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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Arizona Boy

I wish everyone could watch video of just one week from the Arizona border. You would see home being broken into, illegals stealing, illegals KILLING when confronted by the homeowner or rancher, drugs being traded, 24 illegals being crammed in one vehicle, all of this in temperatures of 110 to 120 degrees which makes it even worse for tempers, etc., etc., etc.. The borders MUST be shut down excpet for LEGAL crossing! I wish these reporters were forced to live on the border in a tent and watch all of this!


The US has only limited immigration for 90 years of its 234 year history except for a few clearly racist laws aimed at Asians. The problems with large numbers of illegals started shortly after the laws came into effect.
The law enforcement statistics for the cities and counties of southern Arizona have shown a decline in violent crime over the last decade.

I just love the "I can't hear you! You can't confuse me with facts!" reactions. It does Utah proud. Where did these commenters learn this? Did you not learn these reactions indicate a serious cognitive problem in school?

Oh, wait, Utah is dead last in per pupil spending in schools. Never mind.


I appreciate the Deseret News taking a critical look at numbers we hear on this issue. I was an ESL teacher at a High School in the Salt Lake valley and as such worked closely with the 5% hispanic population.I don't have direct numbers but from speaking with my students I would estimate that less than 10% of them were undocumented. One student in particular really broke my heart. She was a straight A student and would not be able to attend college after graduation because of her undocumented status. Our country will lose a significant contributer because of the decions her parents made. The decision to leave was made for her she never had the chance to make the decision for herself. If we account for undocumented children that NEVER DECIDED to enter illegally the numbers of law breakers drops dramatically.I understand that our laws should be enforced but we need to be pragmatic and compassionate as we look at this situation. Thank you DN for pointing out what I already knew the numbers we are dealing with are not as high as we think.


Thanks for the article. I wish we could all talk together and look at the issue from the big picture perspective. These are real people, good people on the whole. They make many contributions. We are doing our country a real disservice by not looking at a comprehensive solution to this problem.

Bob Pomeroy

Shocking that so many people (apparently) believe that the truth is limited to their own beliefs.
Thousands fled the colonies from the red-flaggers, leaving all id behind, and crossed into the US 'sin papeles'. We embraced them. It is inconsistent to have different rules for others.
Not to fear. Truth will prevail. Shouting something does not make it true.

Jean Clelland-Morin

Wow. I was momentarily (only momentarily) surprised at all the hate from those (behind pseudonyms) who claim to be more expert on the subject of immigration than the authors of this article. / What needs to be addressed is the corruption and complicity between governments. Another problem comes from the use of drugs by U.S. citizens. Have we not learned anything about building walls between peoples? Flag Wavers seem to think they are superior to immigrants because they happened to be born in the U.S. / I'm 72, an ex-Mormon, grad of BYU and grew up in that racist, sexist, us-and-them, better-dead-than-red family. When I pierced my ears, my father said it was "barbaric, just like those greezy Mexican girls". The mentality continues. // Jean Clelland-Morin


As a hispanic I am very conservative regarding illegal immigration. I believe it is wrong and agaisnt the law, regardless of why people choose to enter the United States illegaly. It's illegal and that can't be argued. The issue I have is I often question weather people are really against illegal immigration, or if they are agaisnt immigration as whole. At times I feel that that people are agianst hispanics. Comments such as "we need to stop the brownizing our our country", "Mexicans try to impose their culture, and can't assimilate"... and many more along those lines.


I would really like to hear what people think of my scenerio. My family immigrated to the USA from a South American country to Eastern US early 90s. My father studied in the US as a international student in the 70s, and applied for and obtained his residency.He left the US for what he thought was for good. Thirty years later with USA college degree and fluent english he found it hard to make in our home country. He decided to come the US not knowing if his residency was still valid. We came to the USA on tourist visas. One of the first things my father did was check to see if his Residency was valid, which it was. He applied for citizenship years later, and then applied for the rest of us. This meant we were here undocumented (illegal) for about 6 years while everything was processed. I know we paid thousands of dollars in fines. I didnt find this out until I was a teenager and went to take our interview. At times I feel like a hypocrite for the views I hold, but me coming to the states was not in my control.


