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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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El caballero

Why the agenda-based article? It discredits much of the "information".


I teach English to rural immigrants. Our enrollment process doesn't question documentation status, but the vast majority are most likely undocumented. They are kind, hardworking people, not killers, rapists, nor drug kingpins. They are moms and dads wanting to read storybooks to their babies and understand what their older kids are saying in English and help with their homework. They are young fellows who work in the hot sun/pouring rain/freezing cold or eviscerate and cut up chickens all day. Instead of going home to pop open a Corona and plop down in front of the TV, they attend class two nights a week to improve themselves. How many American day laborers would make that choice? In very few cases, if any, are these fellows taking jobs from Americans. If we Americans weren't such lazy, choosy workers, there wouldn't be jobs for immigrants. When a local factory closed, I was involved in a GED and job skills program for laid-off Americans. Their attitudes were horrible, their effort practically nonexistent, and attendance sporadic. I can't tell you how often I heard, "Ain't no way I'm workin' outside or in no chicken plant."


BTW: the artwork depicted at the beginning of the article shows the Mexican flag colors covering a large portion of the U. S. A slap in the face to legal citizens.


To "Moderate", hiring an illegal alien to work for you is also a crime.

The reality is that we don't have an illegal immigration problem, we have an illegal employment problem.

Do you patronize a McDonalds if there is a hispanic behind the counter with questionable english skills? If so, you are likely contributing to the problem, not being part of the solution.

Do you bargain on price for work on your home, go with the lowest quote and hire a contractor who has hispanics with limited english skills? If so, you are contributing to the problem.

If we started seizing all assets of any business that employed an illegal alien, the immigrants would not be around because they would have no jobs.

In then end though, this article is being attacked because it challenges the brainwashing that has been methodically completed by Limbaugh, Hannity, and the other right wing idealoges.

C. Darwin

Biased article intended to mislead American citizens into accepting crime and corruption. Not a chance that it is believable much less factual. The real situation is the one we see on the streets every day. No amount of liberal spin will convince the average law-abiding citizen otherwise.


For all of you that love illegals remember this you are slapping the faces of all those who have and who are legal immigrants to this country. You say what laws have they broke. They broke the biggest of all they didn't wait to come here legally. They are saying the laws do not refer to us.

Anonymous Infinity

Who passed the law that the offspring of illegal intruders are automatically citizens of the USA just because they are born on American soil? This is insanity. People who believe just because we used to have guest status for folks to work the agriculture crops and then return to Mexico when the crop season was over, and now these people have citizen status are crazy. This isn't 1900 or the 1800's when mostly Europeans immigrated to this country. This country cannot accomodate the 10's of millions of people who would come here from wherever. It would ruin us with all the socialism we now have.


I live n Texas. Utah stats don't apply here. There are a LARGE number of crimes committed by immigrants--and many of them are illegal.

lost in DC

What a deceptive, misleading, agenda driven waste of space this article is!

The posted graphics show something clearly as false, then the following paragraphs go on to say at best that we don't really know.

Examples - the graphics say it's false:
to claim illegals take away jobs, but it says it "gets murky" and "is debatable" and gives no clear evidence they don't take jobs.

that Americans spend billions to educate illegal children, then quotes an S&P study saying it cost $11.2 billion. How can it not cost billions and cost $11.2 billion? it says they pay that much in taxes, but says we don't know how much tax they pay!

that we spend spend billions in medicare on illegals - but the graphic ignores the fact we spend billions on medicaid, which is funded by citizens.

that illegals crowd and don't pay for emergency rooms, but then says we don't know

that illegals get foodstamps, when an article in this very paper within the last couple weeks said a family of four with US born kids and illegal parents get MORE in food aid than a similar legal family


Be prepared for more biased articles like this one, and probably a tv advertising campaign as well, trying to influence the American public to go in favor of amnesty for all illegals. So illegals make up 4% of the prison population, according to the article. So what's the national cost of imprisoning that many illegals. A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking about some real money.

Gregory Johnson

Gee, if you could reduce the violent crime in your city by over 25% by getting rid of the illegals would you do it? Their are a couple of counties in VA that reduced their violent crime by 38% by getting rid of the illegals. One city does not a study make.


America, the land of the free, desired by many because of that freedom and opportunity! Laws have been enacted to protect that freedom and opportunity, that is why we have immigration laws. Anyone can apply for legal immigration to this country....that is the rule of law. Not unlike other countries who likewise seek to protect immigration in their country! If we don't abide by the rule of law then all that America has been, will be reduced to just another country run by corrupt government, to be feared! I support the rule of law in this country and to do less is inviting disaster in this country. Illegals have no rights in this country....they may demand them, but under the rule of law they must first become naturalized citizens then they will have all the protection under the laws of this land as well as enjoy all of the rights and privileges of legal citizens.Uphold the laws of the land and you will protect your freedom and liberties garanteed by the Constitution of this land!

Gregory Johnson

100% of illegal citizens in this country have committed a crime, thus the term illegal.


Best original article from the DesNews I've ever read. Keep it up.


Illegal aliens in Maricopa County, Arizona were 9% of the population in 2008. They accounted for over 18% of ALL actual felony convictions. That is undeniable fact. Also, corridors of public land in Arizona are posted no entry for American citizens because the land is controlled by foreign criminals. These posted warnings are within 30 miles of the Capitol. No myths, just undisputable facts.


Legal Beagle--great post

To parents and employers everywhere--Do you allow your children or employees to pick and choose which rules they will abide by?

What happens when one of your children or one employee is not held accountable as are the other children or employees?

Every day at school, as the illegal parents drop off their kids in very nice, new vehicles, we wish we had access to the benefits they are receiving. (thanks for the info on TANF VickieB--that answers a question we have)

Illegal is illegal, they are costing this country $, who knows how many unreported crimes there are (illegals don't call the police when they are victimized), and murder in the desert is not uncommon, just unreported.


Illegal Immigration is NOT a criminal offense. Illegal immigration is a civil offense. There are some offenses that are criminal with immigration but crossing the boarder is not one of them. So, it is unfair to compare illegal immigration to a speeding because a speeding actually is a criminal offense.

Nobody_s Fool

Very biased article. Maybe they should come down here to El Paso & live where I live, pay the taxes I do, watch car after car with a Chihuahua license plate drop their kids off at school & visit a hospital ER & local jail/prison system, before they try to make it sound as if illegals really aren't a problem. What a joke - I expect better from any newspaper!

Mike Richards

Four Deseret News reporters showed their level of competence by collectively writing an article to "prove" their own preconceptions.

Were those reporters never taught to get to the bottom of an issue before writing a story?

Were those reporters told to gather only the facts that supported their thesis?

Did those reporters rely on Chief Burbank for their information?

The objectivity of the Deseret News is now suspect. Other posters have pointed out how "data" was misused or ommitted.

Shame on the Deseret News.


I do believe that all American Journalism, should be made it manditory to MASTER, the wisdom on america's beloved GOD, given CONSTITUTION. .

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