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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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But the positive side is we get a stud in Hayward and we can just trade for the bigs we need... assuming we do that bc i agree that bigs we trade for will be much better then patterson and Davis and probably Aldrich too ... but anyways back to the positives ... so there really are alot of expreienced bigs out ther to be had i think that Joel Anthony and Ronny Turiaf would be two cheaper finds who are underrated and have some length and a mean streak.... then ofcource we could try to obtain either Tyson Chandler A. Beidrens or Brendon Haywood ... Then if we really want to go all out a move for Kaman,A. Jefferson or M. Gortot ... i noticed the Magic drafted a big so maybe they will move him..??? what yall think about those possibilities ... I for one really Want R.Turiof i think he is a great fit ..and then also add Gortot or T. Chandler ... those combination possibilities get me giddy...


I like Hayward better then those other 2 as well you make a very good point but i will also add that Babbit's measurable's were off the charts ... I dont know if he utilizes this but we'll see i think his standing vert was almost 30 inches and his running was almost 40 now thats pretty serious athletisism and i dont know about paul george but ive read things that made me glad we didnt draft him ... so i thnk this draft will be a big succes as long as we go get some BIGS!!!!!!!! and bring Tomic over who is being compared to a young Pau Gasol .!!!


The Jazz have several options.

Get rid of AK, CJ and Boozer. Use the money to bring in Bosh.

Outright fire O'Connor and Sloan

Watch Williams yell trade me. He isn't going to wait for anymore stupidity.


RICHIE you make me laugh ... lol the only reason our team is good is bc of Sloan you put this team together in another city with another coach they are boarderline playoff team and more likely wouldn't even make the playoffs ... i say we only have a few more years with Sloan so we need to get over the top now before he's gone and we have no chance to win a championship ever again in our lifetimes and all you Richies are out there crying bc you wish we had Sloan and our old teams back lol...


Oh but i do agree with fireing KOC ... I wonder if he noticed who OKC picked up Cole Aldrich yeah thats right they gave L.A. a better run then we did and decided they needed more size and shotblocking lololol wow looks like they are trying to get over the hump ... while we stand pat and dont make moves to atleast pick up a larry sanders or a hassan whiteside... way to go KOC i hope you got somthing up your sleve for FA bc if you dont you seriously are the worst gm pro sports has ever seen (we need size athlets shotblockers mean streak rebounder dunkers with length and quickness the dont have to be tim duncan look at the pistons when they won the championship they had scrapers with length a couple shooter's and a stuuuuud pg ala d-will)

Jazz Source

re: Richie

You forgot one option the Jazz have and will no doubt employ.

That option would be to
IGNORE clueless fans like you since you have no basketball sense.

How do you "get rid" of Boozer when he is already an unrestricted free agent and you don't have him under contract? Boozer is already gone. As a sidenote--it always makes good sense to "get rid" of a top 3 PF in the entire league. The reason everyone rides Boozer is because our Center can't do his job so everyone thinks Boozer has to make up for it.

Please do share also--which team is Williams going to get traded to that can "win" or do any better than the Jazz did last season?

Perhaps you did not notice? The Lakers beat everyone else too.

What a pack of emotional sissies.


Reading all of your comments makes me realize something. I keep hearing comments about how the Jazz failed because they drafted a White player. So had Hayward been black, everything would have been just fine? I really think that most of you saw a white face flash in front of the screen when the pick was announced, and decided that because he's white he can't play. That, my friends, is called racism.

Hayward will be a good addition to the team.


first of all cjc from what ive read you are the only person to even mention that hes white. secondly i think that most people are saying that they should have taken either luke babbit or cole aldridge who are both also white.
now that i got that out here is my oppinion on the pick. i think that of the first 8 picks there wer 6 big men taken so im thinking that 7th best big man is not going to have a huge impact in getting past the lakers. So i think that if you arent even going to get one of the best big men in the draft should probably go to plan b and for that reason i think it was a good pick


Well all you supposed fans keep yelling get rid of Sloan. Who are they going to bring in that will have as good of success as he has had. We have several players that fit into his system, which the other front office personnel know. You bring in a new guy and you end up starting from scratch. I can just hear the belly-aching now. You want instant gratification and hav no patience. Bring in the fired Blazer GM as a mentor to KOC for a couple of years while we see if Hayward will pan out. If not then drop KOC and make Pritchard the new GM. He seems to have done fairly well in Portland. So let him learn the Sloan/Johnson system for a couple of years and then if Sloan leaves and Johnson takes over. we will have less down time. Johnson is an assistant that has been promised the job when Sloan leaves. Johnson also has considerable input on how things are run.
Also you all forget there are scouts that bring the info back to KOC. So where do you start and stop with the firings.


In S. Africa for world cup so just found out G Hayward is the man of hour. Good pick KOC. This young man has the serious potential. None of the big men left would have amounted to much. Jazz fan, every team in NBA would like shot blocking big man who rebounds and is big on Defense. Let the summer happen and quit the whinning. Prediction: Jazz make sign and trade with NJ sending Boozer and some crap to NJ for Favors and some crap. They have cap room to take on extra salary that we won't have to take back. Fair weather Jazz fan, you will eat your word just like all fair weather RSL fan who doubted team before they won MLS Cup last year!!!!!!! Gordon Hayward, he is our man now so let us support him!!! Gordon's work good in Utah....Gordon Hinckley, Gordon Chiesa, Gordon Lightfoot. It's on and it's our year!!! See you back in the beautiful SL Valley after USA wins World Cup!!!! USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!! GORDON GORDON GORDON GORDON GORDON GORDON GORDON!!!