Illegal immigration of US citizens is not tolerated in Mexico, yet, they expect to do it here and get away with it. They still think they own the US. Our weak President Obama fears the hispanic voters. Well, he will get a WAKE UP CALL if his malfeasance in office persists in the next two elections.

Vote him out and all his leberal friends with him. His agenda is Marxist.


Thanks for the information. There was an important part of immigration (legal or illegal) that you did not cover, though. Language. I think one of reasons that many have prejudice against Hispanics is that they do not speak English. Sure it takes some time to learn, but if you came to America to enjoy our freedom, opportunities, and lifestyle, please learn our language so you will truly be seen as American.


So what you are saying there is no reliable source of information on this.


Thanks DN for an impressive article! It was one of the better pieces I have read on this issue.


When I look at the world, I see some countries that contribute to the world as a whole - in technology, medicine, or some other worthwhile way. To just focus on Mexico, what is coming out of there other than illegal aliens? Well? Any Nobel Prize winners? All I see is "give me, give me, give me." Someone posted here that they would like to see Americans and Canadians immigrating to Mexico so there would be a balance. Funny. I wouldn't even vacation in Mexico is I were paid to go. What would the chances be that I could come back without being robbed or shot? How many murders have taken place there in just the past 2 days? One of them a politician, and one a nationally known singer. If they weren't safe, who would be? When crime is so strongly linked to one nationality (read the papers, watch the news), why should any American want to see more immigrants from that country come here? And ILLEGAL on top of it.


The number of posters who didn't read the article is interesting. Evidently their preconceived ideas can't be challenged.

This is one of the better pieces I've seen on this issue. It was well thought out, intelligently presented and shows how hard it is to get at the truth. Kudos to the authors and the DN.

It is a shame that our education system and religious institutions have failed to teach several generations to use logic and reason before arriving at an opinion.

Let the hate continue here in the comment session.


@Celtics77: I'm amazed that there aren't more Hispanic voices like yours. I don't think this is a race issue, it's about law and order. We can't open our borders to Africa, Bosnia, Russia, the islands and Mexico and NOT have some serious problems. It so happens that for Mexicans, they have the easiest way to get here. It's not fair for those who are trying to get in legally. The legal Hispanic community should be outraged at what the illegals are doing to them.

@David Jay and others: you hide behind compassion. Where is the fairness of your "open arms" manifesto. Law and order buddy. Law and order.


Obama will tear down the borders like Regan did the Berlin wall.

This what America wanted when they voted for Obama.

Brian H.

Sorry to ruin the fun, but I've done a lot of research on immigration (not like reading the paper, watching tv, or armchair philosophizing, I mean actual academic research for a university). This article is the best non-academic summary of what is *actually* going on when it comes to immigration. You can blame them for using biased sources if you want, but no truly objective observer can argue with me when I say that their sources (liberal as they may be) are more accurate than most of the sources thrown around. I know you people in Utah hate it when the liberals are right, but this might not be your battle. It's easy to articulate anti-illegal-immigrant rhetoric that seems logical, but incredibly difficult to support it with empirical data. The data don't agree with you, and I know which I trust more. Public opinion has been wrong more than once. I don't know where we'll end up in 20 years on the immigration issue, but I'd rather not allow the frightened public voice to outweigh fact and reason.



How in the world can you classify my opinion on illegal immigration. Do you just assume, because I am against hate, I'm for illegal immigration? If so, you are mistaken my friend. I believe that we need to have reasonable immigration laws that are strongly enforced.

But all the hate spewed here proves that most of the posters did not read the article. Either that, or they have severe reading comprehension problems, because many of the posts had no relation to what was printed. Media talking points were regurgitated even when they had been proven in error.

Hating everyone and everything is wonderful. It isn't Christian and it doesn't align with the tenants of most major religions, but it is evidently allowed and encouraged in Utah. I find it saddening because I never learned to hate like this.

Facts Are Fun!

Myth: Immigrants take jobs from Americans.

FACT: Immigrants create new jobs, and complement the skills of the U.S. native workforce.

Facts Are Fun!

Myth: Immigrants will cause massive, unnecessary population growth in the United States.

FACT: As the baby boomer generation begins to retire and the U.S. fertility rate declines, it will be necessary to replace our aging workforce with immigrants to maintain economic growth.

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