convicted of crimes. This is important information for the public to know. For instance, what was the immigration status of the woman accused of killing her 4 y/o stepson? How about the people accused of shooting the man shot to death last week as he was waiting to go to work? The public deserves to know if these people are illegal immigrants.


The problem with this "article" [which, incidentally, is really an op-ed of the Deseret News editorial staff] it ignores the millions of children of those illegal ALIENS. They are what is killing our local economies.

Every kid born to an illegal in the U.S. [and they seem to have lots and lots and lots of children] is a citizen. The article points out that illegals do not qualify for food stamps, Medicaid, etc. But their CHILDREN do. But the illegals pay nothing or next to nothing in taxes to offset that expense.

Add to that, the education system is throttled with non-English speaking children of non-English speaking parents. And guess who gets short-changed? The children of tax-paying citizens. English speaking children take a back seat to all of the "no hablo" kids who have to be hand-fed English in order to even get to the basics.

If I were one of the "reporters" listed as an author in this piece of pro-illegal trash I would be ashamed to have my name put in print.


ALL of us are entitled to our own opinions, NOT to our own facts and facts are facts. If we still feel strongly against and issue, so be it. But, it is CRUCIAL that facts be known so that educated opinions be formed.

On the other hand

Shaun McC wrote "for a piece that says it is dispelling myths, most of the information reported is admittedly less than accurate. ('It did not single out those who are illegal immigrants.' was used in some format four times in the first 2 pages.)"

If it's true that most illegal immigrants are hispanic (that certainly seems to be the only group I hear complaints about), and people assume that illegal immigrants are responsible for a certain percentage of crimes, and it can be shown that hispanics commit crime at a rate much lower than the assumed rate, then the myth of the higher crime rate is successfully debunked. It's true that we'd like more specific details on the percentage of crimes committed by illegals vs. legals, but the presented stats are perfectly sufficient to demonstrate that the assumed rate, as is applies to illegal Hispanic immigrants, is a myth.


I can't believe these people who keep writing in that being in this country illegally is a civil offense and not a criminal offense. That is factually incorrect. IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

If this were only a small problem, I don't think most people would be that concerned. But, when we get to the point that we feel like we are being INVADED and when drug dealing, violence, kidnapping, human trafficking, etc., etc., get this bad, Americans have had it. In addition, it is a terrible drain on our social services.

Look, I think most of us are somewhat conflicted about this issue. But, it needs to stop. I applaud Arizona for having the courage to fight. I hope Utah will follow suit. We've got to get control of our border.


Newsworthy well said...however make sure you pose real facts.....not spin as this article appears too!

The Great Houdini

Finally the TRUTH!!!!! stings ,don`t it.....


I knew when I read the first response to this article that it wasn't reliable. I live in the southeast corner of Arizona. I am originally from Utah. Why don't you folks who wrote the article come to my town and see what it is really like? I, and most of the people I know don't hate Mexicans or any other group of people. But, we don't like it when ANYONEwhat illegal


(continued)when people who are not citizens SNEAK into our country, kill people, destroy homes and land, take jobs that rightfully belong to the citizens of this great county, steal and cheat. It's okay if they come - do it legally. We are tired of paying for people who don't belong here. Hospitals, clinics, etc., are inundated with those who can't pay their way, and those who have a legal right to these privilegs can't get them. If you don't believe it, make a visit, read the paper, etc.


I don't want to hear any more "Push 1 to speak English" or the like.

I don't want to have to guess who is here illegally. I want some reasonable guarantee that my State and the entire nation is doing its job, protecting the borders and fighting crime including illegal immigration. I want to be able to welcome all Hispanics I see with the reasonable assurance that at least the vast majority are here legally, are not taking our jobs, stealing our identities, voting illegally, driving illegally.

I want this to be a nation, and this to be a state, in which we are all equal before the law, withot special terms for illegal immigrants, such as Driver Privilege cards.

I want to see illegal employers hit hard by good laws. I want to see laws that prescribe heavy penalties for new or old employees who are illegal immigrants.

I want to be a customer of the Deseret News but my views seem only to be represented by the readers not the journalists and chosen syndicated columns.

I want to be able to communicate, in English, to all my neighbors.


Here is the problem with the whole "illegal immigrants do not have a higher crime rate" myth. If they weren't here illegally any crime rate they present would not have occurred in the first place. It would be interesting to find out the rate of crime committed by illegals toward legal citizens. This rate would only be viable if it included identity theft, which, no matter how you spin it is a criminal offense and is a major problem within the illegal immigrant ranks.


The problem is just not too many Mexicans coming to the USA, but there are far too few Americans and Canadians moving to Mexico. The USA and Canada needs to negotiate with Mexico more favorable immigration laws for Americans and Canadians to immigrate into Mexico. Mexico is a country with trementous riches and opportunities. It needs to balance its population with modern new immigrants. It will then grow and prosper and most Mexicans and more Americans will prefer to live in Mexico rather than out migrate. Give the Americans the same opportunities to move to Mexico as the Mexicans have to move to the USA.

The Sensible Middle

If we kick all illegals off land, then non indians would have to be kicked off land where the American Government broke the treaties.

Are we ready for that?

Or does we need to enforce the law only work in the favor of us? It really isn't about keeping the law is it? It is about what ever is in our selfish interest. Lets be honest and state what it really is that we want.


The Deseret News is one of the most biased news sources I have seen on this issue. Why, I'm not sure? But they would have you think that Utah citizens have no right to complain when illegals are overrunning our borders and bringing their crime with them.

Viva la Migra

It's interesting that the authors use the term "perceptions by whites" in this article. Does this imply that white people are racist when it comes to wanting to laws enforced equally for all?

Perhaps the authors could point out that the Salt Lake City jail statistics could be skewed because all Hispanics arrested are classified as "white". There is no place to specify ethnicity and there isn't a checkbox to indicate whether or not they are here legally or not. Burbank has been very clear that he isn't going to ask that question anyway.

With a database like this, how can they tell us with a straight face that illegal aliens/Hispanics don't commit any more crime than legal citizens? You can't run a query if the data isn't there.


Good article! I'm glad some one is looking for the TRUTH! I can tell a lot of time and effort went into this research to find the facts and the truth.

It seems that some deceiving Utah politicians (Sandstrom, Herod, Wimmer, etc) can't even do elementary school statistics. They should come out of the closet and acknowledge that they really are nazis and put forth their real motive.


Why is anything that goes against conservative talking points labeled 'biased'.

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