I'd be willing to bet the farm that all of you who say you will not be buying season tickets, did not intend to anyway. never have purchased them, nor will you ever do so. You all sound like a bunch of losers to me. You know nothing about the game of BB but think you are best coaches on the planet. Get real!


I think Boozer is gone. Kirilenko will be a Jazzman for about half the season, then will be traded to save paying the tax again and put us in shape for free agency next year. Kiri will be playing power forward along with Milsap. The wings are covered, so is center, so far (we need to be concerned about Fez - his agent will try to hold us up) unless we lose Fez. Jerry will take this team and do wonders just like he always does. I think we'll be surprised. I am excited. I think if Boozer is gone, it will take a monkey off of our back. Even though Boozer is great offensively, he has other intangibles that do not mesh with the Jazz team. Lets be excited about another year of above average play - maybe many of us will be way surpresed - I think we will!


Sorry - way surprised. I think we will be.


Just catching up on the comments from all you yayhoo's out there. Listen to Fedor this one time....this is not monopoly money. There is cap (we are over) we have limited talent available (who would we give up, that another team wants, for an unproven player) and we still are the winning team every year. KOC is regarded by everyone who know anything about NBA as top 5 GM. Add Jerry Sloan to that and we will continue to win. Now to my friend Todd, who I know hates the Jerry Sloan. This man has the most respect in league outside of Zen Master Jackson....Todd, you know I have the respect for you, but Jerry is a legend, one of the all time great and one day we will miss him sorely. Friends, I see what has happened in great city of Portland w/ Mr Kevin Pritchard and tonight as I rest my head in S Africa I go to sleep feeling very lucky that KOC and Jerry are at the head of this team. Go Gordon Hayward, Go KOC, GO Coach Sloan....you are Fedor's great hero!!!!

Chuck Nunn

Billyjack, I appreciate the references to Tomic (actually 7-2, but still awesome) and Dragicevic. But it's important to note that Dragicevic isn't an NBA-type power forward. He can rebound when he wants to, but his game is as much perimeter-oriented as anything. I still like him, and the prospect of his coming over is interesting. But he's not really a big banger in the key.

Old Timer

Hayward and the Jazz will be just fine, wait and see. If the Jazz had passed on Hayward I guarantee Indiana was going to scoop him up. No, he probaly won't be a game changer at first, but if given time will more than earn his money. There will be other options out there between the start of the season and the trade deadline so PLEASE Jazz fans have some patience and lets make Hayward welcome here. After all it's not his fault he was selected at #9 and into our town. Character does play into who we want here in my opinion, of course talent does as well and I believe he will find his niche with our Jazz team.


I'm pulling for Hayward to do well. I just hope we're not looking back in two years and saying, "They should have picked "so and so" instead. I was reading one website's draft analysis, and they were saying the Raptors got a steal with Davis at 13. I hope they're wrong.


No one really knows if Tomic is coming here next year except maybe Tomic himself. The Jazz will hopefully sign and continue to support Fesenko as he matures both as a person and as a force in the paint. But if it happens, Tomic/Fesenko/Milsap could make a special front line with Hayward moved to shooting guard, Miles being the quick offense sixth man, and D-Will doing what D-Will does. I hope Kirilenko stays through his contract, but he could land the Jazz a high draft choice if he leaves this year. I would like Hayward to have the chance to play with Kirilenko as much as possible, but Hayward is probably going to be with the Flash for first half of the season, anyway.


One positive that Heyward has is that the workout he had with Babbit, Henry and others was supposedly the best, most competitive workout the Jazz ever had. A lot of fans speculated who was the most impressive player in that workout. Now we know it was Heyward.

And with regards to Ed Davis: I have a hard time believing that Heyward’s Butler teammates were more talented than Davis’s NC teammates, yet Butler made it to the National Championship game, while NC didn’t even make the tourney. Just like Dwill did at Illinois.

Making your teammates better has to account for something. Right?

Anonymous Infinity

You people who are buying into the notion that the Jazz will win a championship are living a LIE. Listen... Hayward is just as good a pick as any of the picks that followed the Jazz selection in terms of a fit for the franchise. This doesn't fall into the same category as Greg Ostertag and others who have had lackluster sojourns in Utah. As in the famous words of Karl Malone...."let's see what happen." The basic problem with the league is the officiating going to robocop style of phsicality calls/nocalls. The other problem is the financial structure of the game. The game has gotten to the point that is being priced out of markets. That is why smallish markets such as Utah will continue to hurt. Besides that in the words of several players over the years...."you play in Utah." Finally...why are certain teams called by state names? Why isn't it Oakland instead of Golden State; Salt Lake instead of Utah; Minneapolis instead of Minnesota; Indianapolis instead of Indiana, et al if I missed any? Let's get consistent!

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