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Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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All I can say is Kevin and Walt need to listen to the fans a little more often since they are the people who will be filling the seats. I hope he pans out.

Big R

The absolute worse thing "Kevin and Walt" could do would be to listen to the fans. They didn't like Stockton when he was picked, they didn't like Malone. They don't realize how difficult it is to build a winning team. They think all of the NBA players want to come to Utah and they think they should be beating the Lakers. Be happy that you have good teams and that you get some very good picks at spots where you could have gotten guys who didn't pan out. For every bad pick there is at least one very good pick. Join us in reality!


I'm with you "Big R". The fans here think they know it all. The coaching staff eats, drink and sleep basketball. I'm excited about Hayward, not to mention he is ONLY 20 and still probably has some more maturing to do. I think we have a winner!

Not So Fast

Listen to fans more often? Fans are free to talk and boo and do whatever else they wish to do, but managers who listen to fans are doomed to failure. They have scouts, coaches and lots of data in place to help them reach a decision. Listening to folks who have very little idea about the game is a horrible way to decide anything.


I predict Hayward will become a very good player for the Jazz. Unfortunately, they really needed an interior guy to help them out.

Hopefully, the Jazz can pull off a trade or acquire a needed piece to their puzzle in free agency.

If not ... I guess there's always the D-League and undrafted players they can bring in.


the Jazz brass will not listen to the fans, so I made a call today and cancelled my season tickets...

They will listen to the fans when they stop showing up to watch a medicore team that does well during the season but is horrible (around 50 winning percentage) in playoffs. why? lack of height...

KOC should dropped kicked out of Utah


Thank you for cancelling your season tickets. The one thing I hate is listening to so called fans at the game screaming about things they have no idea about. If we get the REAL Jazz Fans to the game, it will be more pleasant to watch. Hayward is a good pick and will fit in well with this team. Give him a chance.


I also believe that Hayward will fit very well with the Jazz. I like Korver, when he was trade to the Jazz, he brought in excitement from the fans, he also spreads the floor out. The problem that I have is that he cannot dribble & does not create shots or passes very well. From what I hear & from videos that I seen, Hayward can do all of these, and I can't wait to find out what he can do.
Go Jazz!


we need some help under the basket...KK and Fez will never be able to help against players such as Gasol...so drafting this guy Hayward ain`t gonna help! I just hope he learns how to shoot the ball...he`s still young, so I`m praying that this isn`t going to be another Padgett...

The Final Word

re: confused

I agree you are confused...

"They will listen to the fans when they stop showing up to watch a MEDIOCRE TEAM......"

Clearly your confusion extends to being able to count because the Jazz finished with 4 less regular season wins than the NBA Champion Lakers!!

Yoo hoo, "Mediocre teams" don't win 53 games.

Who did the Jazz get beat by in the playoffs? Oh ya, that would be the NBA champs!

Who did the other 29 teams get beat by? Oh ya that would be essentially the only team we could not have beaten in the post season. I guess the other 29 teams have a "lack of height" issue too huh

Yes, we all agree YOU would definitely fit the description "CONFUSED" by any measure of basketball analysis.

Of course the Jazz needed height and they would have loved to get it but you take the best talent available and if you think a 53 win team is a mediocre team then you would not know talent if it drove over you.

I'm sure someone else will enjoy your Jazz seats (if you actually even have seats/season tickets).

Jazz Source

To all the bashers.

We will be looking forward to you know adding Chad Ford ESPN NBA Professional Analyst receiving your wrath as well.

Just another person/NBA Professional to add to your list who does not know what they are talking about.

You though clealy have better NBA knowledge than all these guys who do it full time. No doubt.

At least wait and see how the dude pans out before you make your assessments. Then bash away if Hayward is a bust.

Deron Williams was one of the main guys who carried his team to the NCAA championship game. Hayward was too. I don't think anybody thinks he is Deron Williams but Hayward got the job done and clearly knows how to win games and on a big stage to boot.

I don't think those credentials should so easily be dismissed.

Every is bummed there was not some giant guaranteed BIG to solve all the Jazz problems.

