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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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@jumpinjax: Davis couldn't even dominate in college, let alone in the NBA. He sucks and wouldn't even pass Fes or Kosta on the depth chart. Patterson is 6'9, which last time I checked isn't much bigger than Millsap or Boozer and won't be able to guard Bynum or Gasol either. Babbit got dominated by Ty Wesley on the defensive end..... how will he guard anybody in the NBA out on the perimeter, and George may be good, but it's all based on potential with him.... which isn't a guarantee. Hayward is a winner and he's better than people are giving him credit for.

Large Tuna

@Jazz-Nation: The Jazz have been shopping AK since he had his emotional breakdown 3 years ago in the playoffs and no one has taken him yet. So why would they now? And the expiring contract excuse won't work. It didn't work when they tried to get rid of Boozer, who is much better than AK, and he only had 12mil on his contract. They certainly aren't going to do it for AK's 17mil contract. Even if you did trade AK to a team looking to dump salary, these teams are giving back equal or lesser value players, mostly garbage bench players.

Besides, trading AK does more harm for the Jazz than good. If we trade him we are likely getting in return someone of equal price value with a multi-year contract instead of a 1-year contract. So we're basically trading AK away and extending his cost for another few years, which does nothing but keep us out of free agency for multiple years. We may as well keep him for one more year at that rate.

Besides, its not like KOC will do anything in the summer anyway, never has.

True Blue

The guy led a mid-major college team to the National Championship game and was seconds away from winning that game for his team. Lets give him a chance. Hopefully he has a little more success than AK when asked to put on some pounds. Go Hayward!
p.s. I'm just as shocked and angry as everyone else (seeing who our other options were), but I'm hopeful.

Dick of the NW

Love some of these posts. Remember the game is basketball. Hayward brings an BB IQ that some of these guys will never grasp. This is a team game which Hayward WILL BRING! Look who the Jazz have on the bench. How much further along is KK and Fes than any of the bigs that went in the draft not including the top five picks? Who had heard of Wes Matthews or Paul Millsap before the Jazz gave them a chance due to what BB talent they saw in those young men. Let's enjoy the Summer and watch the the Jazz build their TEAM! GO JAZZ! BTW D-Will was contacted about this pick and he liked it.


I like Hayward and if he doesn't get hurt everybody else will before long. He can play 1 through 4 and he can shoot.

New Jersey is probably going to offer a deal the Jazz can't refuse for AK47.

Terry M. Haimes

A Better Opinion

You guys are absolutely right! All you regular joe's working at a 9-5 pace living the regular life know much more than the manager, coaches, and owner of the Jazz. They have no credibility and they haven't had a good team recently so they probably wont do any good.....

a real sports fan

You fellow Jazz fans make me ill. You are all such great GMs, aren't you? You are the type of people that would say, "Why don't we trade David Benoit for Michael Jordan," or "We should package AK and Fes for Dwight Howard." You really have no idea what is involved in the NBA. Trade down? What a novel concept. I'm sure KOC didn't think of that one. People, the other GMs know what they are doing, too. Let's wait and see what kind of player Hayward turns out to be before we condemn the poor kid to a bust. Who knows? He could turn out to be the best player in the draft. Now if one of the players the Jazz passed on turns into a superstar, then you can say the team missed, but until then, let's welcome Gordon and let him think that when they say fans in Utah are the greatest it isn't just lip service. I for one say, "Welcome and good luck!"

Chuck Nunn

OK, Davis haters, here's a pop question for you: What's one thing Ed Davis has that Gordon Hayward doesn't? The answer I'm looking for is an NCAA title. There's no going back, Hayward is the guy, and at least he does have some game. And as to Evans, I'm REALLLY hoping there's more to him than meets the eye. But if his shooting percentage is so great, why just 10 points per game? Why wasn't WKU going to him more? And at 196 pounds, exactly how is he going to replace Kosta Koufos? And folks, barring a miracle or Doug10 loaning the Jazz about $17M a year for the next six years, Boozer won't be coming back. And you can't expect that just because the Nets' new owner is Russian and likes AK that he's going to just make any old trade to get him. I'll accept the guys Utah drafted, but there is NO question that this year's draft was an opportunity lost.


I'm all in. Give the kid a chance.

What's up?

NV had two drafted players, George is lazy, USU owned both of these guys and "their teams". They could not lead their teams out of a room with one door. Leadership and skill level are two different things. Not sure how this pick makes since, but like it much more than some in the past. I agree that the best thing that the Jazz could get out of this year would be the Portland GM ASAP.


