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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Magna, UT

Isn't it interesting that the media seems to only have one primary perspective on this issue? There wouldn't be such a thing as media bias, would there? The powers making money off of illegals and legal immigration, through the suppression of wages, etc., obviously have found soul-mates with those who promote open-borders for political purposes.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Yet another liberally biased article that shows favor towards criminals who sneaked into our country illegally. One has only to see the words "undocumented immigrant" or "undocumented worker" in an article like this to tell you that it's overwhelmingly liberally biased.

The article states that illegals do pay sales taxes. Yeah, duh, I think that's a pretty obvious point. Yet, the glaring ommission here is where the article fails to say how much MORE illegal mexicans use in government entitlements (eg: WIC, welfare, school, health care in ER's and everything else under the sun for their anchor babies) than they pay into the system. When are you libs in the media going to understand that we, the people, aren't buying this garbage anymore?

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

More liberally biased "journalism" trying to make people justify criminal behavior.

Erda, Ut

What bothers me about this report is the fact that you are ignoring the word ILLEGAL....I don't care if it is one sex crime, or one drug killing, when they are illegal one is too much especially if it involves the taking of life of a U.S. Citizen. You wouldn't get away with that in Mexico.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

This article is from JUNE and yet it still links to the home page.
Methinks it is a bit stale.
But it is the LDS Inc stock-in-trade. Can't we all just get along...and ignore the reality of the impact of trespassers?

Huntsville, UT

I read the title of this article and thought, "Wow, finally a piece of true journalism." But after 1/4 the way through, I found so many holes in your arguments, that I just gave up.

Same ole' same ole'.

Why doesn't anyone have faith in the facts? Why is journalism used so to further personal agendas? People can decide for themselves.

People, set out to find the facts through credible sources. Stop forwarding junk. Forward quality, confirm-able emails. Then we don't have to rely on this junk filled, poor excuse for journalism.

I think tonight, I'll mourn the hope I had of ever reading true journalism in any newspaper.


Salt Lake City, UT

It concerns me that we make a joke of our legal system. If a guest ignores the law should citizens also have the right to similarly pick and choose which statutes they find are too bothersome? Once it is deemed moral for the impoverished to cross a border without a passport, could not the same arguments be used for the poor to not report earned income or even file a 1040 form?

What is the effect of mass illegal immigration on impoverished U.S. citizens? When 10 million to 15 million aliens are here illegally, where is the leverage for the American working poor to bargain with employers? If it is deemed ethical to grant in-state tuition discounts to illegal-immigrant students, is it equally ethical to charge three times as much for out-of-state, financially needy American students. What other country affords illegals entitlements?

What are we to tell the legal immigrant from Southern Mexico who got a green card at some cost and trouble, or who, once legally in the United States, went through the lengthy and expensive process of acquiring citizenship? Was he foolish to follow our laws?

Spanish Fork, UT

Jan Brewer for president.

La Quinta, CA

God corrects the child in whom He delights, so those who break the law should be given correction that fits the crime - deportation.

La Quinta, CA

Many of America's print media publications are now facing well deserved financial extinction due to their penchant for bias, censorship, and promotions of unpopular political positions, rather than reporting facts. No issue illustrates their heavy bias more than illegal immigration.

Salt Lake City, UT

Do like the Israelis do, fine the employers a stiff fee and put the new illegals (and those that overstay their visa) in detention.

Chicago,, IL

Can Deseret News point out what its rationale for this article is? Immigration is a political issue. The system should be adjusted. Illegals are here illegally. Until the law is changed, American society has a choice of 1) giving assistance to people who knowingly violated the law or 2) enforcing its laws. It makes little difference to me whether the law is enforced by Arizona or the feds. The locals do seem to have more of a vested interest in the issue.

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