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Published: Monday, June 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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geez ... If you guys are so in love with hispanics and Mexico, why don't you move there and sing kum bi ah for the rest of your lives.

What part of "ILLEGAL immigrant" do you "reporters" not understand?

If you don't like the law then try to change it. But don't sit there and play spin doctor all day to try and influence the general public toward your illegal slant.

DN Subscriber

The source for this "study" on the crime aspect is a left wing outfit called the "Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity" which is a front for liberal advocacy groups. The CPLE website brags:

"Drs. Phillip Atiba Goff & Tracie Keesee, Executive Directors of the Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity, in conjunction with Chief Chris Burbank of the Salt Lake City Police Department recently wrote an op-ed that was published by the Huffington Post..."

Hardly a respected academic analysis of facts presented in a mainstream forum. Clearly they are a bunch likely to cherry pick facts they like and ignore those they don't.

Burbank is blatantly biased about illegals and will not enforce the laws already on the books. That tells us a lot about his objectivity!

I would expect a piece like this from the Tribune, but expected better from the Deseret News.


Finally! An honest look at the issue. I'm so tired of all the misinformation, made up stats, and fear mongering. THANK YOU Deseret News!


The prison numbers are not accurate because they are deported. Chief Burbank knows this which is why he used the prison figures instead of actual crimes. The "myths" are based on what people see on the evening news.


10,000,000 or more illegal immigrants are proof that the Government of the United States of America has not met its responsibility in securing the borders. I am sure that many myths are out there being repeated endlessly. But it is a fact that for many years the Federal government has not done a proper job on the border and enforcing Federal laws.

Legal Beagle

I fefute the premise of your entire article. Real damage is done to our country and our society when laws are not enforced; damage is also done to the illegal immigrant who is forced to live in the shadows of society. The greatness of our country is firmly rooted in the rule of law. The failure of the Federal Government to enforce the immigration laws undermines the Rule of Law. Further, wanting immigrants to come through the front door is not racism...is honesty!! Obviously, your article is an attempt to whitewash the dishonesty of illegal immigration....whether or not the alleged "myths" are true or not.


The "Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity" is the organization that Chief Burbank belongs to. It is the organization started by the police chiefs of the sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws. A very liberal pro-illegal immigration group.

I had hoped this would be unbiased.


The "Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity" is the organization that Chief Burbank belongs to. It is the organization started by the police chiefs of the sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws. A very liberal pro-illegal immigration group.

I had hoped this would be unbiased.


The 5% of illegals employed would reduce the unemployment numbers if actual citizens could have those jobs. It would have been professional if these 4 reporters would have actually had an anti-illegal immigration point. I did not see one in this whole article. Where have all the unbiased reporters gone?


Hats off, great article.


You really pick and choose what you report, and your sources. Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity is PERF. Organized to fight any immigration enforcement.

There are no government agency in the U.S., FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement that tracks crime by people here illegally, so any study will be biased according to the point they are trying to prove. We watch the news at night and read the papers. Sometimes we have to read between the lines, as the reporters do not bring up citizenship in many cases, and booking agents do not have to check immigration status in Utah. (Changes on July 1)

Know one knows who killed the rancher on the border, but his daily dealing with people in the country illegally is suspect. The country deputy was shot by people here illegally and was apprehended by helicopters called in. Please check the follow up story.

ITIN's are used by citizens of foreign countries that own property or have a business in the US. Most are not living here.

It's hard to write an article using biased sources, since the facts are hidden by the Government.


It was a good attempt and I appreciate it... but you shouldn't make the claim that you are debunking myths.

I was hopeful this article would have cold hard facts, but I was naive. Everything is biased and there are flaws in your data.

Thanks for the attempt though, well thought out.

Informed Voter

Did your study also establish the ILLEGAL is NOT illegal? The real myths are that the federal government enforces the law and that they are working to secure the border. There can be no doubt that illegals are hurting America and our laws are being mocked by illegals, POLICE CHIEFS, and of course politicians. One more: anyone who wants illegal aliens curbed is a racist.


Wow! A conservative newspaper confusing the issue with facts. It's pretty unheard of these days. And of course, some people still won't believe them. In rough economic times, people need someone to blame and it's historically always been the immigrants. The Irish, Japanese, Chinese, Polish.. they've all been there. America is not so much a melting pot as it is a vinaigrette. We just can't seem to emulsify.


FACT: illegal immigrants are criminals, and lame is the comparison to speeding or something like that

Criminals belong in jail


Using Burbanks organization discredits this, in my opinion. You should check out his organization and it's open borders policy.

Illegal immigration statistics have been hidden from the public for years. It's time for intellectual honesty in the immigration enforcement debate.

In 2008 PEW estimates put the US at 12-30 million people here illegally. Utah's numbers were around 250,000. The numbers were revised in 2009 after the recession to 11 million, with 1 million returning home. Since most studies use PEW's numbers, it's hard to get a grasp on the true figures. One thing is for sure, normal population growth and legal immigration cannot account for the huge increase in Latino growth country wide. Many cities have went from 3% of population to 12-14% in only 10 years. During those 10 years (1998-2008)legal Latino immigration accounted for 3.6 million people. The legal immigration numbers is a hard fact obtainable from the US government.

They arrested 17 people for the Pinal sheriff shooting, 14 are on immigration hold. (here illegally awaiting deportation after the investigation)


ONE illegal immigrant is TOO MANY

Rick for Truth

Thank you for all of the comments, even the D-News cannot hide behind the liberal lies and twisting of the truth anymore. I doubt that the comment screener will let this one bye.


The issue isn't all the myths floating around---most of which no one really believes anyway. The myths and the above statistical support are classical red herrings.
The issue is the "illegal" part of immigration.
Let's say I do something illegal such as speed or smoke pot or steal or cheat on my taxes or assault someone or drink and drive or......fill in the blank.
Then the police and other members of society start to say that since statistics show that only 5% of the population are doing these things, therefore there are myths regarding the facts, hence the implication is that it isn't as bad as is being suggested by a myth-frenzied society.
Who among us, who among any culture or society, is going to buy into that type of logic?
Laws are placed in a society to keep order AND to keep anarchy from ruling the day. The current state of the illegal immigration issue is in complete and utter disarray and our Police and government haven't a clue as to how to solve the problem, so it becomes a race issue, instead of an "illegal" practice issue.


RE: Ken

Not a fact. Living in this country undocumented is a civil offense, just as driving faster than the speed limit is a civil offense.

Neither are criminal offenses.

That is how the law sees it. If you don't like the law, change it, or move to another country.

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