Dick has a point that I have been thinking about. DET claimed they won a championship with a Team and not the best BB players.

However, after watching LA and BOS I would say they are some TEAMS out there that also have some great players.

The Jazz simply do not have enough talent and the primary reason appears to be Sloan's overweight of intangibles over enough talent.

Hard work will only make up for so much. Start with enough talent and then build with the work.

There were picks in the 2nd round who were much better picks. The Jazz are sending a clear signal they are committed to Fes and Koufos. I would have drafted a real big just to help with negotiations with Fes.

If the Jazz had a strong history in the draft it might be different. They have a really bad history and the fans have good reason to be skeptical.

OKC, HOU, SA and HOU helped themselves. POR did okay. Even SAC, GS and the Clips got high risk but high potential players.

At this point it is very hard to believe the Jazz are serious about interior D.

bobby d

I had a feeling this would happen. I just want to ask 1 question. Where is Morris Almond? This is going to be the same type of draft pick that was when they took Morris. Unless we loose Booz and trade Andre, will we be able to go for the big we so desperately need. Keep your chin up DWill!

Mike in Sandy

GREAT!!! Just what Utah needs. Another pale, skinny kid.
This guy will get mauled in the NBA. He can hide behind a stop sign.


Here's the deal:

If KOC has a trade in the works for CJ Miles or AK for a big body, this pick makes sense. If he doesn't, then this pick is indefensible.

We're going to have to wait until the start of the season to understand the Jazz's line of thinking.

To their credit, it seems pretty clear they tried to move up and simply couldn't. What i don't understand, is if the Warriors wanted Udoh, why didn't they and the Jazz swap picks and the Jazz give up another pick or something? Udoh would've been there at 9, and the Jazz could've gotten Monroe. Everyone wins.

The Jazz have this offseason to prove the boo-birds wrong. I think the fans had every right to boo.

In better news, I like Hayward, and think he's going to help our team win. But the guy we needed was Monroe.

Jack Bauer

The second bad pick of the evening. Listen, Hayward had a great NCAA tournament, but so did Ed O’Bannon. He doesn’t have the athleticism or skill to succeed in this league, and the Jazz aren’t exactly overflowing with offensive weapons that will pull defenders off him. Worse than him going up against small forwards in the league who will suffocate himself defensively, is the fact that he doesn’t have the speed/strength to stick the league’s quality small forwards on the other end.

Big R

If Utah fans are booing, then the Jazz did the right thing. The state of Utah (including BYU and Utah fans) are some of the most unknowledgeable fans out there. Hayward is someone who can play and actually WANTS to be in Utah. Would you rather have a big guy who can't really play and doesn't want to be in Utah? A great selection by the Jazz and let's hope the fans keep whining because you can't talk sports in Utah without hearing the whine!

Jim Marshall

Let me just say that if I had Kevin O Connnor's record in my job, I WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED a long time ago.

Evaluate in 2 years? Yeah, when D-Will is leaving our unathletic, undersized team for greener pastures.

Stockton was booed? Stop with that excuse right now KOC. You did not draft Stockton, and don't even deserve to mention his name.

Borchardt, Snyder, Stevenson, Lopez (over T. Parker), Humphries, Almond, Koufos. Enough said.



Raul Lopez, Ryan Humphrey, Sasha Pavlovic, Kris Humphries, Kirk Snyder, Pavel Podkolzine, D-Will, Ronnie Brewer, Mo Almond, Kosta Koufos, Eric Maynor. There are the last 11 1st rounders for the Jazz. Couldn't miss with D-Will so really 1 pick (Brewer) out of 11 turned out decent. Why should we give KOC 2 years? His track record speaks for itself. I know they don't usually get high picks but they should have something to show for that many picks.

Dave E

Give the kid a chance, and welcome him to Utah! I think he'll surprise us for what he can offer the Jazz.

Particulars of no Consequence

I realize that everyone's knee-jerk reaction is disappointment that we have no big man for next season, but don't pay attention to the thoughtless comments from some whiny fans(?).

Keep in mind:
(1) Hayward is very athletic. Most commenting here apparently did not watch the NCAA tourney. Al-Farouq Aminu is thought to be an athletic prospect and went right before Hayward in the draft - Hayward has a better vertical leap and better sprint time.
(2) The Jazz have a 7'2" Croatian coming next summer who has been progressing well at Real Madrid.

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