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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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By the way. What part of "ILLEGAL" DO YOU Journalist , do you not understand?????


What caused the change between the wonderful nostalgia engendered by photographs of immigrants sailing past the Statue of Liberty and the out and out "throw the bums out" mentality of current immigrants? I live in New Mexico. Guess what, we gets a lot of immigrants, some legal some not. Some of these same people worked on our family dairy farm. They were hard workers. I say lets open our borders.


I've always thought that the problems associated with illegal immigration were wildly overstated and that yes it is very bigoted to label them as criminals. The fact is that there are only about 5000 work visas for the types of jobs immigrants typically fill, while in the earlier part of the decade the economy was adding hundreds of thousands of them each year. That is why the system is broken. It does not reflect economic reality. Even if you run them all out, I doubt many Utahns would be applying for jobs at the dairy or as sheepherders. Get a grip. Our immigration "problem" is mostly supply and demand. We can't accept them in good times and turn around and criminalize them in bad times.


Lee Davidson, Elaine Jarvik, Louis m. Collins and Chuck Gates. SHAME ON YOU. Evidently you good people show great intelligence but have absolutely no, NONE, zilch, on knowledge of America's GOD, given CONSTITUTION and that GOD in Heaven, meant our beloved America, to be a Nation of laws to be followed by all. Could you elite Journalist tell me. What part of America's law does "ILLEGAL", fit??? Answer-JAIL, PRISON, INCARCERATION, no political correctness here. A word to the wise is sufficient. Remember folks. The glory of GOD, is intelligence. It does not take a rocket scientist to see what is wrong with this article.


No doubt Ken and many more of you should be in Jail and locked up for something.
You are so igor to lock others up, Let's Lock Up some of these Judges, Prosecutors and District Attorneys that do not do their job properly.
We have to many People locked up that are innocent.
We are supposed to have a speedy trial, Many People are in jail for 5 years and never convicted for anything. What ever they had is now lost.
The Judicial System is corrupt.
You all want someone else locked up.
People without a Lawyer will be convicted because they can not afford a Lawyer.
The Lawyers in Utah are behind the times in The Constitution.


What a disappointment!!

I read this article with the hope of finding some more authoritative basis for or against the many claims for or against our nations idiotic toleration of illegal immigration.

What I found instead was a poorly organized collection of very loose statistical data, much of it not even pertaining to ILLEGAL immigration.

Furthermore, almost all of it was presented with a clearly apologetic tone that suggests a much less than objective stance from the reporters than I expect from no less than FOUR "journalists".

If this was the best that the Deseret News can come up with (something I assume considering the number of people involved) on such an important and long-festering problem, then I will need to adjust my expectations of the D-News downward by quite a bit.

Non sequitur

Let's assume most illegal immigrants pay taxes, have auto insurance, and work hard. I am a citizen; I pay taxes, I have auto insurance and I work hard. Which federal law should I be able to ignore? We are either a nation of laws or we are not. Equal protection means the laws will be applied equally or they will not be. There are millions of hard working people all over the world who want to be here to pursue a better life for their families. The mere fact that it's easier to enter illegally from Mexico than from Darfur should not be an advantage for the pathway to a better life.


jplant -look a bit closer at the so called sources you claim the Dnews quoted. Several times they quote a person and not a study. That indicates an opinion, certainly not any kind of reliable data. A newspaper publisher once said "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one" This article is confirmation of that statement.


Perceptions by whites? What the heck sort of a statement is that?

If the study of crime doesn't take into account citizenship status, what is the point? Being here illegally is in fact a crime but somehow that doesn't count as a crime in these studies.


This article reminds me that we have a group of people in our society who are more like ghosts rather than human. We can't even identify who they are or give accurate statistics regarding employment and other activities they are involved in. They could easily be sleeper cells involved in future terrorism. The illegals have more freedom than we do because no one is tracking them or holding them accountable for their actions. Even when they are caught and returned to their country, they can easily return and do what they want. The rest of us have to pay the consequences for their behavior, such as stolen identities, crime, etc. Why should I even have to be responsible for these ghosts? America is a land of laws. When are the politicians going to enforce them? One is too many so why bother to do your bogus research? This is my country!


The problem with this story is it says all illegals are from Mexico. That just isn't the case. There are many illegals who have overstayed their visas from other countries. That would make them ILLEGAL. Whether you cross over the border without a visa, or you stay in the country while your visa is expired, it is illegal. That means it violates a law, and in America is a crime. Therefore, 100% of all ILLEGAL immigrants are criminals according to American law. There's a fact no one wants to talk about.

