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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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By the time the 6th pick was gone so were the Jazz hopes for drafting a big man to make a difference. Their next option seemed to be replace Korver with someone who can shoot has been in the finals and can dribble and defend...they did good.

Their second choice can end the Utah Koufos experiment as he can jump, defend and hit inside the key.

If Boozer leaves which is more unlikely now the Nets drafted a big inside guy who should be good in the next 3-4 years so Boozer won't go there.

If Boozer stays perhaps the Jazz can trade Okur or AK for the big man the JAzz are missing, but the big man they are missing was not in the draft but he is playing already in the league. KOC just has to trade for him.


I give up being a Jazz fan. This pick is ridiculous. You dont waste the #9 pick on a role player.


Kevin O'Connor stated "The jazz fans will have to wait two years to see if Hayward was a good pick" I say, when we realize this was a wasted pick in two years, the Jazz fire Kevin O'Conner for another insane move.


From what I understand, his hometown Pacers were all set to draft him at 10 right behind the Jazz, so the Jazz really couldn't have traded down and still got him, while drafting someone else at nine. In all honesty, with Udoh and Monroe off the board, he was probably a good pick for our system. Nobody else that was left thrilled me either. The real talent in this draft was in the top seven picks, and the Jazz were unable to move up. That's the real story here. Not whomever they were going to draft as a consolation prize at nine.



That ought to tell you that KOC does not know what he is doing because the Jazz has NO ONE (outside of Dwill) else that any other team wants.

For those that like this pick, he may be good in two years, but the problem is WE HAVE TOO MANY PLAYERS at that position.


Time will tell but the Jazz could have trade down and got 2 picks. They would have gotten a decent SF and a decent PF/C. IND would have grabbed Hayward but there were a lot of decent SF in the 10-20 range.

There is something fundamentally flawed with the Jazz drafting criteria. They are consistently wrong and bad at drafting in the first round. It is Sloan, KOC and the whole group.

They should trade the picks for existing players who they know will fit their system. That is what they do best, evaluate existing NBA/D-league talent.

Hayward is 2 years away from making much contribution unless the Jazz are forced to play him like they did Mathews.

He may work out okay. The second round pick looks like a waste.

Jazz Fan Forever

I think Kevin O'Connor knows more about the available players than any of you writing comments. You must have missed the NCAA tournament. This kid plays with heart and led an undermanned team to the final game. If that final shot banks in they are NCAA champs. Larry Bird did the same as a Senior but the game against Michigan was never in doubt. Bird was 22 this kids 20. Both are from Indiana where basketball is their religion. Bird is a slow white guy too and you guys would have booed his pick as well. He went #6. Where is his athleticism? Who can he guard? Give the kid a chance. Chad Ford evaluated Hayward as a "Tough versatile player". As for Boozer this is the guy that stiffed the Cavs and will soon walk on the Jazz, always injured and plays to the contract. Why do you want him? He plays for the stats and that is not for Ws. Good riddance.


By every measurable Babbitt is better, but I guess we just gotta trust the professionals' judgment (after a few deep breaths). You're not getting a superstar at 9 without a miracle.

I do think they could've traded down and got decent backups for Millsap & Matthews, but I guess will see.

No way that 2nd round pick makes it thru camp at 196lbs.

Large Tuna

"The only thing I hope is in two years you're not booing," What an arrogant statement. maybe we should wait two years to see if he's good before we buy tickets.


I LOVE THIS PICK!!!!! I've been talking Hayward to my friends for three weeks. How many of these 'shouda picks' took their teams to the NCAA championship game?

Gordon is a perfect fit; Boozer is the swinger.

If Jazz re-sign Boozer, they will not have enough cash to sign Korver (remember, they also need to sign Mathews & Fez).

If they fail to sign Boozer, then they will have enough cash to re-sign Korver; Kirilenko will share the #4 spot with Millsap.

Even though he is young he can play right away and has lots of upside potential.



Let's face it... There WAS ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD BIG GUYS AVAILABLE!!!!!! Trust me, the Jazz knew fans wanted one, they know we need one, but there just wasn't anybody available worth taking. Hayward has good size, plays hard, is smart, can create for others, and was the most versatile player available. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO GET SIZE!!!!! Free Agency hasn't even started yet..... RELAX.


