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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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There is a crater at C.

Fes is unsigned. Koufos was in a funk all of last year. Both had big negative WP48s. Okur before he got hurt had a WP48 of about .05. The average C has a WP48 of .22.

I have been a big advocate of developing Fes/Koufos but until they start producing the numbers that will win there is a crater at C.

It has to be addressed in some way.

Bo Jangles

A poor pick. The Jazz need:
1- A slasher that can get to the hole frequently
2- A big body to contend against the Lakers 7 footers
3- A better back up point guard

Hayward is none of these, he's Jeff Hornaceks taller, little brother. What a waste of a #9 pick


Hmmmm... Good thing I still have my Lakers to beat the jazz next season... Good luck Hayword!!

Nevada fan

Again! Just how does this pick help get past the Lakers this year?

Chuck Nunn

Jazz just picked a 190-pound power forward who averaged 10 points and 7 boards in the SUN BELT! What the heck?


Imagine this kid trying to guard Camelo and Durant.

To those saying he would be gone at 10. Good, the fact that the Pacers want him should be enough of a warning to stay away from him.



This is why your roster is full of 2nd round picks... because you always blow it with your 1st rounders. Well, almost always but even a blind monkey could have picked DWill.

Welll, I guess my Lakers will continue to mop the floor with the Jazz as always.



Get past the Lakers? Are you guys serious? You need to get past the Suns, Spurs and Mavs first. You are not even in the same realm as the Lakers. Stop dreaming

You guys are aiming way too high. Get real


I think I will get sick. I just trashed my USC tee shirt, now I will add my Jazz gear to the pile.


Well the jazz had better have something else up their sleeve because they did absolutely nothing to address their needs in the draft. Oconner please tell me how a team loses Boozer and Korver and replaces them with a pretty good at best small forward is not going to be worse next year. You should be fired.


Since the Jazz didnt "earn" the right to pick in the lottery rounds it appears they decided to pick someone that they could have picked with the pick they did earn (late first round). Some habits are hard to break.

Maybe next year they will be able to do better with the lottery pick that they do "earn".


So it's like this Laker fans...you guys wouldn't be beating the the Jazz if you didn't pick up another team's best player every 5 years or so...think Shaq, then Odom, then Gasol. Not to take anything away from Kobe Bryant. I think he is the in the big 4 all time at guard...West, Robertson, Jordan, and the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant.


The comments remind me when KOC picked DWill instead of CP3....

Dave S

I never knew there were so many clueless Jazz fans until reading your posts tonight. Ed Davis and Cole Aldrich---Are you serious??? There is no way I would have taken either of those players before Hayward.

I believe he is the perfect player for the Jazz system. His basketball IQ will make him a very solid NBA player in a couple years and of course he is going to grow into his body in due time. I love this pick!!


Oh man... heheheh right on Seattleview. That was a low blow..

Accurate though.


Horrible Pick

I defend the Jazz Brass a lot, but this is the third really bad pick they made in 6 years

Taking Humphries over Josh Smith - who every single draft expert said he was the best athlete in the draft.

Taking Morris Almond over Splitter. Everyone knew he was going to be great eventually. It looks like this the year we will see how good he really is going to be.

They should have traded up or taken Davis.


I am OK with the first round pick (the other pick was unknown to me). Hayward is skilled and competitive, but I don't know if he is physically ready to play in the NBA next year.

I preferred Babbitt, but I am glad they didn't draft either Davis or Aldrich. Hayward has upside and might be very good.


Yeah real nice comeback scalman..

And my grandma would be my grandma if she was a man. Or my Jetta wouldn't be a car if it was a truck. According to you, the NBA should do away with free agency. Are you actually implying that the Jazz draft better than the Lakers?

So your Jazz struck gold way back when with Stockton and Malone. Most every team has had their share of drafting a Hall of Famer.

We just had a lottery pick a few years ago and we got Andrew Bynum who is now a max-contract player. Kupchak took a risk and many thought he was crazy but look what happened.

Don't be jealous because no top free agents will play for you. They want to play for a winner so naturally they want to go to the Lakers/


PLEASE listen to the interview with KOC after the pick ... he said they worked VERY hard to trade up but could not get any takers. Remember, to trade up we needed to have a player another team wanted - who would that be - AK, Milsap, CJ. Come on...would any team want them so we could have Favors or Monroe?

Boozer Bandwagon

I had Hayward at 15 on my draft board and so did every GM but the Jazz. I'm dissapointed we didn't trade down with Memphis since there still would have been plenty of good players available. I would have been happier with Ed Davis, Patrick Patterson, even Cole Aldrich, Luke Babbit, Xavier Henry. Indiana was way too high with Paul George too. The top 8 teams in the draft did well. The Jazz should've traded up for Monroe like everyone wanted; hopefully Gordon's a playmaker like in the NCAA tournament.

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