Ultra Bob

Kudos for the Deseret News for their effort in trying to make sense of the propaganda about illegal immigration and it’s problems. Unfortunately many of us feel that you failed. The things we see and hear about in our everyday world overwhelmingly tell us that the influx of foreign people is dominating jobs previously held by Americans.

American families are hurting, when they can’t find jobs and see so many Latinos working everywhere, it is hard not to make the conclusion that the problems are cause by the new arrivals. All the statistics about supposed real truth just can’t match personal observation.

The propaganda that illegal immigration is a liberal thing, is a lie. Although liberals like myself will cheer the advent of new Americans regardless how they get here, the real imputes is the business quest for low wages. And because business is mainly conservatives, it is the conservatives who want to impede the solution to illegal immigration.

The fix for problems is in the fixing of our economic system to provide for the circulation (redistribution) of wealth throughout our society. Only then will we survive as the American dream.

Eric Samuelsen

What a superb article. You have done a great service to our state and our country with this immensely valuable tribute to first rate journalism.

La Tortuga

You guys are really too much! Accusing the Deseret News of pushing a liberal agenda? Really?

I for one applaud the DNews for doing their best to put together some fact based analysis, rather than a bunch of baseless talking points, on a subject where very few figures are publicly available.

Stalwart Sentinel

This is hilarious. It's as though I am watching the conservatives world falling apart. Keep up the great posts!


@ nobody_s fool......if you see car after with chihuhha .licence plates ,drop kids off at school ,it means they are U.S. citizens ,or explain how they cross the border everyday .so the only biased here is you.


Terrific article! I hope we'll see more like this. Without responsibly-reported facts, the political discussion tends to devolve into fevered name-calling on both sides.

For those of you who saw the article as solely pro-immigation, you need to read more carefully. There was food for thought on both sides.


The basics of any study require first a good model and second good data. You have neither upon which to base any of "findings" of this article. For example, how does the database differentiate between what it designates as crimes by legal and illegal immigrants, or white and "hispanic" Until you really look at how this data is being categorized, you are just dealing with nonsense. And, that is what the database is. Article writers ask yourselves, how many Peruvians committed crimes in the USA and how many were illegal entrants to the country. Now find that in the database. You can not because it blends all "hispanics" into one group and fails to delinate between illegal and legals. Further give that legal immigrants by their extreme sacrifice to enter the country by fulfilling all of it laws become some of the most law abiding citizens their inclusion "hispanics", reduces the average crime rate of the group because in the case of the "hispanic" group they represent a sizable component of the population. I appreciate your effort find objective data in the case of this article and its basis you just have not done so!


Three quick observations - and I am one that believes we should streamline the process and increase access for non-criminal immigrants to come here legally.

The editor that reviewed this piece is not doing his/her job. First, in most cases, information that goes against the basic premise that we are over-reacting to illegal immigration is not used in this piece. That is not journalism - it is propaganda.

Second, for a piece that says it is dispelling myths, most of the information reported is admittedly less than accurate. ("It did not single out those who are illegal immigrants." was used in some format four times in the first 2 pages.)

Third, some items are dismissive or misleading and should have been caught by the editor. For example, from page 4, it says, "It's unlikely that Hispanic illegal immigrants are crowding most of Utah's public schools, given that about one in seven (14.7 percent) of the children enrolled are Hispanic" How exactly is that not crowding the schools?

I have usually felt that the Deseret News had high standards of journalism, but I'm beginning to wonder. Present this as news or opinion? Decide.

DN Subscriber

Accepting as a fact that it is hard to find data on the effects of illegals, the Deseret News will surely support Utah passing a law requiring that all government services determine if the recipient is a citizen, legal resident, or illegal alien. (Call the latter "undocumented", or "other" if you cannot bear to use the correct term, "Illegal alien.")

This should be done for every school registration (K-12 and university level!); every law enforcement action; every court proceeding; every medical visit; every welfare payment; every CHIP enrollment; every vehicle registration, etc.

If state funds are even remotely involved, we have a right to determine if the people using our services are here legally.

After we do that, the Deseret News needs to do a new article, based on actual data, and tell the truth, unable to hide behind phony numbers from liberal advocacy groups.

The U.S. has always welcomed, and benefited from legal immigration, but we are always harmed by illegal immigration.

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