The reality is though is that there was VAST disparity and very little consensus here on these boards exactly which BIG was "the guy". Everyone had varying opinions which just further proves the point. There was no obvious pick.

Jazz Cop

After sleeping on it, I'm not as dissapointed, it's going to take some time to see how he fits in, but if he fails, at least it won't be because of what he has between his ears.

Boise Bill

They don't really need to include the fans in their decision. However, I really hope Kevin called DWill before he made that pick. Getting DWill involved in decision making will help keep him around. If the Jazz don't treat him like a franchise player, he won't act like a franchise player. He'll be on the first flight out of Utah as soon as his contract is up.

True Blue

Now that we have Hayward to help us out at the SF spot, lets sign Brendon Haywood to give us some shot-blocking.

True Blue

I think one of the big reasons everyone is booing is because he looks like he's 12 when all the other 19-20 yr-olds looked like they were 25. I think if we can get over that and realize that he is 6'8 and can still add some weight to his frame, we can sit back and watch him prove us all wrong.

Y Ask Y

Do any of you remember how skinny Karl Malone looked when we first got him?


There was so much anticipation about the Jazz having the 9th pick, drafting Hayward was kind of like the squeak of air being let out of a balloon. He'll be a decent player but the Jazz are at the crossroads of becoming a better team or lapsing behind all their competitors. You don't have to be an overpaid coach or an NBA analyst to realize that.

Draft dumbie

It seems the Jazz put alot of stock in Hayward's NCAA tournament performance. Otherwise, a player of Hayward's size, skills and athleticism would have been a late second round choice at best. Historically, most teams who have drafted an "NCAA tournament wonder" have wasted their pick.

It always concerns me when the best thing the NBA scouts and commentators can say about a player is that he is "gritty," "has heart" and has "good basketball sense." To me that means "he has no talent or athleticism."

It is not surprising that Cougar fans seem to like Hayward--he reminds me alot of former 1980's Cougar star, Devin Durrant. Durrant was drafted by Indiana, and never lasted for more than a couple of years in the NBA, because he was not strong enough or quick enough to compete with NBA SGs and SFs.

It does not make sense to draft a player as a 9th pick based on potential, if at best that player can be only a back up SG or SF.

I cannot imagine anyone in the NBA contacting the Jazz to propose a trade for Hayward--even at a salary of $2 mil per year.

Draft dumbie

It appears the Jazz put too much stock in Hayward's NCAA tournament performance. Otherwise, a player of Hayward's size, athleticism and skills would have been lucky to be drafted late in the second round. Most teams who draft an "NCAA tournament wonder" have wasted their pick.

It concerns me when the best things talent evaluators can say about a player is he is "gritty," "has heart" and "has good basketball sense." I interpret that to mean "he has no talent or athleticism."

It is not surprising that BYU fans seem to like Hayward. He reminds me of 1980's Cougar star Devin Durrant. Durrant was drafted by Indiana, but lasted in the NBA only a couple of years, because he was too weak and slow to compete with NBA SGs and SFs.

It makes no sense to draft a player--at the 9th pick--based on potential, if the only potential of that player is to be a backup SG/SF.

I can't imagine any team contacting the Jazz to try to trade for Hayward, even at a salary of $2 mil/year. At least someone like Patrick Patterson would have trade value. Wasted pick!


RE: The Final Word

"Who did the Jazz get beat by in the playoffs? Oh ya, that would be the NBA champs!"

They are also the same team that has eliminated the Jazz the last few years. It is because the Jazz have no answer for Gasol, Bynum and Odom. As of now, they still don't.

"Yoo hoo, "Mediocre teams" don't win 53 games."

53 wins seasons = 10-3 and a vegas bowl appearance. Might be satisfactory for you, but I would have hoped the Jazz would have gone to the next level by now.

Hayward doesn't fill a need and he wasn't the best player available. The Jazz just took the bait and fell for the hype. The draft doesn't bring a guarantee but I wished the Jazz would have taken a chance on Davis, Henry, Babbit or Patterson. The only need Hayward fills is to replace Korver on the "Win a dinner with Kyle Korver" promotion.

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