So many of the boo birds are crying about missing out on players who they have never seen play--and there's a good reason you didn't see them play--namely, they weren't on good teams or teams that did very much. Well, I DID see this kid play and I saw what he did for his team. There is a heck of a lot more at work here than "a character pick" and pleasing the Jazz faithful. I don't know what he'll become--and I'll admit, I thought all the same thing about A. Morrison. But this kid is a ball player and he made a lot of high profile talent look like they were firing cap pistols. All we could hope for in this draft was to be pleasantly shocked in a couple of seasons. This guy stands as good of a chance as anyone I saw from 5 down of doing just that. Best of luck, Gordon! Make these fair weather fans eat their words.


Kosta and Gordon are gonna be pretty sick for the Flash...

Salt Lake Sam

Great pick up considering what was left on the board and that the Jazz couldn't trade up for a Monroe/Favors/Udoh (Davis or Aldrich don't deserve to be in the same class) type player. Initially, I wanted Babbitt, but Heyward will be a great fit in our system. It will be interesting to see what happens.


@ Delew
What r u talking about? Davis and Patterson were still there not to mention Aldrich! They didn't even take the best SF available, either Babbitt or George will have a better career!!


There are a few draft picks that I think KOC would take back (ie-Lopez over Parker, Brochardt over Boozer and Humphries/Synder over Nelson/Jefferson), but for the most part the Jazz have only drafted in the latter part of the First Round. You're necessarily not going to get a star at that point, that's when the draft becomes a crapshoot. I think KOC has done a good job in Utah and that's apparent with the Jazz record and current playoff run.


The Jazz obviously know that they have needs at the 4 and 5 . We can not expect a rookie to lead us to a championship and with AK's contract coming off the books or possible trade bait this pick makes a lot of sense. I have to beleive the Jazz are going to shop AK or pick up a veteran or two and possibly go over the luxury tax. I think if the Jazz happen to just sit back and do nothing that they will have a losing record at the end of the season, then all of the complaints that I have been reading would be valid. as of right now, Jazz fans need to CHILL, and wait and see what KOC has up his sleave, GO JAZZ!!


When people thought the NY pick could/should be a top 5 last year, we could have traded it for a good and proven player or better future pick than this! Nobody imagined our only ever lottery pick would be spent on Gordon Hayward, another semi-athletic white guy when we needed a tall and athletic shot blocker! We should have traded down for two late first round picks.

Jazz pick the best available player? NOBODY had Hayward as the best player at a #9 lottery spot! If we had a #18 pick OK, but #9??? Huge Bust Potential! Jimmer Fredette could create his own shot and at least HIT NBA 3's like crazy, not 29% from college 3, maybe 20% from NBA 3!!!

Jazz 1st round track record WORST IN NBA! And don't give me the DW argument, you cant screw up a no brainer #3 pick when your only PG options are either DW or CP! We need a new GM!!!


I really know what to say, I didn't see this coming. Talking with people on these boards and on The Oracle, nobody saw this or predicted this happening. I won't knock him as a player because he will be a good role player, but to pick him at 9 is a big reach. Why couldn't we have traded back and got him. If Indiana was set to get him at 10, then we could have went with Henry or Babbitt if that was the type of player they were looking for. Memphis had picks 12, 25, and 28, we could have made something work and picked up another late 1st. Complete lack of creativity.

I'm stunned by the 2nd pick probably even more. Who is this guy? The article on him mentioned he was a big guy, but did it say he weighed 197lbs? Next pick after them was Hamady N'diaye from Rutgers. I've been touting him for a while now. 6'11" and averaged 4.5bpg in the Big East. I believe he made the portsmouth draft camp 1st team also.

I'm shocked all around. I hope I get pleasantly surprised.


Hard to see the logic of this pick right now. Not long or athletic. I just hope the Jazz see something I don't in this kid. I think he will shoot better when he is not the focus of the defense like in college.

If boozer goes and we don't get a good post player we are pretty much done. I like AK at 4 but he won't make it a whole season banging with other bigs. I doubt anyone would give us value for Memo coming off the injury. Fes doesn't really understand how to play and Kosta is soooo slow trying to get shots up down low. (However their dance contest video is pretty funny on youtube). Idk I hope the Jazz make some sort of move before the season.

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